Imperial Feng Shui

Imperial Feng Shui is an exclusive branch of Feng Shui reserved for the Chinese Royal Family. For centuries, this closely-guarded branch of Feng Shui has been highly favoured among the rich and powerful for its practicality and effectiveness.

Introduction to Imperial Feng Shui

The Qian Long Emperor of the Qing dynasty is amongst China’s most esteemed emperors, and one of the most prominent advocates for Imperial Feng Shui. During his reign, the Qing dynasty experienced a golden era of abundance and prosperity, remaining one of China’s longest-lasting dynasties.

Emperor Qianlong’s prosperous reign was attributed to his passionate advocacy of Imperial Feng Shui. During the Qing dynasty, Imperial Feng Shui masters went through years of meticulous research and development, unlocking and leveraging the powerful forces of Yin and Yang to manifest wealth, health and success for the Imperial family. Through careful research and profound wisdom, these wise masters found that the Four Phenomena served as the basis for improving one’s luck and wealth capacity.

The Imperial Feng Shui masters of the Qing dynasty uncovered that Jadeite, Agarwood and Sandalwood were key treasures with which the Chinese imperial family could leverage to achieve a consistent state of good luck and expanded wealth capacity.

Difference between Classical Feng Shui & Imperial Feng Shui

Classical Feng Shui

Classical Feng Shui focuses on predictions and analyses, guiding individuals to follow through on their predestined Bazi charts. In ancient China, Classical Feng Shui was a tool that was used to enforce social order, stability and harmony.

Imperial Feng Shui

Imperial Feng Shui focuses on empowering individuals to design their destinies by empowering them to be in a state of consistent luck. Through the meticulous application of the finest and most exquisite Imperial Feng Shui treasures, such as Jadeite, Agarwood and Sandalwood, one can realise their unlimited human potential.

Application of Imperial Feng Shui

The Four Phenomena to achieve the Balance of Yin and Yang (阴阳)

Imperial Harvest Jadeite Pendant

Imperial Harvest-grade Jadeite pendants balance the major yin 太阴 — enhancing your personal luck.

Imperial Harvest Jadeite Cabochon

Imperial Harvest-grade Jadeite Cabochons balance the minor yang 少阳 — strengthening your intuition. A critical factor in making important decisions, good intuition prevails in the face of ambiguity and empowers individuals with first-mover advantages.

Imperial Harvest Agarwood

Imperial Harvest Agarwood balances the major yang 太阳 — amplifying your direct wealth capacity.

Imperial Harvest Sandalwood

Imperial Harvest Sandalwood balances the minor yin 少阴 — amplifying your indirect wealth capacity.