About Imperial Harvest

Imperial Harvest has been resolute in our commitment to authentic Imperial Feng Shui since our founding. Imperial Harvest meticulously applies the profound principles of Imperial Feng Shui to the modern world, keeping it relevant for yet another generation of leaders and pioneers. Over the years, we have become recognised as its leading authority, helping our sophisticated global clientele to continually prosper and flourish.

Master David Goh

Imperial Harvest’s Master David Goh (吴宸翔大师) is a third generation Feng Shui master, whose father and grandfather before him had also practised the art of Imperial Feng Shui.

Brand Story

Imperial Harvest has always been inspired by the rich cultural history and heritage of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing — the home of Imperial Feng Shui. This Ming Dynasty architectural marvel was designed to exacting Feng Shui principles, bringing prosperity and bountiful harvests to Chinese empires. 


The jewel in the crown of every Imperial Harvest jadeite treasure is the fine natural jadeite sourced from reputable Burmese mines. Carved from the centre of a jadeite boulder, each treasure is manually polished and hand-finished by a dedicated, trained artisan with skills passed down through the generations

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Imperial Harvest Flagship Galleries are located at

Imperial Harvest:

402 Orchard Road, #02-07/08
Delfi Orchard
Singapore 238876

Imperial Harvest Prestige:

402 Orchard Road, #03-24/25
Delfi Orchard
Singapore 238876

Opening hours:
Mon – Fri: 12 pm – 8 pm
Sat: 10 am – 6 pm
Sun: Closed

How do I book a consultation?

Contact us at +65 9230 1640 or drop us an email at prosper@imperialharvest.com, our customer service manager will be in touch with you to schedule a consultation. 

I’m located overseas, how do I consult you?

Imperial Harvest is fully equipped to conduct consultations online for prospective clients who reside outside Singapore. Drop us an email at prosper@imperialharvest.com or text us at +65 9230 1640 to schedule an appointment.

What happens during the consultation?

During your consultation, your assigned Imperial Harvest consultant will analyse your Bazi chart, and identify your favourable elements and auspicious colours. From there, Imperial Feng Shui solutions will be prescribed to best suit your needs and to help you achieve your goals.

What’s the duration of the consultation?

Your complimentary Bazi session will take approximately 30-45 minutes. It will acquaint you with Imperial Harvest’s ethos, background and heritage. You will also be introduced to our suite of Imperial Feng Shui solutions and treasures that have profoundly impacted the lives of numerous fellow clients.

What does enhancing your personal luck mean?

The concepts of Yin, Yang and the five elements form the foundation of the Four Pillars of Destiny, also known as Bazi. This destiny analysis technique focuses on each pillar representing the element present at the year, month, date and time of our birth. At Imperial Harvest, we analyse an individual’s birth data to reveal the patterns of their luck cycle, which also allows us to identify their favourable elements and auspicious colours.

With that information at hand, Imperial Harvest empowers individuals to create their desired futures by prescribing time-honoured Imperial Feng Shui treasures that harmonise with their favourable elements, allowing them to achieve success.

What are favourable elements?

A favorable element (“yong-shen” or “useful god”) is an element that “balances” your Bazi chart. The colour of our Imperial Harvest treasures is selected based on your favourable elements and lucky colours, which will be decided based on the assessment of your Bazi chart by Master David and his team of expert consultants.

What happens after?

Upon acquiring your Imperial Harvest treasure, it will be shortlisted for an Imperial Feng Shui blessing by Master David. The blessing will take place on an auspicious date, as deemed by your personalised Bazi chart. 

The blessing will be performed with specially-concocted red vermilion to unleash its auspicious properties and ready it to empower you in all your endeavours.

Do you provide home/office Feng Shui audit service?

Imperial Harvest provides bespoke Feng Shui audit service that entails an end-to-end audit of the landform layout and Bazi charts of the occupants. If you are interested in our Feng Shui audit service, click here.

Do you provide auspicious date selection service?

Contact us at +65 9230 1640 or drop us an email at prosper@imperialharvest.com, our customer service manager will be in touch with you. 

Do you work with corporate clients?

With his vast experience working alongside thousands of clients and numerous MNCs and SMEs from virtually every industry, Master David is able to provide comprehensive analysis and auditing services, curating Imperial Feng Shui solutions to best suit our corporate clients. 

Drop us an email at prosper@imperialharvest.com or text us at +65 9230 1640 to enquire about our corporate services.

Imperial Harvest Jadeites

Imperial Harvest is home to the world’s finest and sophisticated Imperial Feng Shui creations. Singapore’s leading Imperial Feng Shui master, Master David Goh remains steadfast in his passion, upholding only the highest standards in his practice. Under stringent and independent certifications, only the world’s best jadeites are unmistakably Imperial Harvest-grade.

How do I look after my Jadeite treasure?

Gently buff your jadeite treasures with a clean, lint-free microfibre cloth after each wear to minimise the buildup of any sweat or dust residue. You may also choose to immerse your jadeite treasure in a bowl of warm, soapy water while scrubbing it gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove buildup of residue from harder to reach angles and corners. We recommend keeping your jadeite pieces away from sources of high heat, as exposure may alter the chemical structure of the jadeite. Avoid contact with alcohol or harsh cleaning agents.

How do I look after my Agarwood or Sandalwood treasure?

To best preserve the condition of your Agarwood and/or Sandalwood treasures, avoid contact with water, alcohol and harsh cleaning agents. Gently wipe your Agarwood or Sandalwood treasures with a soft microfibre cloth to remove any dust or dirt residue.

Do you offer international shipping?

Imperial Harvest offers complimentary shipping services for our international clients.

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