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Decoding the science of getting rich – Part 2: Luck

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In the first article, we have discussed the importance of our wealth capacity in attaining financial success in life. Another crucial factor is luck. Luck enables individuals born with an immense wealth capacity access to their predestined wealth. It also allows people with small wealth capacity to lead an above average life.

The definition of luck essentially translates to the people we meet, the events we encounter and the decisions we make at various stages of our lives.

The way a Feng Shui master predicts whether a person is in good or bad cycle relies on the calculations of our favourable and unfavourable elements based on the data of our birth.

As mentioned in the the previous article, there are six types of Bazi charts: strong, weak, vibrant, fake vibrant, follower and fake follower.

In this article, Master David reveals the six types of Bazi charts to explain the important concept of favourable and unfavourable elements. Using the time-tested approach of Imperial Feng Shui developed since the Qing dynasty, Master David analyses the Bazi charts of various celebrities to highlight their strengths and weaknesses.

Type 1: Strong Profile: Jack Ma

Jack Ma’s Bazi

To assess the strength of a person’s Bazi chart, we will need to look into the three crucial factors, namely Season, Stems and Branches.

Season: Jack is born in the Rooster 酉 month, which is of the metal element. It supports his Yang Water day master ✓

Stems: Jack’s day master receives support from its heavenly stems ✓ (2/3)

Branches: None of the branches support his day master X (0/3).

Note that we do not include the sub Qis contained within each zodiac animal when we analyse the branches. Only the main Qi is analysed.

Hence Jack Ma’s bazi chart is deemed as strong as he is born in Season and Stems also support his day master.

Jack Ma’s favourable elements: Wood, Fire and Earth

Jack Ma’s unfavourable elements: Metal, Water

Type 2: Weak Profile: Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs’s Bazi

Season: Steve Jobs is born in the Tiger 寅 month, which is of Wood element. It supports his Yang Fire day master ✓

Stems: Steve’s day master receives support from both Month and Hour Stems X (1/3)

Branches: None of the Branches support his day master X (0/3)

Hence Steve’s bazi chart is deemed as weak as his day master only received support from the month branch (寅), fulfilling only the requirement of being born in Season.

Steve Jobs’s favourable elements: Wood, Fire and Water

Steve Jobs’s unfavourable elements: Earth and Metal

At this point, you will realise weak bazi does not mean poor destiny. Both strong or weak bazi charts have produced many billionaires and millionaires.

Vibrant and follower’s types of Bazi charts are trickier. Many Classical Feng Shui masters have found it hard to read and decipher such Bazi charts. We will leave the discussion of this subject  in subsequent articles.

Type 3 & 4: Vibrant / Fake Vibrant Profile: Donald Trump (Fake Vibrant)

Donald Trump’s Bazi

Donald Trump’s favourable elements: Fire and Earth

Donald Trump’s unfavourable elements: Metal, Water and Wood

Type 5 & 6: Follower/ Fake follower Profile: Famous Celebrity

Famous Celebrity’s Bazi

Famous Celebrity’s favourable elements: Wood and Fire

Famous Celebrity’s unfavourable elements: Metal, Water and Earth

Analysing the favourable and unfavourable elements of a Bazi chart’s elements allows a Feng Shui master to interpret the luck cycle of an individual.

From the ten years luck pillar, we can subdivide each 10-year luck pillar into 5-year luck pillar. The stem decides the outlook for the first 5 years and the branch decides for the next 5 years.

From yearly luck pillar, we can subdivide each annual luck pillar into 6-month luck pillar. The stem decides the outlook for the first-half of the year and the branch decides the second-half of the year.

We can also consider the month pillar of each year to make forecasts and predictions of events. The stem of the month decides the outlook for the first two weeks while the branch of the month decides the outlook for the last two weeks.

The interaction of the stem & branches of each pillar with each palace of our destiny charts allow us to predict events (job promotion, legal issues, subordinate, child, moving to a new house, marriage, pregnancy, divorce and health issues). The chart below reflects how a Feng Shui master predicts key events using the interaction with each palace.

Destiny Chart and Different Palaces

What makes a person successful?

Many of these billionaires like Jack Ma and Steve Jobs succeeded because of two key factors. They are born with large predestined wealth capacity and they are in good luck. In the earlier article, Master David has shared the tips to improve our wealth capacity.

For this article, Master David reveals the tips to enhance our personal luck so that we can gain access to our predestined wealth in our destiny chart.

Methods to enhance our luck

Master David believes that the fundamental purpose of Feng Shui is empower individuals with choices in life. His philosophy and his beliefs are deeply embedded in his practice of Imperial Feng Shui. Imperial Feng Shui utilises natural earthly treasures like jadeites, agarwood, sandalwood, inkstones and crystals to enhance and empower individuals with auspicious luck. This is evidently different from Classical Feng Shui, which focuses on predictions and analysis.

At Imperial Harvest, we analyse our client’s destiny chart to gain in-depth understanding of their wealth capacity, luck cycle and suitable career paths before we prescribe the most suitable Feng Shui treasure to help our clients achieve breakthrough results in their lives. Upon confirmation, Master David will select an auspicious date and time for the blessing and adorning of the wealth enhancing treasure based on the client’s Bazi chart.

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