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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 24 November 2020

Imperial Harvest Jadeite Collection – Money Magnet Grand Wealth God

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The Fine Jadeite God of Wealth has garnered a close following among many blessed Imperial Harvest clients for its powerful wealth enhancing features. Since its introduction, it has helped many clients to become movers and shakers within their industries.

Embodying a powerful manifestation of Bi Gan, the Fine Jadeite God of Wealth attracts both direct and indirect wealth (正偏财).

In this article, discover the significance of the Fine Jadeite God of Wealth and learn from our client’s experience after acquiring this powerful Imperial Harvest treasure.

Significance of the God of Wealth

Bi Gan is more commonly known as the Grand Wealth God – the god who bestows upon his devotees boundless wealth generously and impartially.

As the most powerful wealth god, Bi Gan controls both direct and indirect wealth of the human realm, and is often prayed to during important Chinese festivals, like Chinese New Year and Mangzhong.

Fine Jadeite God of Wealth

Representing good fortunes, prosperity and success, the Fine Jadeite God of Wealth is ideal for those seeking wealth breakthroughs and advancements in all aspects of their financial endeavours.

Career Breakthrough

Ms Guay – From Personal Trainer to Gym Manager Within A Year

When Ms Guay first visited Imperial Harvest in December 2018, she was looking at enhancing her career luck as she was facing challenges at work.

On top of being a personal trainer, she is also responsible for business development duties such as promoting gym supplements and classes.

After understanding her career goals, she was prescribed the Fine Jadeite God of Wealth by senior consultant, Mr Jowel Ho.

The Fine Jadeite God of Wealth is a powerful manifestation of Bi Gan and is ideal for seeking massive wealth breakthroughs and successes in all aspects of their financial endeavours.

Within weeks, she noticed that her sales performance has improved tremendously. Most recently, she was promoted to a managerial position.

Sales Breakthrough 

Ms Tai – Ranked 29th Position Out of 1000 Real-Estate Agents

Miss Tai first consulted Master David when she was at her lowest point in her career. She had aspirations to achieve breakthrough success in her career as a real-estate agent but was unsuccessful no matter how hard she worked.

After understanding her goals and aspirations, Master David recommended Miss Tai the Fine Jadeite God of Wealth to propel her career to greater heights and to attract more opportunities.

After wearing the Fine Jadeite God of Wealth, Miss Tai saw an increase in real-estate sales and she experienced smoother transactions.

Eventually, she won multiple top-achiever awards in her agency such as “Top Achiever Overall” and “Top Achiever in Resale”.

Most recently, she was ranked 29th out of 1000 in her real-estate agency, an impressive feat!

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