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Imperial Harvest QING Collection

The Qing Golden Age under Emperors Kangxi and Qianlong was the most prosperous era of China’s dynastic history. Under their wise and benevolent rule, there was a flourishing of arts, culture, architecture and innovation. The Imperial Harvest QING Collection is inspired by this age of unparalleled prosperity.

A tribute to the Qing Golden Age

Imperial Harvest QING Collection pays tributes to the fashion and philosophy of the Qing Golden Age and expresses the natural beauty of three precious materials – gold, jadeite, and diamonds.

Imperial Harvest Octagon-cut Jadeite Cabochon

Imperial Harvest’s patented octagon-cut jadeite cabochon boasts eight iconic chamfered edges, paying tribute to the Eight Trigrams (Bagua). Just as the Eight Trigrams are building blocks of the Chinese civilization, this stunning design by Master David empowers the wearer to be the architect of their own future and the master of their own destiny.

Everlasting Longevity & Prosperity

The brilliantly cut diamonds that adorn the collection are a modern interpretation of the beads that characterised Qing dynasty imperial fashion. Like the beads, the elegant fluidity found in our QING Collection represents everlasting longevity and prosperity.

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