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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 09 June 2023

Understanding Your Daymaster — Bing Fire (丙火)

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Within the realm of Chinese metaphysics, the concept of Daymasters (扶抑)  assumes a pivotal role in the intricate system of Bazi (八字). They serve as the focal point of any Bazi chart, interweaving seamlessly with the Year, Month, and Hour pillars to illuminate profound insights into an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential life path.

The Daymaster encapsulates the essence of personal destiny and the possibilities that lie within, offering the key to unlocking profound self-development and unparalleled breakthroughs.

Delving into the Bing Fire Daymaster

Delving into the Bing Fire Daymaster

Within the realm of Bazi, the Bing Fire Daymaster exemplifies the Yang aspect of the Fire element, resonating with the profound essence of the sun.

This week, we delve into the characteristics, strengths and influences of the Bing Fire Daymaster, exploring its role in the practice of Bazi. Being knowledgeable and informed of these qualities garners valuable insight into the fundamental nature of those individuals born under the Bing Fire Daymaster. Furthermore, the application of the Useful Gods and Temperature Adjustment theory impacts the balance and harmony of this Daymasters’ Bazi charts.

Traits of Bing Fire Daymasters


Bing Fire Daymasters are reminiscent of the strong and life-giving sun that shines on the surface of the Earth.

  • Trustworthy and Passionate: Bing Fire Daymasters are characterised by their easygoing and bright personalities. These people are direct, generous and enthusiastic in their actions.
  • Reflective and Persistent: These individuals are reflective, looking for feedback to factor into their personal development. When faced with obstacles, they are determined to overcome any obstacle.
  • Optimistic and Personable: Given the Bing Fire Daymasters’ optimism, they tend to see the best in everyone, forming judgements based on their initial impressions. Charismatic, they attract others with their confidence and magnanimous personalities.
  • Creative and Wise: Individuals born under the Bing Fire Daymaster are creative and wise in their ideas, forming forward-thinking and well-thought solutions to a myriad of issues.

The Bing Fire Daymasters’ relentless nature may also be detrimental to them, as they may not pay attention to boundaries or know when to stop. Their tendency towards optimism may work against their better judgement, causing them to overlook the malevolent intentions of others. Their strong personalities may also be seen as off-putting by others and be misunderstood as being too assertive.

Gender-specific Traits of Bing Fire Daymasters

Men with a Bing Fire Daymaster are characterised by their enthusiasm, open-mindedness and charisma — traits that easily invite admiration from others. They are genuine and positive, often extending assistance to those in need. Notable Bing Fire Daymasters include Tony Leung, Steve Jobs and Nelson Mandela.

Women with a Bing Fire Daymaster possess an optimistic and enthusiastic outlook. Their open-mindedness towards life’s complexities factors into their readiness to assist others. They exhibit strong socialisation and communication skills, effortlessly connecting with people of diverse backgrounds and personalities. They value their independence, holding to their own set of principles and rules. Notable Bing Fire Daymasters include Michelle Yeoh and Helen Mirren.

Adjusting the Temperature of the Daymaster

Delving into the rich heritage of Bazi, the concept of ‘Temperature Adjustment’ draws from the esteemed Qiong Tong Bao Jian《穷通宝鉴》, intricately assessing an individual’s accomplishments and wealth potential based on the auspicious Temperature Adjustment Useful God (调侯用神) found within their Bazi chart.

A Bing Fire Daymaster born in the month of Tiger (the first month of Spring) would require Ren Water (壬水) as the main Temperature Adjustment Useful God and Geng Metal (庚金) as the supporting Temperature Adjustment Useful God to be protruded in the Heavenly Stems of the chart to be wealthy and noble.

Bing Fire Bazi Chart

Adjusting the Temperature of the Day Stem

The table below summarises the different Temperature Adjustment Useful God that a Bing Fire Daymaster requires:

Adjusting the Temperature of the Day Stem

Adjusting the Temperature of the Day Stem

An accurate interpretation of these adjustments relies on the unique arrangement of an individual’s Bazi chart. The precise implementation of any adjustments necessitates an in-depth understanding of Chinese metaphysics.

As a leader in Imperial Feng Shui, Imperial Harvest excels in our Bazi reading services. Through Master David’s extensive heritage and profound knowledge of Bazi, Imperial Feng Shui and Chinese metaphysics, he has empowered and supported our family of blessed clients in navigating life’s challenges.

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