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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 28 July 2023

Chinese Metaphysics Basics: Understanding Taiji, Yin and Yang and the Four Phenomena

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In Chinese metaphysics, the concepts of Taiji, Yin and Yang and the Four Phenomena form the foundation of our contemporary understanding of Imperial Feng Shui.

The relationship between these concepts is summarised in “无极生太极,太极生两仪,两仪生四象,四象生八卦”. This translates to the concept of Wuji giving rise to Taiji, which then brought about the concepts of Yin and Yang, which brought about the Four Phenomena. The trigrams in Bagua were then derived from the Four Phenomena.

What is the Meaning of Taiji (太极) and How Did It Originate?

These concepts stem from the I-Ching (易經), an ancient Chinese divination text that stands among the oldest Chinese classics. Taiji is thought to be the combined essence of the Heavens and the Earth and is often translated as “polar” — signalling opposing polarity or features such as hot and cold, or day and night.

Taiji can be understood as the fundamental and highest conceivable principle from which existence originates. From Taiji emerges the concept of Yin and Yang (阴阳), which denotes that movement leads to the manifestation of Yang, and as its activity reaches its peak, it transitions into a state of tranquillity. This state of tranquillity gives rise to the concept of Yin, and at its peak, a return to Yang occurs. The perpetual, yet complementary, alternation of these states establishes each as the source of the other.

The dynamic interactions between the forces of Yin and Yang create several distinctions in its ever-cycling process, leading to the emergence of the Five Elements — Water, Fire, Wood, Metal, and Earth.

What is the Significance of Yin and Yang (阴阳) in Chinese Metaphysics?

Yin and Yang are ancient Chinese philosophical concepts that have their roots in the observation of the natural world. This concept stems from the cosmological beliefs of the ancient Chinese and the philosophy of Tai Ji.

Yin and Yang are perceived as two interdependent and interrelated forces that exist in harmony within a conceptually whole reality. This interdependence implies that one cannot exist without the other, and they continuously transform into one another in an eternal cycle. The symbols of Yin and Yang, often represented as an S-shaped jigsaw of black and white, embody this harmonious relationship.

According to the philosophy of Yin and Yang, all phenomena and events in the universe are the outcomes of the constant interplay between these complementary forces — shaping the natural order of existence.

In contemporary society, the concept of Yin and Yang continues to permeate various aspects of human life and culture. For example, in the practice of traditional Chinese medicine, Yin and Yang play a crucial role in understanding health and imbalance in the body. The harmonious balance of Yin and Yang is believed to promote well-being, while their disharmony leads to illness. This perspective has influenced alternative medicine practices worldwide.

Regarding career pursuits, the principles of Yin and Yang have influenced approaches to business and management. Striking a balance between competition and cooperation, flexibility and stability, and other opposing forces are considered essential for success.

What Are the Four Phenomena (四象) in Chinese Metaphysics?

In the diagram of Yin and Yang, the segments are further divided into the Four Phenomena: Major Yang, Major Yin, Minor Yang, and Minor Yin.

In the study of Imperial Feng Shui and Chinese metaphysics, the Four Phenomena symbolise essential aspects of life and the natural world:

  • Four Seasons, which represent the cyclical nature of each year. Each season bears unique characteristics, with many Feng Shui practitioners taking seasonal influences into account when making adjustments to enhance the balance of energy.
  • Four Life Stages, representing birth, ageing, sickness and death as the fundamental stages of human life. These stages are part of the natural life cycle, and Feng Shui principles are used to create environments that support the well-being and harmony of individuals at each stage of life.
  • Four Directions, namely the cardinal directions of East, South, West, and North are each associated with specific elements and energies. Proper alignment and placement of buildings and structures in relation to these directions are believed to optimise the flow of energy and promote prosperity and abundance.
  • Four Celestial Animals, referring to the Green Dragon (青龙), Red Phoenix (朱雀), White Tiger (白虎) and Black Tortoise (玄武). The Celestial Animals are a foundational concept in the practice of Landform Feng Shui. While the actual cardinal directions may not always align with the associations of these celestial animals, the underlying symbolism remains significant in assessing and enhancing the flow of energy to promote harmony, prosperity, and well-being for the occupants of a space

The Four Phenomena serve as the foundational framework for the Ba Gua (八卦), serving as the basis of Imperial Feng Shui. Though ancient in origin, the principles of the Four Phenomenon and Ba Gua continue to influence contemporary society in various ways, often as a guide in analysing and adjusting the Feng Shui of a given space, determining the most auspicious locations for various activities and functions.

Applications in Imperial Feng Shui

The practice of Imperial Feng Shui has a deep-rooted belief in the power and significance of the Four Phenomena, which serve specific purposes in enhancing one’s luck and wealth capacity.

Through meticulous research and profound wisdom, the eminent Feng Shui masters of the Qing Dynasty recognised that the Four Phenomena held the key to unlocking and leveraging the dominant forces of Yin and Yang. By understanding the intricate interplay between Yin and Yang within these phenomena, they sought to create favourable energy flows and harmonious environments that could positively influence the destiny and well-being of the Imperial Family. By altering their luck and transforming their destinies, Imperial Feng Shui demonstrated its potential to impact individuals’ lives on a profound level.

The application of Imperial Feng Shui treasures is guided by the principles of the Four Phenomena, which aim to maximise and amplify an individual’s wealth and luck capacity and usher in prosperity and abundance.

Overview of Imperial Harvest Treasures

Imperial Harvest Jadeite

Following the discovery that the Four Phenomena served as the basis for altering an individual’s luck, the eminent Imperial Feng Shui masters discovered that the use of Imperial Harvest-grade Jadeite pendants balanced the Major Yin. Achieving an optimal balance of this phenomenon, destined owners are blessed with an abundance of good personal luck throughout their personal and professional endeavours.

Imperial Harvest’s Jadeite treasures are destined for excellence. Their detailed design elements are meticulously produced and reviewed, undergoing extensive refinement and revision in pursuit of perfection. Each Imperial Harvest jadeite treasure is truly one-of-a-kind – its quality and design undergo stringent certification before being endorsed.

Complete Guide to Imperial Harvest Jadeite

Imperial Harvest Jadeite Cabochons

Imperial Feng Shui principles highlight the significance of fine jadeite cabochons in balancing an individual’s Minor Yang, thereby enhancing their intuition. Intuition plays a crucial role in making important decisions, especially when facing ambiguity, and it grants individuals a valuable first-mover advantage.

Each cabochon graces the crown of every Imperial Harvest jadeite ring and undergoes meticulous hand-finishing and polishing by the expertise of master artisans, steeped in the wealth of multi-generational techniques in their craft. Their artistry accentuates the innate brilliance of the jadeite cabochons, unveiling their mesmerizing sheen and allure.

Complete Guide to Imperial Harvest Jadeite Cabochons

Imperial Harvest Agarwood Beads Collection

The Four Phenomena are intricately connected to various aspects of life, and among them, Major Yang governs an individual’s direct wealth capacity (正财库). Direct wealth capacity represents the income potential derived from regular sources such as career advancements, business ventures, and sales profits.

For those seeking to enhance their direct wealth capacity, the Imperial Harvest Agarwood collection is an indispensable treasure. Designed to supercharge the financial prospects of esteemed clients, these Agarwood treasures facilitate rapid growth in careers and businesses, resulting in a manifold increase in income. Additionally, owning an Imperial Harvest Agarwood enables individuals to garner strong support from influential mentors and benefactors within their respective industries, paving the way for strategic opportunities and triumphant success at the pinnacle of their fields.

Complete Guide to Imperial Harvest Agarwood

Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Beads Collection

Indirect wealth capacity corresponds with the Minor Yin. It refers to the potential an individual has to generate income from secondary or supplementary sources, beyond their primary earnings. These additional sources of income can include investments, stocks, trading, and even unexpected windfall gains like lottery winnings.

According to the principles of Imperial Feng Shui, the use of Imperial Harvest-grade sandalwood holds unrivalled capabilities in enhancing its destined owner’s indirect wealth capacity (偏财库), thereby promoting steady financial growth and success. By cultivating additional sources of income and creating financial stability, individuals can achieve a well-rounded pursuit of wealth and prosperity, safeguarding themselves against financial uncertainties and opening doors to new opportunities for financial growth.

Complete Guide to Imperial Harvest Sandalwood

In conclusion, the Four Phenomena, with their profound connection to Yin and Yang, form the basis of Imperial Feng Shui. The legacy of this ancient practice continues to inspire and impact people’s lives as they seek to unlock their potential for prosperity and well-being.

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