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This article explores Peter’s journey as a data centre technician at a leading MNC, his experiences with Imperial Harvest, and how Imperial Harvest has contributed to his professional and personal growth.

Peter’s Story

Peter, now a successful data centre technician, started his career at a small SME. During his time there, he faced minimal guidance and struggled to balance work and life. He worked long hours trying to improve his performance and understand the company’s products, but still felt uncertain about his future.

“After working hours, I still have to do homework to know more about the company’s products, and to perform better in the company.”

“During that period of time, I was pretty concerned that I may not be able to convert to full-time due to performance issues.”

Feeling stuck, Peter decided to seek advice from Master David Goh at Imperial Harvest. He was impressed by Master David’s patient and thorough approach, which provided detailed explanations and practical solutions based on Imperial Feng Shui principles.

“He was patient and detailed in explaining my Bazi chart. He also provided a thorough explanation of why he recommended certain Imperial Harvest remedies.”

Before joining Imperial Harvest, Peter experienced significant challenges and obstacles in life. Observing the success of many friends, he believed that similar achievements were attainable for himself as well.

A Detailed Bazi Consultation with Master David

In his Bazi analysis, Master David uncovered key aspects of Peter’s life and career. The insights were eye-opening and provided clear guidance on overcoming his challenges, marking the start of Peter’s journey with Imperial Harvest.

A Progressive Journey with Imperial Harvest

On February 21 2022, Peter began his journey with Imperial Harvest by acquiring the Imperial Harvest Fine Jadeite Acalanatha from the Imperial Harvest Eight Zodiac Guardians collection.

Imperial Harvest Fine Jadeite Acalanatha

Peter encountered stiff competition while applying for a full-time position at a renowned MNC. Despite his strong performance as a contractual staff member and management’s support, the MNC’s HR policies required him to apply for the position as an external candidate. Taking a leap of faith, he submitted his application, later discovering that there were already at least 500 applicants for the same position.

To improve his well-being and career prospects, Peter was prescribed the Imperial Harvest Fine Jadeite Acalanatha. After acquiring this treasure, he successfully secured the position out of the 500 candidates.

Acalanatha, the supreme Buddhist Deity, embodies the essence of unwavering strength and wisdom. He is known for his steadfast nature, boundless wisdom, profound insight, and dominion over wealth, authority, and health. For those born in the year of the Rooster, Acalanatha enables them to achieve significant breakthroughs in business, career, sales, and investments.

Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Cundi Guan Yin (Yellow Meat)

With his career on track, Peter turned his focus to trading, investments, and health. Master David recommended the Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Cundi Guan Yin (Yellow Meat) to attract indirect wealth and foster his financial growth.

Revered across generations for its powerful Imperial Feng Shui properties and exquisite fragrance, the Imperial Harvest Sandalwood collection plays a pivotal role in harmonising Minor Yin (少阴), influencing an individual’s ability to amass indirect wealth.

The Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Cundi Guan Yin pendant features distinct symbolic objects, such as the lotus, the Dharma wheel, or even weapons — all serving as tools representing Avalokitesvara’s diverse methods in guiding devotees through their unique paths to enlightenment.

Imperial Harvest Dark Earth Agarwood Beads Bracelet

In a follow-up consultation with Imperial Harvest, Peter aimed to further secure his position, achieve a promotion, and attract more benefactors. Master David prescribed him the Imperial Harvest Dark Earth Agarwood Beads Bracelet. Since then, his salary has increased by about 30% over the past two years. This growth is a significant improvement compared to his previous experience at an SME, where salary increments were typically modest, ranging from 3% to 5% in favourable years.

Renowned for its quality and effectiveness, the Imperial Harvest Dark Earth Agarwood preserves the potent Imperial Feng Shui properties inherent in the wood. Each piece is personally blessed by Master David, whose expertise in Imperial Feng Shui amplifies its potential, aligning spiritual and material goals to foster prosperity and success. This powerful tool is designed to enhance your direct wealth capacity, unlocking pathways to increased income opportunities and financial stability.

Imperial Harvest Bliss of Harvest Ring

In another consultation, Peter sought to enhance his direct and indirect wealth and increase his authority. Master David prescribed the Bliss of Harvest Ring. Since acquiring it, Peter has not only met benefactors who have supported his career and personal development but also started investing shortly afterwards. Within a brief period, his investments have already gained at least 10%, reflecting a notable boost in both his financial and personal growth.

Peter’s impressive journey with the Bliss of Harvest Ring exemplifies the blend of tradition and contemporary luxury found in the Imperial Harvest Bliss of Harvest Collection. Inspired by the majestic Temple of Heaven, this collection reflects over 600 years of Imperial Feng Shui expertise.

Each piece, designed by Master David, symbolises harmony and abundance through its fine jadeite cabochons set in exquisite 18K solid rose gold rings. These treasures are meticulously crafted to empower the Minor Yang (少阳) in an individual’s destiny chart, enhancing intuition and influencing subconscious decisions. By enhancing Minor Yang, the collection promotes more insightful and strategic decision-making, fostering success and prosperity in both personal and professional life.

Peter’s Recommendations

Peter has experienced remarkable changes since beginning his journey with Imperial Harvest. He values the detailed guidance from Master David and the effectiveness of their remedies.

Imperial Harvest’s unique approach, combining thorough analysis with lifelong support, stands out from traditional Feng Shui consultations. As such, Peter encourages others to engage with Master David and his team to experience these benefits firsthand.

“I would recommend (Imperial Harvest) to friends, especially if they are looking for life transformation. All my friends who knew me in the past may still think that we are average in life. The best way to explain is to show them results.”

A Lifelong Journey with Superlative Support

The Imperial Harvest journey exemplifies a lifelong partnership with Master David Goh and his expert team, providing clients like Peter with a comprehensive array of Imperial Feng Shui services. These include lifetime complimentary Bazi reviews, home Feng Shui evaluations, Qi Men Dun Jia consultations, and Yi Jing divination, all designed to ensure continuous prosperity and success.

“I would say that the customer service is fantastic. They provide continuous support. From time to time, Erika would contact me to check how I was doing. This is pretty rare nowadays, as customer service will not contact you unless you contact them.”

“I would say that my experience with Imperial Harvest was transformational. It was really life-changing. Till now, I’ve been a repeat customer for Imperial Harvest and I’ll continue to journey with them.”

“I believe that with the constant support from Imperial Harvest, I’ll be able to fulfil all my aspirations.”

Throughout the various stages of Peter’s personal and professional journey, Master David and his team of consultants provided valuable support and guidance, helping Peter achieve his goals with well-informed advice.

Experience the transformative power of the Imperial Feng Shui, where luxury meets spirituality and personal empowerment. Schedule your complimentary Bazi consultation with Imperial Harvest today and uncover how Imperial Feng Shui can elevate your financial, business, and relationship prospects.

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