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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 14 July 2023

Understanding Your Daymaster — Xin Metal (辛金)

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The understanding of Daymasters (扶抑) holds great relevance in the study of Chinese metaphysics, its significance forming a central foundation within the complex system of Bazi (八字).

Interweaving seamlessly with the Year, Month and Hour pillars of an individual’s Bazi chart, the Daymaster encapsulates their inherent strengths, weaknesses, and potential life trajectory. Therefore, a detailed understanding of an individual’s Daymaster allows for profound insights into achieving self-development and unparalleled breakthroughs.

Delving into Xin Metal Daymaster

Delving into the Xin Metal Daymaster

In nature, Xin Metal embodies the essence of precious metals — likened to precious jewellery and precious stones.

In this article, we explore the significance of Xin metal Daymasters in relation to the system of Bazi, thoroughly examining their unique characteristics, strengths and influences. The utilisation of Imperial Feng Shui principles, such as the Useful Gods and Temperature Adjustment theories is also applied in the Bazi analysis. This application thereby uncovers how these theories integrate into the balance and harmony of these individuals’ day-to-day lives.

Traits of Xin Metal Daymasters

Xin Metal Daymasters are symbolic of refined metals, like jewellery and precious gemstones

Corresponding with the Yin aspect of the Metal element, Xin Metal Daymasters embody refined metals, like jewellery and precious gemstones — symbolising the exquisite and prized nature of these pristine materials.

  • Creative and Innovative: These individuals value creativity, often devising innovative solutions to any problems. This makes them significant assets in their respective industries, allowing them to reach new heights in their fields.
  • Sensitive and Amiable: Xin Metal Daymasters tend to be extroverted, naturally charismatic and possess a selfless nature. As such, they value their relationships with others, often putting the needs of others before their own.

Xin Metal Daymasters may not accept criticism well, placing their sense of self-worth in the hands of others, which causes them to lose confidence in themselves. These individuals also tend to be materialistic, and unafraid to flaunt their assets.

Men with a Xin Metal Daymaster are responsible and composed, with high expectations of themselves and those around them. Possessing a unique point of view, these individuals value creativity, imagination and innovation. They are also meticulous, detail-oriented and maintain their composure in lieu of difficult situations. Notable Xin Metal Daymasters include Donnie Yen, Stephen Hawking and David Letterman.

Women with a Xin Metal Daymaster exhibit resoluteness, decisiveness and strong determination. They remain confident in their abilities, embracing challenges that they encounter while strongly upholding righteousness and integrity. Possessing a strong sense of self-esteem, they fearlessly confront difficulties and obstacles.

Adjusting the Temperature of the Daymaster

The Temperature Adjustment theory within the Bazi system originates from the Chinese classic, Qiong Tong Bao Jian《穷通宝鉴》. This ancient text indicates that the level of achievement and wealth potential experienced by an individual is dependent on the presence of the Temperature Adjustment Useful God (调侯用神) within their Bazi chart. This text offers valuable insight into assessing each Bazi chart’s prosperity and success factors.

A Xin Metal Daymaster born in the month of Tiger (the 1st month of Spring) would require Ji Earth (己土) as the main Temperature Adjustment Useful God, with Ren Water (壬水) and Geng Metal (庚金) being used as the supporting elements. These elements should be protruded in the Heavenly Stems of the Bazi chart for it to be considered wealthy and successful.

Adjusting the Temperature of the Daymaster

Adjusting the Temperature of the Day Stem

The table below summarises the different Temperature Adjustment Useful God that a Xin Metal Daymaster requires:

Adjusting the Temperature of the Day Stem

Adjusting the Temperature of the Day Stem

The accurate interpretation of the Useful Gods and Temperature Adjustment theories is determined by the unique configuration of an individual’s Bazi chart. The correct application of such techniques requires a deep understanding of Chinese metaphysical concepts.

Under the guidance of Master David, Imperial Harvest offers exceptional Bazi reading services and possesses extensive knowledge of Imperial Feng Shui and Chinese metaphysics concepts. Led by Master David’s multi-generational lineage in this art form, we have since empowered countless clients to overcome their challenges and achieve remarkable successes in their personal and professional pursuits.

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