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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 08 December 2023

Decoding the Science of Getting Rich – Part 2: Luck

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In a previous article, we explored the significance of wealth capacity in achieving financial success.

Another key determinant of financial success is luck, which allows individuals with substantial wealth capacity access to their predestined wealth. In addition, it allows those with limited wealth capacity to lead lives above the average standard.

What is Luck?

Essentially, luck is defined by the individuals we encounter, the events we experience and the decisions we make at different stages of our lives.

In Imperial Feng Shui, an experienced Feng Shui master can predict whether a person is in a favourable or unfavourable luck cycle by calculating the different elements based on their Bazi chart. Luck is determined by the harmony of the Five Elements in your Bazi chart, with good luck resulting from their balance. In this context, luck refers to the individuals we encounter, the events we experience, and the decisions we make throughout different life stages. Analysing an individual’s Bazi chart allows us to identify auspicious and inauspicious elements and the current state of their luck.

Every Bazi chart is unique, focusing on the characteristics that define each person. A Bazi chart builds upon an individual’s birth year, month, date and hour of birth to interpret their destiny, personality, potential relationships, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Dynamics of Wealth Capacity and Luck

To help one understand the dynamic role of luck and wealth capacity in shaping an individual’s destiny, we will illustrate this concept through three different scenarios:

  • Individuals in good luck cycles, but have limited wealth capacities tend to lead a peaceful, yet financially limited life. While they do not experience major ups and downs, they may tend to remain stagnant or reach a plateau in the business or career.
  • Individuals with large wealth capacities but lacking luck in supporting their wealth creation prospects may find themselves watching golden opportunities slip through their fingertips.
  • Exceptional individuals blessed with both good luck and substantial wealth capacities emerge as influential leaders within their respective industries.

As mentioned in the previous article in this series, Bazi charts are classified into six categories — Weak, Strong, Vibrant, Fake Vibrant, Follower, and Fake Follower.

In Imperial Feng Shui, a Weak Bazi chart does not necessarily equate to an unfavourable destiny. Both Strong and Weak Bazi profiles have given rise to numerous successful entrepreneurs, celebrities and industry professionals. Deciphering the Vibrant and Follower categories of Bazi charts poses a challenge to many Classical Feng Shui masters, who have encountered difficulties interpreting these Bazi charts. These profile types will be further explored in the coming articles.

To illustrate the role of luck in attaining financial success, Master David employs time-honoured Imperial Feng Shui principles, shedding light onto the Bazi charts of prominent celebrities to discern their strengths and weaknesses.

Type 1: Strong Profile — Jack Ma

Jack Ma is a Chinese entrepreneur and co-founder of Alibaba Group, one of the world’s largest e-commerce and technology conglomerates. Known for his pivotal role in its growth, he has spearheaded online commerce in China and has since expanded Alibaba’s influence globally. Despite facing controversy, he remains a respected entrepreneur, philanthropist, and an advocate for digital innovation and entrepreneurship.

Bazi Chart Analysis

  • Daymaster: Ren Water (壬水)
  • Favourable Elements: Wood, Fire and Earth

He was born in the Rooster month (酉), aligning with the Metal element. This supports his Ren Water Daymaster, although none of the branches in his Bazi chart directly support it. It’s important to note that the analysis excludes the sub-Qi within each zodiac animal; only the main Qi is considered when examining the branches.

Therefore, Jack Ma’s Bazi chart is considered strong due to his birth occurring in Season, with the Stems further supporting his day master.

Type 2: Weak Profile — Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was an entrepreneur famed for being the co-founder of Apple. Known for his innate charisma and demanding standards, Steve Jobs influenced technology and spearheaded entertainment and design initiatives. Today, his legacy is a symbol of innovation, creativity, and the pursuit of excellence.

Bazi Chart Analysis

  • Daymaster: Bing Fire (丙火)
  • Favourable Elements: Wood, Fire and Earth

Steve Jobs was born in the Tiger month (寅), which aligns with the Wood element and complements his Bing Fire Daymaster. Both Month and Hour Stems support Steve’s daymaster, however, none of the Branches directly support his Daymaster.

Consequently, Steve Jobs’ Bazi chart is categorised as Weak, due to his Daymaster solely receiving support from the Month branch, meeting only the criterion of being born in Season.

Type 5 and 6: Follower Fake Follower Profile

The following Bazi chart is an example taken from the birth data of a celebrity.

Bazi Chart Analysis

  • Daymaster: Gui Water (癸水)
  • Favourable Elements: Wood and Fire

By analysing the elements of a Bazi chart, an experienced Imperial Feng Shui master can interpret an individual’s luck cycle, reaching a greater understanding of its implications.

The 10-year luck pillar can be divided into five-year segments, where the Stem influences the first five years, and the Branch impacts the next five years. Similarly, the yearly luck pillar can be divided into 6-month periods, with the stem influencing the first half of the year and the branch affecting the second half.

Additionally, predictions can be made by considering the month pillar of each year, with the stem and branch determining outlooks for specific events — career advancement, legal issues, child-related issues, moving to a new house, marriage, pregnancy, divorce or health issues. The interaction of these elements with Bazi chart palaces allows for event predictions.

Secrets to Enhance Luck

The principles of Imperial Feng Shui focus on empowering individuals to design their destinies by empowering them to be in a state of consistent luck. Under the guidance of Master David, with the meticulous application of the finest and most exquisite Imperial Feng Shui treasures — Imperial Harvest-grade Jadeite, Agarwood and Sandalwood — one can realise their unlimited human potential.

At Imperial Harvest, a thorough analysis of our clients’ Bazi charts allows Master David to gain an in-depth understanding of their wealth capacity, luck cycle and suitable career paths. Following this, he prescribes the most suitable Feng Shui treasure to help our clients achieve breakthroughs and thrive in both their personal and professional endeavours.

Imperial Harvest’s expert consultants are always on hand to guide you on your journey and provide you with insights to help you realise your fullest potential. Book a complimentary consultation today or contact us at +65 92301640.

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