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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 21 October 2022

History and Heritage of the Imperial White Inkstone

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Sited opposite the city centre in Zhaoqing City, Guangdong is the famous Seven Star Crags (七星岩), a destination renowned for its inkstones. The inkstones originating from the Seven Star Crags came in a variety of colours, with the rarest of them being white — occupying a mere 0.02% of all inkstones mined. Their inherent exclusivity meant that they were reserved for the ruling elite of ancient China, with Imperial Feng Shui masters leveraging the properties of the inkstones to empower the royals with authority and legitimacy.

Emperor Qian Long’s Imperial Inkstones

Emperor Qian Long attributed the success of the Qing dynasty to steadfast adherence to authentic Imperial Feng Shui principles. According to historical records and accounts, Emperor Qian Long commissioned a variety of inkstones for his day-to-day use. These inkstones featured classical designs inspired by his vast collection of fine art and excerpts of his poetry. During the long and illustrious reign of Emperor Qian Long, these magnificent earthly treasures were the epitome of his patronage of the arts, as well as his unwavering commitment to upholding the tenets of Imperial Feng Shui.

As part of his day-to-day duties in overseeing the governance of the empire, Emperor Qian Long was known to have used these specific types of stones to grind the specially concocted vermilion cinnabar paste he used in his imperial seal while reviewing daily state affairs.

It was thought that this meditative state allowed Emperor Qian Long to focus his thoughts and deliberations on making inspired decisions for the empire’s success, empowering him with intuition, benefactor luck and wisdom. Under Emperor Qian Long’s eminent reign, the Qing Dynasty became one of the most successful and longest-lasting dynasties in ancient China, spanning an unprecedented 268 years.

Imperial White Inkstones in Imperial Feng Shui

Today, Imperial Harvest’s Crystal and Qian Long Jadeite Mountain collections are powerful treasures that enhance the different sectors of each home or office. However, contemporary homes and offices often overlook the importance of these sectors, resulting in properties with missing sectors. These missing sectors bring adverse effects on the property spaces’ occupants. In these cases, other interventions are required to mitigate the issues arising in property spaces with missing sectors.

Addressing missing sectors with White Inkstones

According to the findings of pioneering Imperial Feng Shui masters in dynastic Chinese history, they possess the potent ability of “一白遮三丑, 一旺挡三煞”. Translated literally, this indicates that Imperial Harvest-grade Imperial White Inkstones possess the potent ability to amplify the auspicious energies of one sector while countering inauspicious sectors.

The installation of such inkstones not only addresses the problems arising from the missing sectors, it additionally counteracts the ill effects of Sha Qi, thereby activating the authority sector in homes and offices — making the Imperial White Inkstone one of the most versatile tools in the wide array of Imperial Feng Shui treasures.

The authority sector present in each home and office is an influential sector that governs the power, influence and authority wielded by individuals in different spheres of society. The activation of the authority sector through the installation of the Imperial White Inkstone empowers the property’s occupants with influential leadership roles and strategic career opportunities.

Imperial Harvest Royal Emblem Imperial White Inkstone

Imperial Harvest upholds the heritage and legacy of the Imperial White Inkstones with the Imperial Harvest Royal Emblem collection. Sharing the same grade and prominence as those once embraced by Emperor Qian Long and the Qing imperial court, the Imperial Harvest Imperial White Inkstones is a contemporary reimagination of a classic Imperial Feng Shui treasure.

Designed with classic Imperial emblems of power and prosperity, the Imperial Harvest Imperial White Inkstone seamlessly melds traditionally oriental and western art techniques. Imperial Harvest’s team of master artisans cut and carve each inkstone, shaping them according to the most precise proportions.

The intricate ink-like detailing in each treasure is complemented by the subsequent polishing of each Imperial White Inkstone, accentuating its unique form and design — culminating in a smooth, blemish-free surface.

The distinguishing features that set the Royal Emblem Imperial White Inkstone collection apart from its predecessors are the two seals that occupy centre stage. A stylised rendition of the Imperial Harvest mark depicts the Imperial Harvest name in Chinese characters — a hallmark of our commitment to deeply-rooted traditions, and an embodiment of all that the brand stands for in its relentless pursuit of perfection.

Read more about the Imperial Harvest Emblem

Joining the Imperial Harvest mark is Master David’s seal, a mark of authenticity for the works of art conceptualised and designed by Master David. This personal mark of authenticity parallels the imperial seals of past Chinese emperors, representing a steadfast commitment to innovation and continuing the legacy of Imperial Feng Shui.

Today, the Imperial Harvest Imperial White Inkstone is an indispensable treasure for individuals seeking massive breakthroughs in their wealth prospects. Countering the missing sectors of the home, while enhancing its different sectors, Imperial Harvest’s Imperial White Inkstones make for a vital addition to any property.

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