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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 28 July 2020

Decoding the science of getting rich – Part 5: Wealth Capacity Implications

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Wealth capacity is a fascinating subject in the studies of Bazi. In this article, Master David expounds on this interesting subject to provide deep insights on this subject.

As the term “Wealth Capacity” suggests, it refers to the amount of wealth we can amass in our lifetime, in other words, it refers to our potential.

If you wish to learn how to calculate your wealth capacity, you can read part 1 of the article.

There are generally three common types of wealth capacities.

People with big wealth capacities but have no luck to support their wealth creation tend to witness opportunities slipping through their hands.

People who are in good luck cycles but have limited wealth capacities tend to lead a peaceful yet financially limited life. While there are no major ups and downs in their life, most struggled to retire in golden years.

There are of course exceptional people with good luck and massive wealth capacities, they tend to become millionaires or billionaires.

The implications of small wealth capacities are far-reaching.

First implication: fluctuations in work and business performances despite good luck cycles

A small wealth capacity is likened to a small cup of water. When your good luck cycle brings in torrents of wealth, it is like the action of pouring a bucket of water into a small cup of water. The outcome is predictable, the water is spilled all over, leaving only a cupful of water collected.

This explains why some people, despite having good luck cycles, encounter issues in sustaining their stellar career or sales performances achieved.

Second implication: missing out big opportunities

Small wealth capacities also results in limited earning power. People with limited wealth capacities will also find themselves missing out big opportunities or finding opportunities slipping past their hands.

That explains why some people keep hitting plateaus or bottlenecks in their lives.

Third implication: limited benefactors in life

Benefactors are people who help us thrive and prosper in life. Benefactors guide us and mentor us through our journey to success. Benefactors are instrumental in our wealth creation journey.

Small wealth capacities prevent you from meeting powerful benefactors.

Sandalwood Expands your Indirect Wealth Capacities: Maximising your Investment Returns

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Agarwood Expands your Direct Wealth Capacities: Growth hacking your Career and Business Performance

Agarwood attracts support from benefactors, golden opportunities and minimises fluctuation in career & business performances. There are four major categories of Agarwood.

The higher the order of Agarwood, the greater the power it possesses to expand your wealth capacity.

Fallen Log 倒架

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Tiger Striped 虎斑

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