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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 17 February 2023

Imperial Harvest Consecration Ceremony

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At Imperial Harvest, each earthly treasure undergoes a series of consecration rites performed by Master David, before it is bestowed upon its blessed owner. Every aspect of these sacred Chinese anointing rituals is carefully examined and accurately represented in Master David’s blessings, reflecting Imperial Harvest’s deep respect for these esteemed traditions and its commitment to preserving this ancient, revered art.

These elaborate proceedings are the result of Master David’s extensive research and experience with Imperial Feng Shui, as it was practised thousands of years ago in dynastic China.

Every consecration of an Imperial Harvest treasure is performed with unwavering devotion, safeguarding and preserving each treasure’s powerful Imperial Feng Shui qualities.

An opulent backdrop — Imperial Harvest Prestige

The Imperial Harvest Prestige gallery — the home of Imperial Harvest’s finest collections — serves as the opulent backdrop to each consecration rite. Beneath the concentric showpiece fixture representing the revered trinity of Star Gods (三星) — Fu, Lu, and Shou (福禄寿) — is where every Imperial Harvest treasure is consecrated, before being presented to the destined owner.

Associated with abundant success in Chinese folklore, the Fu Lu Shou are a vital presence in many homes and businesses, overseeing all Imperial Harvest treasures and imparting the manifold blessings of the three Star Gods.

Just as how the dynastic Chinese emperors dutifully undertook this monumental task to intercede with the Heavens on behalf of their subjects, Master David, today, steps into their shoes to spiritually connect with the Heavens. In doing so, forging a divine union that facilitates the transmission of hopes and dreams to our blessed clients.

Imperial Harvest’s Consecration Ceremony

The Imperial Harvest Consecration ceremony commences with the lighting of incense made from two types of wood, Qinan Agarwood and Sandalwood. These varieties, renowned for their fragrance and Imperial Feng Shui qualities to enhance wealth capacity, are placed within a pristine crystal bowl — the Imperial Harvest Crystal Vessel of Sacred Rituals.

The use of the rare and valuable Qinan Agarwood incense only accentuates the gravitas of the occasion, emphasising its reverence and cultural significance. Further enhancing the prestige of these anointing rituals is the inclusion of India Old Mountain Sandalwood, an exceptional quality and potent material obtained from deep within Indian forests.

As the incense wafts through the Imperial Harvest Prestige gallery, Master David recites prayers, imploring the blessings of the Gods, inciting the harmonious balance of nature upon the ceremony. Following this, he then brews a pot of Lao Banzhang pu-erh tea, offering it to the Heavens. Once a favourite of Chinese emperors, this grade of tea is known as the “King of Pu-erh” to tea connoisseurs, being historically referred to as a “gift” from the Heavens.

Standing before the Crystal Vessel, Master David utters a prayer of reverence to invoke the Gods’ attention before proceeding to bow, in a show of deep respect. This process is repeated eight more times, totalling nine bows. This sequence of nine bows is steeped in ancient Chinese tradition, in which ordinary folk and royalty alike, performed to seek blessings from ancestral deities and the heavens. The practice underscored the interconnection, and commonality among the people, regardless of their position or role in society. According to Imperial Feng Shui practices, the number nine is believed to possess the most Yang energy, and is associated with authority.

Next, Master David proceeds to prepare the hallowed Imperial Harvest Red Vermilion Paste, used in the consecration of each Imperial Harvest treasure. In creating this paste, only the finest and purest materials are used, blended together on Master David’s personal Qian Long Wishing Stone, imbuing it with revered Imperial Feng Shui properties.

The red vermilion powder makes up the base of this paste — its brilliant crimson colour is believed in Chinese tradition to embody the essence of life, eternity and longevity. A specially-selected combination of Agarwood and Sandalwood powders is then added to the red vermilion, blending together to create a highly auspicious wealth-enhancing substance.

Leveraging Agarwood’s ability to increase direct wealth capacity, Master David uses five varieties of Agarwood powder, enhancing our blessed clients’ success in their primary professional endeavours:

  • Green Qinan Agarwood: One of the rarest grades of Qinan Agarwood, its signature dark blue-green shades are indicative of the dense and rich resin infused into its fibres.
  • Hainan Agarwood: Derived from a wild, aged and nearly-extinct variety of Agarwood, it boasts unique floral, fruity, and citrus undertones — making it highly sought-after by Agarwood connoisseurs.
  • Near-Sinking Agarwood: A variety of Agarwood that partially sinks in water due to its rich, dense resin. Once reserved for circles of high nobility, today this variety remains one of the finest tiers of Agarwood worldwide.
  • Black Earth Agarwood: A variety resulting from its burial in mineral-rich soil, the chemical reactions in the soil produce a deep tint that permeates the wood fibres.
  • Red Earth Agarwood: Its distinctive reddish hues arises from its burial in moist, iron-rich soil, which stains the wood and infuses it with rich resin.

Just as Agarwood governs direct wealth, Sandalwood is responsible for expanding indirect wealth capacity. Master David employs three varieties of Sandalwood powder, diffusing indirect wealth-enhancing properties:

  • India Old Mountain Black Meat Sandalwood: The most premium tier of Sandalwood, this variety is harvested from the roots of the tree — its scarcity fetches consistently high prices.
  • India Old Mountain Red Meat Sandalwood: Harvested from the stems of the tree, this variety — while not as rich in colour as Black Meat Sandalwood — still possesses coveted Imperial Feng Shui properties.
  • India Old Mountain Yellow Meat Sandalwood: Taking on a distinctly earthy appearance, its unique yellowish tint arises from the fact that this variety does not undergo the fermentation process.

At this stage, Master David proceeds to add three exclusive oils to his personal Qian Long Wishing Stone:

  • Qinan Agarwood Oil: The exceptional quality of this superior variety is captured through a thorough extraction and refining process, creating an oil almost entirely free of impurities, with an enduring fragrance.
  • Sandalwood Oil: Extracted from the same high-quality grade of India Old Mountain Sandalwood, the Sandalwood oil empowers our blessed clients, establishing strong and reliable sources of prosperity.
  • Ambergris Oil: A carefully calculated amount of this rare marine treasure is added to the Imperial Harvest Red Vermilion Paste, used not only for its distinctive aroma, but to bind the other components in a stable form, and amplify their practical effects.

Master David then adorns the Imperial Harvest Red Vermilion Paste with Lao Banzhang pu-erh tea, imbuing the mixture with the essence of regality. Nine sheets of 24K gold foil are then introduced, to help blessed clients accumulate merit and favour from the Heavens.

Master David employs Sacred Seals in his blessings, invoking his multi-generational lineage in Imperial Feng Shui, gaining favour from the Heavens for the final steps of the consecration rites. Master David impresses each talisman with these seals, before burning them to generate potent Yang energies — balancing out the mixture’s Yin energies. This balance, essential for wealth, health and success, makes up the very foundation for Imperial Feng Shui — resulting in supremely powerful treasures for everyday success.

Special Imperial Harvest fortune talismans are then ignited within the crystal vessel, imparting an exceptional metaphysical dimension to the Red Vermilion Paste:

  • Wu Lu Cai Shen Fu (五路财神符): Representing the God of Wealth of Five Directions, it carries the greatest significance for the Imperial Harvest Five Wealth Gods collection that has brought numerous blessed clients unparalleled success over the years.
  • Ba Fang Zhao Cai Fu (八方招财符): Commanding an influx of wealth, it reflects its unrivalled capabilities in wealth generation, empowering its destined owners to uncover success in their endeavours.
  • Wen Chang Fu (文昌符): Aligned with the literati star, it is well-suited to ensuring academic excellence and intellectual pursuits. This is especially significant for those in academia, safeguarding the rigour of their work and enabling them to emerge as movers and shakers in their respective industries.
  • Kai Yun Fu (开运符): Governing the domain of luck, it brings exceptional fortune to the Imperial Harvest treasures it graces, opening a path to unprecedented economic success for its destined owners.
  • Bai Jie Xiao Mie Fu (百解消灾符): Working in tandem with the Kai Yun Fu, it eliminates misfortunes and presents solutions to complex challenges that arise.

As the Imperial Harvest Red Vermilion Paste gradually thickens on the Qian Long Wishing Stone, Master David performs the Gyan Medra — a gesture used widely in Buddhist and Hindu traditions that empowers its practitioner with unwavering focus, allowing them to channel boundless energies towards the tasks at hand. The potent blend of Imperial Feng Shui ingredients imparts their revered qualities upon Imperial Harvest’s range of earthly treasures.

With the freshly prepared Imperial Harvest Red Vermilion Paste on the Qian Long Wishing Stone, Master David invites the manifold blessings of the pantheon of celestial beings upon the Imperial Harvest treasures.

In Conclusion

As a leading Imperial Feng Shui maison, Imperial Harvest is proud to assume the mantle of preserving and abiding by this ancient art, as it was practised for millennia. Today, the Imperial Harvest consecration ceremony upholds our commitment to the time-honoured rituals of the eminent Chinese emperors. With Master David’s dedication, these cherished traditions are poised for a resurgence for generations to come.

Each Imperial Harvest treasure is blessed by Master David according to an auspicious schedule based on each client’s Bazi chart. This ensures the treasure’s potency, and that it is enhanced to suit the unique circumstances of each individual.

Imperial Harvest’s expert consultants are always on hand to guide you on your journey and provide you with insights to help you realise your fullest potential. Book a complimentary consultation today or contact us at +65 92301640.

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