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Bliss of Harvest Collection

Commemorating 600 years since the completion of the renowned Temple of Heaven in Beijing, Imperial Harvest is proud to present the newest generation of our iconic Bliss of Harvest collection, showcasing the highest levels of skill and craftsmanship.


More than 600 years after its completion, Imperial Harvest pays tribute to its social, spiritual and cultural legacy with the Bliss of Harvest: Temple of Heaven Collection. This iconic collection distils the essence of this landmark into a contemporary statement of class and elegance. Setting a new benchmark for Imperial Feng Shui jewellery, it showcases the superlative quality and craftsmanship that has come to be synonymous with the Imperial Harvest brand.

Designed and Patented in Singapore

The collection’s lustrous 18-karat rose gold rings are handcrafted from a patented blend of gold, copper and silver. They take after the Hall of Prayer’s triple-gabled roof, whose three tiers build upon one another in harmonious depiction of Heaven, Earth and Humanity. 

Superlative Craftsmanship

Each cabochon is hewn from the centre of jadeite boulders where Imperial Feng Shui energies are the densest and most intense. With their wealth of multi-generational expertise, Imperial Harvest’s master artisans then meticulously hand-polish each gem to unleash its natural lustre and depth of colour.

Cutting-edge design inspiration and craftsmanship

Elegant in form and robust in construction, the Bliss of Harvest: Temple of Heaven Collection captures the fabled essence of its namesake.  As an enduring family heirloom, it empowers the blessed wearer in every endeavour, fulfilling the Imperial Harvest mission of prospering every generation through unlimited human potential. 

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