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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 23 June 2023

Understanding Your Daymaster — Ji Earth (己土)

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An integral part of the study of Chinese metaphysics, the concept of Daymasters (扶抑) serves as the critical focal point within the intricate system of Bazi (八字). The Daymaster interacts seamlessly with the Year, Month and Hour pillars, indicating an individual’s strengths, weaknesses and potential life trajectory.

Daymasters occupy a vital role in the study and practice of Bazi, encapsulating the essence of personal destiny and life’s possibilities. A detailed understanding of Daymasters unveils profound insights into profound self-development and achieving unparalleled breakthroughs.

Delving into the Ji Earth Daymaster

Delving into the Ji Earth Daymaster

In the Bazi system, Ji Earth embodies the qualities of soft, fertile soil that nurtures and nourishes life. It resonates with the Yin aspect of the Earth element.

This article details the role of Ji Earth Daymasters in the Bazi system, exploring their characteristics, strengths and influences. This article explores the application of Imperial Feng Shui theories like Useful Gods and Temperature Adjustment in analysing the Bazi charts of Ji Earth Daymasters. Discover how these theories influence balance and harmonies, providing valuable insights into the lives of these individuals.

Traits of Ji Earth Daymasters

Ji Earth embodies the qualities of soft, fertile soil that unknowingly nurtures and nourishes life

Ji Earth Daymasters embody the gentle and supportive nature of the Earth, particularly in the nurturing and fertile soil that provides the optimal environment for growth.

  • Nurturing and Supportive: Ji Earth individuals are nurturing, putting the well-being of others before their own. They take pride in helping others to grow and succeed, making them popular amongst their peers.
  • Adaptable and Resourceful: These individuals are highly adaptable, making the most of their circumstances and finding innovative solutions to any prevalent issues. They are talented, resourceful and dependable, with a flexible skillset that proves to be suitable for a variety of situations.
  • Intuitive and Upstanding: Those born under the Ji Earth Daymaster are intuitive individuals, sticking to their principles and placing value in their morals and integrity. They make these values a priority in their decision-making process.

Conversely, the generosity of Ji Earth Daymasters may be taken advantage of, with others being overly reliant on their skills. They may across as controlling and possessive, holding grudges for past misdeeds towards them. Although Ji Earth Daymasters are highly capable individuals, they also tend to experience bouts of self-doubt and a lack of confidence in their skills.

Men with a Ji Earth Daymaster possess an aptitude for knowledge, exhibiting a diverse range of talents and a profound understanding of intricate issues. With a keen eye and vivid imagination, these individuals are flexible and adaptable with a strong inclination towards ongoing learning. Notable Ji Earth Daymasters include Jet Li, Barack Obama and Morgan Freeman.

Women with a Ji Earth Daymaster display a wide array of talents and possess a profound understanding of complex challenges. With meticulous attention to detail and vibrant imagination, they sincerely appreciate having personal space to explore and nurture their personal growth. Notable Ji Earth Daymasters include Gong Li, Cate Blanchett and Audrey Hepburn.

Adjusting the Temperature of the Daymaster

Within the rich history of Bazi, the concept of Temperature Adjustment stems from the Chinese classic, Qiong Tong Bao Jian《穷通宝鉴》. This text describes the degree of accomplishment and wealth capacity of a Bazi chart, based on the Temperature Adjustment Useful God (调侯用神) present.

A Ji Earth Daymaster born in the month of Dragon (the 3rd month of Spring) would require Bing Fire as the main Temperature Adjustment Useful God, with Gui Water and Jia Wood as the supporting Temperature Adjustment Useful God to be protruded in the Heavenly Stems of the chart for it to be considered wealthy and noble.

Adjusting the Temperature of the Daymaster

Adjusting the Temperature of the Day Stem

The table below summarises the different Temperature Adjustment Useful God that a Ji Earth Daymaster requires:

Adjusting the Temperature of the Day Stem Adjusting the Temperature of the Day Stem

An accurate interpretation of the aforementioned adjustments is dependent on the unique arrangement of an individual’s Bazi chart. In addition, a comprehensive understanding of Chinese metaphysical theories and concepts is, therefore, a prerequisite for the precise application of these adjustments.

Today, Imperial Harvest stands at the forefront of Imperial Feng Shui, standing out for exceptional Bazi reading services. Guided by Master David’s multi-generational heritage and extensive expertise, we have empowered countless esteemed clients to overcome their obstacles and reach new heights in their personal and professional pursuits.

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