To achieve the highest order of craftsmanship of Imperial Harvest Jadeites, Master David works closely with trusted master artisans, who use traditional hand-carving and manual polishing techniques that achieve an extremely detailed finish — an irreplaceable skill that no machine could ever reproduce.

Superlative Quality of Jadeites

Imperial Harvest uses Grade-A Jadeites in all our collections; completely natural, without artificial treatments used to enhance its already impressive appearance.

Setting up the Imperial Harvest workshop gives full control of the jadeite carving process, ensuring that only first-hand and finest jadeites are offered as solutions

Harvesting Raw Jadeite

In line with Imperial Harvest’s relentless pursuit of excellence, our jadeite treasures are derived from the finest raw jadeite boulders from the most reputable mines in Myanmar. In harvesting only the most exquisite raw jadeite, Imperial Harvest imbues each jadeite treasure with robust Imperial Feng Shui properties to empower our clients’ aspirations.

Hand-carved to perfection

Independent Certification

Imperial Harvest believes in scientific and independent quality control methods to ensure that only the finest-grade jadeites are qualified to bear the Imperial Harvest name. Under stringent and independent certifications, only the world’s best jadeites are unmistakably Imperial Harvest-grade.