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Prospering Every Generation

Through Imperial Feng Shui

With a third-generation Feng Shui master at the helm, Imperial Harvest has been resolute in its commitment to authentic Imperial Feng Shui since its founding. Behind this ancient and noble philosophy lies the fundamental belief in unlimited human potential.

Master David Master David
Third Generation Feng Shui Master

Master David Goh

Master David Goh of Imperial Harvest (吴宸翔大师) is a third-generation Feng Shui master, whose father and grandfather had also practised the art of Imperial Feng Shui.

In the 1930s, Master Goh’s grandfather (Grandmaster Fu Tian Long 伏天龙大师) inherited the art of Imperial Feng Shui from Feng Shui grandmasters around Southeast Asia and Taiwan. His Feng Shui practice spanned an impressive 50 years. In 1980, the title was handed over to his son, Master Long De Ren 龙德仁师傅. Like his father before him, he served an exclusive pool of clientele, consulting them in their homes and offices.

Understanding Imperial Feng Shui

Imperial Feng Shui is the golden thread that runs through the fabric of Chinese culture and civilisation. Behind this ancient and noble philosophy lies the fundamental belief in unlimited human potential. Once the exclusive reserve of the royal family, it amplified their wealth, power, and authority through the centuries. With Imperial Harvest, you can tap into this potential through our Imperial Feng Shui Master in Singapore.

Understanding Imperial Feng Shui

Thrive with Imperial Feng Shui in Singapore.
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Our Clients’ Stories

Our Clients’ Stories

“Within a year, my business grew at an astonishing rate. We became profitable and started earning a 7-figure revenue.”

Our Clients’ Stories

Our Clients’ Stories

“Over the years, I have also recommended a few friends who have seen positive results in their career after wearing their Imperial Harvest Treasures. I’m really grateful to have Imperial Harvest’s support and guidance.”

Our Clients’ Stories

Our Clients’ Stories

“Imperial Harvest Feng Shui consultants are friendly and patient in hearing me out, they understood my prosperity needs during the consultation and tailored a solution according to my situation.”

Our Clients’ Stories

Our Clients’ Stories

“Soon after wearing my first Imperial Harvest treasure, I started my career as a financial advisor. In a short span of 3 months, I began to see success in my career, and my income grew significantly.”

Our Clients’ Stories

Our Clients’ Stories

“In 2019, I received the top leader award and continue to see consistent breakthroughs in my sales.”

Our Clients’ Stories

Our Clients’ Stories

“This year, we managed to get our first private condo in the East. This was really a dream come true for both of us because we had never expected to reach this milestone at our age.”

Our Clients’ Stories

Our Clients’ Stories

“By the end of 2019, I saw tremendous improvements in my sales performance as compared to the year before. In addition, my children were also doing a lot better academically, ranking in the top 25th percentile of their cohort.”

Our Clients’ Stories

Our Clients’ Stories

“Master David has gone the extra mile to help me. He is the only one who is dedicated and committed to my business growth. With his advice, my revenue doubled in the year 2019. ”

Our Clients’ Stories

Our Clients’ Stories

“Despite the circuit-breaker period in Singapore, my online business continued to operate without any hiccups and generated high profits every month. I am really amazed by the power of Imperial Harvest Treasures.”

Our Clients’ Stories

Our Clients’ Stories

“With the help of my Imperial Harvest Treasure, I have gained a lot of valuable insights to achieve the career breakthrough. I’m now prospering greatly.”

Our Clients’ Stories

Our Clients’ Stories

“Anthony Robbins once said, it is in the moments of your decisions that your destiny is made. I am glad that I have chosen Imperial Harvest back in April 2017.” 

Discover the Bliss of Harvest collection

Each crafted gem is created with precision and carved to perfection, following stringent controls put in place by Master David Goh.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Master David Goh?

Master David Goh (吴宸翔大师) is the third generation Feng Shui master at the helm of Imperial Harvest. Like his father and grandfather before him, Master David is a firm believer that your destiny lies in your hands. With good Feng Shui, you can redesign your destined path to achieve your desired goals and aspirations.

Master David works regularly with top business executives around the world. Highly trusted, he provides them with bespoke and effective Feng Shui solutions — aiding them in achieving effective results and resounding successes in highly competitive business environments, and in their personal ventures.

Confident, sharp and approachable, Master David draws on his academic and professional background in investment banking and management consulting. This allows him to deliver up-to-date Feng Shui insights that are relevant to his clients’ business and investment challenges.

Where is the Imperial Harvest Gallery located?

We are located at 402 Orchard Road, #02-07/08 Delfi Orchard Singapore 238876

What happens during the consultation?

During your consultation, your assigned Imperial Harvest consultant will analyse your Bazi chart, and identify your favourable elements and auspicious colours. From there, Imperial Feng Shui solutions will be prescribed to best suit your needs and to help you achieve your goals.

What’s the duration of the consultation?

Your complimentary Bazi session will take approximately 30-45 minutes. It will acquaint you with Imperial Harvest’s ethos, background and heritage. You will also be introduced to our suite of Imperial Feng Shui solutions and treasures that have profoundly impacted the lives of numerous fellow clients.

Can I purchase the products without any Bazi reading?

Imperial Harvest carries elegant, contemporary designs suited for every occasion. Drop us an email at prosper@imperialharvest.com or text us at +65 9122 1826 to set up your private viewing session.

Do you provide home Feng Shui audit service?

Imperial Harvest provides bespoke Home Feng Shui auditing services, entailing end-to-end audit of the landform, layout and Bazi charts of the property’s occupants. 

Drop us an email at prosper@imperialharvest.com or text us at +65 9122 1826 to enquire.

Do you provide auspicious date selection service?

Yes, drop us an email at prosper@imperialharvest.com or text us at +65 9122 1826 for more information.

I am an overseas client. How do I consult you?

Imperial Harvest is fully equipped to conduct consultations online for prospective clients who reside outside Singapore. Drop us an email at prosper@imperialharvest.com or text us at +65 9122 1826 to schedule an appointment.

Do you offer international shipping?

Imperial Harvest offers complimentary shipping services for our international clients.

What payment options are available?

Imperial Harvest accepts Visa, Mastercard, cash, cheque or bank transfers. International clients may opt to complete payment via bank transfer or PayPal.

Imperial Harvest is a GST-registered company, and is subject to government service taxes upon goods and services purchased.