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Imperial Harvest Jadeite Collection – Laughing Buddha

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The Fine Jadeite Laughing Buddha is Imperial Harvest’s depiction of Budai, the Chinese monk who is venerated as the Maitreya Buddha in Mahayana Buddhism.

Budai is a symbol of happiness and is known to enhance positive aspirations such as wealth, health, career and descendant luck. He is widely known as the “Laughing Buddha” (笑佛) as he is almost always portrayed smiling or laughing.

In this article, we share more about the significance of the Laughing Buddha, and some of our customer’s experience after acquiring their Fine Jadeite Laughing Buddha.

The Significance of the Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha is a well-known symbol of Buddhism, based on the story of a Buddhist monk who lived in 10th century China.

He is considered a reincarnation of Gautama Buddha and added the often missing energy of lightheartedness, joy, and laughter to everyday life.

It is believed that the Laughing Buddha brings good luck, contentment and abundance to one’s life.

Fine Jadeite Laughing Buddha

Regarded with great reverence in Imperial Feng Shui and Buddhism, the Laughing Buddha is a figurehead of wealth, happiness and satisfaction – bringing wonderful fortune, prosperity, abundance and success to its destined owner.

Imperial Harvest Reviews:

Career Breakthrough – Secured His Dream Job Within 2 Weeks

Mr Voon was looking for a job when he first visited Imperial Harvest in March 2020. He was looking at enhancing both his career and benefactor luck to land his dream job as a senior IT manager in a listed company.

Mr Voon was prescribed the Fine Jadeite Laughing Buddha by senior consultant, Mr Jowel Ho. Within a week, he was headhunted by a recruiter for an interview.

After two rounds of interviews, he was offered his dream position with an attractive remuneration package.

Business / Sales Breakthrough – Tripled her revenue within months

Ms Chia had just opened a Korean FnB business when she first consulted Master David in October 2019. She revealed that her sales were disappointing and she has not made much profits since she opened her restaurant.

After listening to her aspirations for her business, Master David prescribed her with the Fine Jadeite Laughing Buddha to usher in an abundance of opportunities and the Fine Jadeite Midas Touch to attract powerful benefactors to help her realise her goals.

Within a two month period after acquiring her Imperial Harvest treasures, her restaurant began to pick up business and had tripled their sales.

In April 2020, Ms Chia consulted Master David for a review, and he indicated that she was not living up to her earning potential, and she acquired the Dark Earth Agarwood Beads Bracelet to maximise her earning potential.

In July 2020, she invited Master David to activate the water start in her restaurant to usher in even more wealth and opportunities as she was in the midst of expanding her business portfolio.


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