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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 01 June 2023

Understanding Your Daymaster — Yi Wood (乙木)

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Within the realm of Chinese metaphysics, the concept of Daymasters (扶抑) plays a vital role in understanding the intricate system of Bazi (八字). As the centrepiece of the Bazi chart, the Daymaster holds the key to unlocking profound self-development and unparalleled breakthroughs. Through its interaction with the Year, Month, and Hour pillars, the Daymaster unveils profound insights into one’s character, strengths, weaknesses, and potential life path.

Yi Wood

Delving into the Yi Wood Daymaster

The second of the Ten Heavenly Stems, Yi Wood corresponds with the Yin aspect of the Wood element in the Bazi system. Bearing the image of softwood and climbing greenery, Yi Wood is closely associated with values of adaptability and resilience.

In this article, we explore the characteristics, strengths and influences of the Yi Wood Daymaster, delving into its vital role in the study and practice of Bazi. In-depth knowledge of these qualities garners valuable insight into the fundamental nature of the individuals born under the Yi Wood Daymaster. Furthermore, the exploration of the effects of the Useful Gods, and Temperature Adjustment theory will shed light on the balance and harmony of Yi Wood individuals’ Bazi charts.

Traits of Yi Wood Daymasters

Traits of Yi Wood Daymasters

Yi Wood Daymasters are represented by the resilience, adaptability and elegance of climbing vines, flora and plants.

  • Diplomatic and Charismatic: Individuals born under the Yi Wood daymaster are dependable and articulate, their penchant for civility and diplomacy making them beneficial in diffusing arguments or hostile situations with tact.
  • Intelligent and Quick-witted: Yi Wood Daymasters are able to address issues at their core, and without prejudice — quickly forming viable solutions to different problems.
  • Selfless and Thoughtful: When faced with emotional situations, Yi Wood Daymasters put the needs of others before their own, considering different sides of an argument before coming to a solution.
  • Determined and Resilient: Although Yi Wood Daymasters may at first come across as softhearted, once under pressure, they are determined to overcome any obstacle. Out of the Ten Daymasters, Yi Wood is seen as the most skilful and adaptable.

On the other hand, Yi Wood Daymasters may easily give in to the demands of others in favour of keeping the peace. Their decision-making processes may be impulsive and short-lived, often overlooking the finer details. Additionally, they may be prone to emotional outbursts, with their objectivity being impaired by their emotions when they feel strongly towards an issue.

Men with a Yi Wood Daymaster are charming and charismatic, often experiencing favourable luck in romance. Known for being intelligent, meticulous and patient with an inclination towards strategic planning, male Yi Wood Daymasters are often suited for roles as strategists or counsellors. Notable Yi Wood Daymasters include Jay Chou and Bill Clinton.

Women with a Yi Wood Daymaster are often quiet, steadfast and thoughtful, strategically navigating themselves through a myriad of situations. They are confident, greatly value independence and equality, and hold their friends and family in great esteem. Notable Yi Wood Daymasters include Faye Wong, Princess Diana of Wales and Oprah Winfrey.

Adjusting the Temperature of the Daymaster

The Bazi concept of ‘Temperature Adjustment’ originates from the Qiong Tong Bao Jian《穷通宝鉴》, describing the level of accomplishment and wealth capacity of an individual based on the Temperature Adjustment Useful God (调侯用神) in their Bazi chart. The month that a Daymaster is born affects the temperature and humidity level in an individual’s Bazi chart. Therefore, a Bazi chart would be considered a high-achieving chart if it contains the favourable Heavenly Stems that help to adjust its temperature.

For example, a Yi Wood Daymaster born in the month of Rat (the second month of Winter) would require Bing Fire (丙火) Heavenly Stem as the Temperature Adjustment Useful God as the second month of Winter is considered as the peak of winter. If Gui Water (癸水) protrudes in the heavenly stem — whether in the Year, Month and/or Hour stems — the chart would be deemed inauspicious.

Adjusting the Temperature of the Daymaster

Adjusting the Temperature of the Day Stem

The table below summarises the different Temperature Adjustment Useful God that a Yi Wood Daymaster requires:

Adjusting the Temperature of the Day Stem Adjusting the Temperature of the Day Stem

The precise interpretation of the aforementioned adjustments is dependent on the configuration of an individual Bazi chart. Highlighting the intricacies involved in Bazi analysis requires a thorough understanding of Chinese metaphysics for the precise implementation of any adjustments.

At the forefront of Imperial Feng Shui, Imperial Harvest excels in offering unparalleled Bazi reading services. Master David’s extensive heritage and mastery of Bazi, Imperial Feng Shui, and Chinese metaphysics concepts empower us to support our cherished clients in navigating the complexities of life.

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