Imperial Harvest 2024 Zodiac Forecast
Year of the Dragon

2024 ushers in the vibrant year of the Wood Dragon, emphasising growth, strength, and the pioneering spirit. This auspicious year marks the beginning of Period 9 in the Feng Shui cycle (4 Feb 2024 — 3 Feb 2044), as we move away from the previous Period 8. With the influence of Li Gua (离卦), symbolising fire and light, we are entering an era where innovation, technology, and creativity will drive new economies and opportunities. In our businesses, careers, studies, and relationships, harnessing the dynamic energy of the Wood Dragon will be crucial for progress and success.

General Star 将星, Three Stages 三台
White Tiger 白虎, Salt Pool 咸池
The wealth horizon looks promising. Although income is expected to rise, unexpected expenses might arise. Be cautious, avoid risky speculations, and stay true to ethical norms to avoid any financial pitfalls. You can consider expanding your professional knowledge and skills to increase wealth accumulation.
The Year of the Dragon promises dynamic career opportunities for individuals born in the year of the rat. Display your skills, embrace the energy, and work to your full potential. Those in Media, Arts, and Communication fields will particularly shine. Maintain healthy relationships with colleagues and harness your abilities to secure big opportunities for your company.
Love is in the air for those born in the Year of the Rat. While married and committed couples will find their bonds deepening, singles might face some challenges. Strengthen social activities and trust your intuition when building new relationships. Communication and trust are paramount.
Health requires particular attention in 2024. The Year of the Dragon brings concerns of injuries, infections, and the need to focus on the immune system and digestion. Embrace a healthy lifestyle by incorporating natural foods, regular exercise, and practices like Yoga and crossfit. Avoid undue stress and ensure you have a balanced mental and physical health regime.
2, 3
SouthEast and NorthEast
Noblemen 天乙, Purple Star 紫微, Heavenly Virtue 天德
Death Charm 死符, White Tiger 白虎, Heaven Blade 天煞, Harm Tai Sui 害太岁
This year, financial vigilance is key. While there may be potential financial setbacks, it's important to prioritise the safety and prudence of investments. Lending money to friends or relatives without caution could lead to losses, so it's advised to budget wisely and avoid high-risk investments.
In the professional realm, individuals born in the year of the Ox may face hurdles, potentially even health-related, which could hinder work progress. However, support will come, particularly from a capable female figure in the workplace, aiding them in navigating through the challenges.
Relationships may prove challenging in 2024. There might be a tendency for them to become more introverted, potentially leading to misunderstandings with partners. However, new relationships with strong foundations are also on the horizon. Open communication and patience will be crucial in maintaining harmony.
Health requires special attention this year. Emotional stresses and potential minor physical ailments due to overwork might arise. However, with regular practices like meditation, mindfulness, and prioritising self-care, these challenges can be effectively managed.
1, 4
North, South
Academic Star 文昌, Noblemen 天乙, Golden Carriage 金舆
Calamity Sha 灾煞, Goat Blade 羊刃, Death God 亡神
This year, individuals born in the year of the Tiger might face financial setbacks. They may be burdened with unexpected bills, and possible home repairs. Tigers are advised to secure a stable monthly income, avoid extravagant expenses, and consider secondary sources of income. It's also essential to be cautious and avoid high-risk financial investments.
Workplace changes are on the horizon in 2024. They might witness significant shifts within their teams or organisations, potentially leading to job insecurity. To navigate these challenges, they should demonstrate dedication and maintain harmonious relationships at work. Despite the challenges, those in creative fields might find excellent opportunities to showcase their talents.
Emotional volatility may affect their relationships this year. Singles could struggle with self-esteem, making new relationships challenging. Those in committed relationships should be wary of misunderstandings, emphasising effective communication and patience. Those married can foster closeness by investing in quality time and vacations together.
Health is a significant concern for our Tiger friends in 2024. Incorporating daily exercises like Yoga and meditation is recommended for overall mental well-being. They should also avoid harmful habits like smoking and be proactive in seeking medical advice if any health issues arise.
4, 9
Northwest, North, West
Red Matchmaker 红鸾, Achievement Star 陌越
Break Tai Sui 破太岁, Red Matchmaker 红鸾, Illness 病符
This year, financial challenges might arise. With an inclination towards splurging and potential unexpected expenses, it is vital to prioritise financial prudence, especially when considering any investment. The unpredictability of the Dragon year suggests caution before diving into new financial ventures.
While the Year of the Dragon presents opportunities for growth and advancement, there may also be obstacles hindering their progress. They should be vigilant about potential mistakes and seek advice when faced with challenges. Focusing on continuous learning and professional development will be advantageous.
Relationships might be rocky in 2024. Suspicion and mistrust could lead to misunderstandings with their partners. However, maintaining clear communication, understanding, and patience can mend these rifts. For singles, taking steps gradually in a new relationship is advised.
Health requires particular attention in 2024. The year suggests potential health challenges, making it essential for them to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Incorporating physical exercises, meditation, and a proper diet can boost immunity and emotional well-being. Managing stress is crucial, as is ensuring adequate rest.
8, 9
South, North
Great Sun 太阳, Court Charm 唐符, Duke’s Arrival 岁驾
Torturing Tai Sui 刑太岁, Sword Star 剑锋, Officer Charm 官符
For those born in the Year of the Dragon, financial prospects in 2024 might be unpredictable. Large investments may not yield the expected returns, and there's a potential for notable losses. It's wise to handle finances cautiously, steer clear of high-risk ventures, and be vigilant against scams. Prioritising a thorough budget and curbing impulsive spending will be beneficial.
This year, those born in the Year of the Dragon may encounter challenges in their professional journey. If thinking about launching a business, it's essential to be prudent and avoid overreaching. For those considering job switches, careful consideration is advised. Sticking to current positions could be the most stable choice, and seeking guidance from trusted mentors is always beneficial.
In 2024, relationships will have their highs and lows. Married couples should work on clear communication to prevent misunderstandings. Singles, on the other hand, may come across short-lived connections. Approach emotional matters with caution, consider seeking relationship advice, and make well-considered decisions.
Health requires particular attention this year. They should be vigilant to prevent accidents, especially involving sharp objects. Maintain a balanced diet, regular exercise, and sufficient rest. Embrace a positive mindset when facing challenges, and consider travel as a means of relaxation and stress relief.
1, 6, 7
West, Northeast
Moon Star 太阴, Earth Relief 地解, Dragon Virtue 龙德
Piercing Rope 贯索, Five Ghosts 五鬼, Seduction 勾神, Dark Sky 天厄, Earth Fiend 地煞
In the wealth department, they'll see financial growth mainly from steady sources like their full-time jobs. Basic salaries, commissions, and bonuses will be substantial. However, they should avoid side ventures or risky investments, as they may not produce the expected results.
The career horizon is promising with positive shifts and opportunities for those in the Snake zodiac. Embracing new projects, learning, and adapting will be key. Business trips or overtime might bring chances for promotion. This year's transformations, though possibly unsettling initially, will lead to long-term career growth.
Love is in the air with surprising turns for individuals born in the year of the Snake. Singles may hear confessions from those they've long admired, speeding up relationship progress. Committed couples will grow closer, and occasional disputes will only serve to strengthen their bond. Open and honest communication will be the foundation for enduring relationships.
While some health challenges might arise, the outcomes will be positive. Adopting a suitable exercise regime and a balanced diet tailored to individual health needs is vital. Engage in activities like sports to ensure both physical and mental wellness throughout the year.
2,8 & 9
South, SouthEast, NorthEast
Heavenly Virtue 天德, Sky Relief 天解
Emotional Star 浮沉, Suspended Guest 吊客, Mourning 丧门, Blood Blade 血刃
Financially, 2024 appears to be a promising year. While their income will flourish, they need to cultivate a habit of saving. Their natural tendency to live paycheck to paycheck might prove challenging, so it’s crucial they adapt to ensure financial stability.
In the professional realm, instability may loom large. Despite potential job losses, they will find opportunities in diversifying their experiences, hopping across roles and companies. Sales professionals, in particular, may expect fruitful rewards. As always, vigilance and proactive approaches will be key, especially for business owners.
On the relationship front, it's a roller-coaster year. Singles might find themselves in complex romantic situations, while couples may experience frequent disputes, especially related to finances. However, the inherent compromising nature of their zodiac will be their saving grace, helping mend rifts and maintain harmony.
Health requires special attention this year. They must prioritise their well-being and avoid risky endeavors. Incorporating regular physical activity, a balanced diet, and relaxation techniques will be beneficial. Mental well-being is equally important, so staying connected with loved ones and practicing mindfulness is advised.
2, 3, 7
East, Southwest
Jade Hall 玉堂, Duke Collaboration 岁合
Rolling Star 卷舌, Hook 勾绞, Arrowhead 飞廉
2024 looks promising in terms of financial gains. They will benefit from cutting-edge business information and if utilised effectively, significant fortunes can be made. Both businessmen and working professionals have the chance to increase their wealth. However, prudence in expenditure is advised.
The workplace may present challenges with potential public opinion disputes. It's crucial to remain low-key and avoid unnecessary conflicts. Despite these challenges, their nature in hard work and diligence can lead to achievements and opportunities. With the right attitude, there's potential for job promotions, engaging projects, and an elevated social status.
This year will be a bit of a roller coaster for relationships. While the Dragon's energy gives them a chance to find meaningful connections, there are some bumps to watch out for. It's important for individuals born in the year of the Goat to not get too lost in their own world and to find a good balance between looking after themselves and their partners. For those already in relationships, it's a good time to rekindle the spark. And for the singles out there, just remember to keep the lines of communication open!
Health requires extra attention this year. There's a heightened risk of major illnesses and accidents, so being proactive about safety and health is essential. Good dietary habits, regular exercise, and mental well-being practices will be pivotal in maintaining good health.
2, 7
Elegant Seal 华盖, Sky Horse 驿马
Sword Star 剑锋, Six Harms (六害), Triple Punishment 三刑, Sky Warrior 天雄
Financially, 2024 indicates a dual trend. They will witness growth in their primary income streams due to career advancements. However, investing abroad might not yield the expected returns. Focus on work-related financial opportunities, prudent financial management, and avoiding unnecessary risks will be key to accumulating wealth.
This year promises significant career growth for individuals born in the year of the Monkey. Their innovative thinking and unique talents will make them stand out, potentially leading to promotions and accolades. Networking and building strong relationships with colleagues and supervisors will also be instrumental. However, humility and teamwork should be prioritised to maintain harmony in the workplace.
In matters of the heart, the year will be stable with minor fluctuations. Those committed should prioritise open communication and surprise their partners with small gestures to keep the spark alive. Singles might come across potential matches, but it's essential to be patient and discerning before committing.
The health outlook for 2024 demands caution. There may be chances of minor accidents, especially during travels. Observing traffic rules and avoiding risks, especially in bad weather, is advised. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and adequate rest will significantly improve overall well-being.
4, 9
North, Northwest, West
Dragon Virtue 龙德, Three Stages 三台
Sky Dog 天狗, Hurting 伤官, Drape Head Star 披头
Financial fortunes are promising in 2024. However, to truly capitalise on these opportunities, it's essential to be well-informed, patient, and have a clear plan. Avoid hasty decisions and be strategic about your financial moves.
They will find harmonious relationships in the workplace in 2024, which can lead to significant opportunities. Those new to their professions might find excellent job offers, but the workload may be substantial. It's essential to maintain a balance between work and rest to ensure continued success.
The year will witness major shifts in the relationship dynamics. While many might find true love or deepen their current relationships, some challenges may test their patience. Communication will be the key to maintaining harmony in relationships.
Good health is on the horizon for those born in the year of the Rooster during 2024. Boosted immunity and overall well-being are expected. However, it's essential to stay vigilant, take proper precautions, and maintain a balanced lifestyle to avoid potential health issues.
5, 7, 8
South, Southeast
Academic Star 文昌, Imperial Seal 国印, Sky Happiness 天喜
Clash with Tai Sui 冲太岁, Six Harms 六害,Pojun 破军, Sui Po 岁破
Financial challenges will be present this year. Unexpected expenses may arise and it's crucial to budget wisely. The key is to avoid rash investments and not to seek overnight riches. Instead, focus on stable, well-researched financial endeavours and avoid lending money without clear terms.
Work dynamics will see some change this year. Career prospects might shift, and while there are opportunities for growth and change, remaining adaptable is key. Travel for business might be on the horizon, but it's vital to stay focused, network effectively, and not become complacent.
The love life of those born in the year of the Dog might face ups and downs. While singles might meet potential partners, it's essential to be cautious. Those in relationships might encounter challenges that require patience, understanding, and open communication to overcome.
Physical and mental health should be a priority this year. Despite feeling energetic, unpredictability demands preventive care. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation can help maintain well-being. Ensure proper sleep and avoid distant travels to keep risks at bay.
3, 4, 9
East, Southeast, Northwest
Noblemen 天乙,Prosper 福星, Golden Box 金匮
Robbery Sha 劫煞, Disaster 灾星, Solitary 孤辰
The financial outlook for those born in the year of the Pig in 2024 appears very positive, with opportunities for unexpected income and benefits. It's essential, however, to manage finances wisely, avoiding risky ventures and over-expenditure. While occasional unexpected expenses might emerge, careful planning and a focus on sound financial knowledge will ensure stability.
The career trajectory for those born in the year of the Pig in 2024 looks promising. With hard work, networking, and skill enhancement, they will find opportunities for growth and recognition. Those in stable jobs should deepen their expertise, while business owners might consider expanding their influence and seeking valuable collaborations.
Singles may find potential matches at social events or through mutual friends. Those already in relationships should focus on clear communication and empathy. Balancing personal life with other responsibilities will be key to a happy and harmonious relationship.
A healthy 2024 is on the horizon for them if they focus on well-being. Eating right, keeping active, and managing stress are key. While serious health issues aren't expected, they shouldn't skip regular check-ups and should make sure to get plenty of rest.
2, 5, 8
East, Southwest