Brand Story

Imperial Harvest and the Temple of Heaven

Imperial Harvest has always been inspired by the rich history and architecture of the Ming Dynasty Temple of Heaven in Beijing – the home of Imperial Feng Shui. Designed to exacting Feng Shui principles, the Temple of Heaven brought prosperity and bountiful harvests on the empire. Imperial Harvest’s unmistakable jewellery pieces capture its Feng Shui, wonder, and beauty.

Like the Temple of Heaven, Imperial Harvest’s designs exude a visual symphony that impresses and inspires. We use only the finest quality materials to expertly craft art and jewellery fit for the Emperor.

Imperial Harvest 御鼎豐

Our logo elegantly reflects the iconic circular geometry of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests within the Temple of Heaven complex. Our stylised lettering of our name in Chinese – 御鼎豐 – is designed to classical proportions and bears an abstract resemblance to the solid pillars of the Temple, unifying and supporting the composition.

御 (yu), translates to royalty, in homage to the Imperial Feng Shui roots that stem from the Qing Dynasty’s imperial court.

鼎 (ding), in reference to the ancient Chinese cauldrons or vessels used to convey tributes or offerings in a myriad of religious rites conducted at the Temple of Heaven.

豐 (feng), or “bountiful harvest”, captures the essence of the Temple of Heaven, where Emperors would pray for good harvests, favourable weather conditions, continued prosperity and lasting abundance for their people.

Supporting You Through Every Change In Life

At Imperial Harvest, we recognise that change is the only constant in life. As your priorities shift and evolve, we remain committed to supporting you through every change with exact Imperial Feng Shui insights. 

Distilling a depth of knowledge and experience from a multi-generational lineage of Imperial Feng Shui masters, Imperial Harvest provides tailored recommendations to cater to your greatest goals and aspirations.


Imperial Harvest is passionate about helping our clients apply Imperial Feng Shui across different stages and aspects of their lives. With its sleek, contemporary outlook, each Imperial Harvest treasure is perfectly tailored to suit the complexities of the modern world.


With a multi-generational wealth of Imperial Feng Shui expertise, Imperial Harvest is well-placed to equip our clients with effective bespoke solutions. Through comprehensive consultations, we also share our insights into its extensive theories and applications.


Through a range of convenient communication channels, Imperial Harvest’s dedicated team organises your personal Bazi consultations and Imperial Feng Shui audits, coordinating them with our expert consultants. As your Imperial Feng Shui partner, we provide an integrated, hassle-free avenue for clients to raise any pressing queries and concerns.

Jeff Yeo

“Within a year, my business grew at an astonishing rate. We became profitable and started earning a 7-figure revenue.”


"With the help of Master David, he can help us by pointing out the right direction and empowering us to make the right decisions before moving forward."