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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 26 May 2023

Understanding Your Daymaster — Jia Wood (甲木)

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In our previous article, we introduced the importance of Daymasters (扶抑) to the Chinese metaphysical system of Bazi (八字). The Daymaster serves as the centrepiece of the Bazi chart, reflecting an individual’s core identity. By interacting with the Bazi chart’s Year, Month and Hour pillars, the Daymaster reveals insightful information about one’s personality, characteristics, inherent strengths, weaknesses and potential life trajectory.

Role of Daymaster in Your Personal Development

Gaining an understanding of your Daymaster can be beneficial for personal development — fostering greater self-awareness, enhancing interpersonal relationships and guiding life decisions. Daymasters are classified as either “strong” or “weak” within the framework of a Bazi chart as a reflection of their prevalence. A “strong” Daymaster shows a significant presence of its element, whereas a “weak” Daymaster indicates a lack of its element.

Concept of Useful Gods (用神) in Bazi Studies

The study of Bazi includes a multitude of concepts and branches of thinking, including the concept of Useful Gods (用神) which describes certain Heavenly Stems (天干) or Earthly Branches (地支) that perform specific roles. These include strengthening or weakening the Daymaster, adjusting the ‘temperature’ and ‘humidity’ of the Bazi chart (调侯), bridging opposing elements (通关), and addressing sicknesses within the chart (病药).

Bazi Daymaster - Jia Wood (Yang Wood)

Delving into the Jia Wood Daymaster

As the first of the Ten Heavenly Stems, Jia Wood represents the Yang aspect of the Wood element in the Bazi system. It is closely associated with growth, resilience and vitality reminiscent of the cycle of rejuvenation that the arrival of spring brings to nature.

In this article, we delve into the profound characteristics, strengths, and influences of the Jia Wood Daymaster, exploring its vital role within the Bazi framework. A thorough examination of these qualities garners valuable insight into the fundamental nature of the individuals born under this Daymaster. Additionally, we analyse how the Useful Gods concept and the temperature adjustment theory impact the balance and harmony of Jia Wood individuals’ Bazi charts.

Traits of Jia Wood Daymasters

Traits of Jia Wood Daymasters

Embodying the resilience of trees, the Jia Wood Daymaster represents strength, stability, and ambition. Like a towering tree, the traits of a Jia Wood Daymaster are firm yet flexible, stretching toward higher aspirations.

  • Dynamic and Vibrant: Jia Wood Daymasters have personalities filled with vitality, fueling their pursuit of personal growth, creativity, and adaptability.
  • Nurturing and Supportive: Displaying a nurturing and supportive nature, Jia Wood Daymasters often play pivotal roles in the lives of those around them.
  • Resilient and Dependable: Similar to sturdy and protective trees, Jia Wood Daymasters are known for their resilience, dependability, and selflessness. They often provide shade and protection to others
  • Candid and Straightforward: With their strong convictions, Jia Wood Daymasters tend to be straightforward and blunt in their actions. They possess a keen ability to visualise the bigger picture, identify crucial factors in any given situation and establish strong roots in their homes and workplaces.

However, Jia Daymasters may also be stubborn and persistent in pursuing their goals, which can be misinterpreted as being thoughtless or callous towards others. Their decision-making processes may be impulsive, often overlooking minor details in favour of rushing towards their goals.

Men with a Jia Wood Daymaster typically show a strong sense of independence, resilience and a gentle demeanour. They often have clear goals, are straightforward and value integrity. Notable Jia Wood Daymasters include Elon Musk, Nikola Tesla and Bruce Lee.

Women with a Jia Wood Daymaster are often kind and generous, creating harmonious environments around them. They usually show consistency in their professional life, are innovative, and tend to improve and advance existing ideas. Notable Jia Wood Daymasters include Condoleeza Rice and Kate Winslet.

Adjusting the Temperature of the Daymaster

In Bazi, the concept of ‘Temperature Adjustment’ stems from the Qiong Tong Bao Jian《穷通宝鉴》which helps us understand the level of accomplishment and wealth capacity of an individual based on the presence of Temperature Adjustment Useful God (调侯用神) in their Bazi chart.

The month that a Daymaster is born affects the temperature and humidity level in an individual’s Bazi chart — namely, factors such as Cold (寒), Warm (暖), Damp (湿) and Dry (燥). A Bazi chart would be considered a high-achieving chart if it contains the favourable Heavenly Stems that help to adjust its temperature and humidity levels.

For example, a Jia Wood daymaster born in the month of Tiger (the first month of Spring) would require Bing Fire Heavenly Stem as the Temperature Adjustment Useful God because the first month of Spring is relatively cold and thus requires sunlight to grow and flourish. Hence, Bing Fire — which represents the Sun — is required to be present in the natal Bazi chart in order for the chart to thrive and prosper.

Adjusting the Temperature of the Daymaster

Adjusting the Temperature of the Day Stem

The tables below summarise the different Temperature Adjustment Useful God that a Jia Wood daymaster would need:

Adjusting the Temperature of the Day Stem Adjusting the Temperature of the Day Stem

It is important to note that the precise interpretation of these adjustments is dependent on the individual’s Bazi chart. Underscoring the nuanced nature of Bazi analysis, these adjustments require a comprehensive knowledge of Chinese metaphysics for accurate application.

As the leading Imperial Feng Shui Maison, Imperial Harvest stands at the forefront with its expert Bazi reading services. Master David’s extensive lineage and expertise in the fields of Bazi, Imperial Feng Shui and Chinese metaphysics make him well-placed to assist our blessed clients in navigating life’s complexities, ushering them towards leveraging their greatest potential and achieving breakthrough successes.

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