Jadeite Paintings

Throughout Chinese history, jade has stood as a symbol of high prestige and supreme wealth, dutifully capturing the ethos, ideologies, culture and art styles of the particular era in which they were created. Today, Emperor Qian Long’s hallowed Jadeite Table Screen is given new life in the form of the world’s first Jadeite Painting — proudly conceptualised, crafted and presented by Imperial Harvest.

Jadeite Painting

Due to the fragility of the original Qing dynasty jadeite table screens, very few have survived the passage of time.

Imperial Harvest gives these magnificent Imperial Feng Shui treasures a new lease of life, envisioning a timeless, eternal and treasured family heirloom to be carefully safeguarded for generations to come.

Today, we are proud to present the world’s first Jadeite Painting, proudly conceptualised, crafted and hand-finished by Imperial Harvest.

Heritage of Jadeite Painting

Above all, one category of jadeite stood most prominently during the Qing dynasty — jadeite table screens. As a staunch advocate of Imperial Feng Shui, Emperor Qian Long insisted on furnishing the Imperial Palace with these jadeite table screens. Today, surviving jadeite table screens from the Qing dynasty continue to fetch millions at international auction houses.

Jadeite table screens were emblematic of a high rank in the military. Unlike the jadeite mountains, the jadeite table screens are not fully three dimensional, instead featuring a flat base masterfully carved by master artisans. Jadeite table screens were rarely created before the Qing dynasty due to the inaccessibility of large pieces of exquisite jadeite, making them hugely representative of 18th century China.

Each Imperial Harvest Jadeite Painting starts with a flat base of jadeite, which Imperial Harvest’s master artisans fashion to varying levels of relief, allowing the Jadeite Painting to manipulate light and boast a profound sense of depth.

Housed in a sturdy gold-brushed frame crafted from Italian pinewood, each Imperial Harvest Jadeite Painting is nestled in hand-woven natural silk, resulting in a luxurious contemporary masterpiece to complement the modern home.

Exquisite Jadeite Painting

The Water Star is present in our living and working environments, playing a pivotal role in governing wealth, opportunities and intuition. As a capable ruler, Emperor Qian Long understood the importance of activating the Water Star to catalyse the growth of wealth and prosperity.

Installed in the wealth sector of your home or office, the Imperial Harvest Exquisite Jadeite Painting takes on the Imperial Feng Shui properties of the Qing dynasty’s jadeite table screens, ushering explosive wealth and abundance to the occupants of the space.