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Imperial Harvest Jadeite Collection – Midas Touch

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The Fine Jadeite Midas Touch is a firm favourite of many blessed Imperial Harvest clients for its elegant design and impeccable craftsmanship. Over the years, it has inspired many clients to become leaders and innovators of their respective industries.


The Fine Jadeite Midas Touch’s design represents the immense and boundless blessings from the Thousand Hands Guan Yin, embodied in a single and elegant design – the slender hand of the Goddess of Mercy, holding the wish-fulfilling pearl. 

In this article, discover the significance of the Fine Jadeite Midas Touch and learn from some of our clients’ experience after wearing this exquisitely crafted Imperial Harvest treasure.

The Significance of Midas Touch

The Fine Jadeite Midas Touch is the design of the hand of Guan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion and Mercy.

Her omnipotent wish-fulfilling pearl blesses its destined owner with good health, family harmony and blissful relationships.

Fine Jadeite Midas Touch

Specially designed to attract strategic benefactors and powerful mentors, the Fine Jadeite Midas Touch empowers you to rise to the top of corporate ladder and secure advancement opportunities.



Imperial Harvest Reviews: 

Sales Breakthrough – Closed Four Cases in One Go

Ms Soo is a financial advisor who consulted Master David in March 2020. She was experiencing challenges in her career and needed a sales breakthrough.  

After understanding her prosperity needs, she was prescribed the Fine Jadeite Midas Touch to help her capture more business opportunities, accelerate her career growth and to attract powerful mentors in her field.

Within days of wearing her Imperial Harvest treasure, Ms Soo closed 4 cold cases in one go.  Her appointment channels have built up rapidly and the quality of her leads has improved vastly.

Sales Breakthrough – Achieving 5-Figure Commissions  

Ms Tan had been working as a realtor for many years before she consulted Master David.

Seeking a breakthrough in her career, she consulted Master David and shared her career aspirations. Master David prescribed her the Fine Jadeite Midas Touch to help her achieve her eventual goal of attaining 5-figure commissions. 

After wearing the Fine Jadeite Midas Touch, her sales began to pick up exponentially in the beginning of 2019. Witnessing the positive changes, she acquired the Fallen Log (Purple Meat) Agarwood Beads Bracelet to expand her direct wealth capacity and maximise her earning potential.

By the end of 2019, her career income peaked and she achieved the highest income in sales commissions in her career for the past 7 years. In 2020, Ms Tan’s sales momentum continued to be unstoppable as she manages to clock a consistent 5-figure sales commission. 

Career Breakthrough – Massive Breakthroughs in 2 years

When Ms Poh first consulted Master David in July 2018, she had just started a new role and was faced with financial and career uncertainties.

She was prescribed with the Fine Jadeite Midas Touch to support her advancement in the career ladder. Soon after wearing the Fine Jadeite Midas Touch, Ms Poh noticed that her career was smoother and she was soon tasked to handle heavier responsibilities for multi-million dollar sales campaigns.

In September 2018, she acquired her second Imperial Harvest-treasure, an Exquisite Jadeite Cabochon Ring paved with diamonds. In March 2019, she secured a highly competitive role – Vice President.

In November 2019, she further enhanced her wealth and career luck by acquiring her third Imperial Harvest treasure, another Exquisite Jadeite Cabochon Ring. In January 2020, she shared with Master David that she was nominated for another promotion, the role of Senior Vice President. 

Business Breakthrough – 6-Figures Revenue Yearly

Candy first consulted Master David in 2016 when she just started her business. She had zero experience and no formal education in sales and marketing.

Not ready to let go of her dream of being a successful entrepreneur, she acquired the Fine Jadeite Midas Touch, based on Master David’s recommendation.

After wearing her first Imperial Harvest treasure, she started to meet more benefactors along the way and gained many useful networks and connections in her business. It didn’t take long until she was selling out almost 90% of her inventory and started to top her company’s sales chart every month.

Happy with her business breakthrough, she acquired her second Imperial Harvest treasure, an Exquisite Jadeite Cabochon Ring. Just months later, her sales grew 10 times and she was awarded top 30 distributors out of the thousands of distributors in Singapore.

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