Imperial Harvest Feng Shui Audit

A residential or commercial property designed with sound Imperial Feng Shui principles will help you:

  • Achieve accelerated career breakthroughs and success
  • Attract the support of powerful benefactors and mentors to grow your business and sales
  • Achieve consistent investment returns and success
  • Forge blissful relationships and maintain harmony with your loved ones
  • Help your child achieve academic breakthroughs

How does it work?

Step 1: Landform assessment based on Imperial Feng Shui principles

Landform governs how the macro energy from the environment would influence the wealth, health, relationship of the occupants.

Assessment of landform comprises the following
  1. Measuring the height and shape of surrounding buildings relative to the property
  2.  Calibrating the direction of the property’s surrounding roads
  3.  Measuring the velocity and volume of the traffic surrounding the property
  4. Identifying the Flat Land Dragon within the property by assessing its surrounding terrain and topography
  5.  Identifying the property’s entrance and deciphering its Qi
  6. Identifying the auspicious landform features of the property
  7.  Identifying the inauspicious landform features of the property
  8. Assessing the volume, brightness and auspiciousness of the property’s Red Phoenix (front of the house or shop)
  9. Assessing the quality of support and auspiciousness of property’s Green Dragon (left of the house or shop)
  10. Assessing the quality of support and auspiciousness of the property’s White Tiger (right of the house or shop)
  11. Assessing the quality of support and auspiciousness of the property’s Black Turtle (back of the house or shop)

Based on this comprehensive assessment of the property’s landform, Master David will then share with our blessed clients the property’s Feng Shui characteristics.

Step 2: Analysing and plotting the energy map of the residential or commercial property

To accurately plot the energy map of a property, Master David assesses the facing direction of the building based on its design, building intention and internal layout. While many often assume that the main door of the property always points toward its facing direction, this is not always the case and it is precisely why bespoke measurements are crucial for each property.

Based on Imperial Feng Shui principles, the only authentic method to determine the facing direction of a property is by placing the Luo Pan (罗盘 – an accurate Feng Shui compass) against the property’s main door. By measuring the direction of the main door, the facing direction of a property can be accurately determined.

While some Classical Feng Shui masters might argue that standing at the main door of a property causes negative magnetic influence, this is not true. Oftentimes, measurements taken at the centre of the house or a few steps away from the main door will produce inconsistent readings and measurements. This causes erroneous plotting of the Flying Star Chart — ultimately detrimental to the goal of improving a property’s Feng Shui.

Imperial Feng Shui is about extremely precise calculations.

Based on the year of completion of a property and the move-in date of its occupants, Master David will determine the property’s period. This is an integral step in the Imperial Feng Shui Audit process, thus ensuring that the resulting San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star chart is precise.

Analysis of San Yuan Flying Star Chart comprises
  • Analysis of main door’s energy influence with respect to the property’s various rooms
  • Analysis of each individual room’s door, and its influence on occupants
  • Analysis of property’s stove and its influence on occupant’s health
  • Analysis of study table position, and its influence on work/academic performance
  • Analysis of property’s beds and its influence on occupants wealth, health and relationships
  • Analysis of the position property’s altar table, and influence on the household’s overall prosperity (if applicable)
  • Mapping landform features surrounding the property, analysed with respect to San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star chart

Step 3: Mapping and Analysing the property’s San Yuan Flying Star Chart

The final and most crucial step of the Imperial Feng Shui Audit is deciphering a property’s unique San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star chart — revealing the invisible energies governing the property and its influence over the occupants.

Master David will conduct a bespoke analysis of an individual’s favourable elements, and share techniques to match the property’s Imperial Feng Shui characteristics.

Bazi Analysis and Imperial Feng Shui application

  • Favourable element based on individual Bazi chart
  • Interior design and colour selection tailored to individual Bazi chart
  • Favourable sectors to activate based on individual occupants’ Bazi chart
  • Date selection for activation of auspicious spatial luck based on individual Bazi chart

Each step of the Imperial Feng Shui audit involves different steps in order to accurately calibrate a property’s Feng Shui. Master David deploys these steps, on top of the trinity date selection (Vedic Astrology, San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia and Auspicious Bazi Readings) for exceptional activation of wealth and luck.

What happens next?

Getting in Touch

Imperial Harvest's dedicated consultants will get in touch with you to better understand your needs and requirements for your property's Feng Shui.


During the preliminary Imperial Feng Shui Audit consultation, our expert consultants will assess your situation and advise you on the suitable auditing services that Imperial Harvest offers in helping you achieve your goals.

Audit Confirmation

Upon assessment of your goals and requirements, your Imperial Harvest advisor will advise you on the Imperial Feng Shui Auditing process, and confirm your appointment with Master David and his team of senior consultants.