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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 20 July 2020

Decoding the science of getting rich – Part 4: Authority Star

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Many successful corporate executives unknowingly have this special trait in their destiny chart, which allows them to enjoy a successful career and receive strong support from powerful benefactors at their workplaces. In this article, Master David reveals this closely guarded Bazi secret – the Authority star.

The authority star is one of the most powerful wealth stars within our Bazi chart if the star is favourable.

To simply define an authority star, refers to the element that conquers your day master, which is derived from the day stem of your Bazi chart.

The highlighted box refers to the Day Master, Yang Water (壬)

A table to illustrate the corresponding authority star with respect to each Day Master

The auspiciousness or inauspiciousness of your Authority Star will be assessed by our team of Feng Shui consultants, who are personally trained by Master David.

The Authority Star, depending on whether auspicious or inauspicious could bring implications into your life. However, under the proper guidance of an Imperial Feng Shui master, you will be able to leverage the Authority Star to achieve breakthrough results.

Implications of Authority Stars

Authority Star’s implications on Career:

If your authority star is positive, you will enjoy superior support and help from capable bosses. Even if you are in a bad luck cycle, you will still meet good bosses who give you opportunities to grow and advance your career.

However, if your authority star is negative, you tend to meet incapable bosses and suffer slower career growth or lack of recognition in your workplace.

Authority Star’s implications on Marriage: 

If your authority star is positive, your spouse will be very capable of earning money; you also bring good monetary fortune to your spouse once you marry him/her.

However, if your authority star is negative, you tend to marry a less capable spouse or you could even bring bad fortunes to your significant other.

Authority Star’s Implications on Luck:

If the authority star is positive, you stand a good chance to achieve promotions in your company when it arrives in your annual luck pillar. If you are a student, you will achieve good academic results when the good authority star arrives in your luck pillars.

However, if it is negative and meets certain unfavourable stars (like the Hurting Officer star in your Bazi chart 伤官见官,为祸百端), then it might cause implications in your life.

Transforming your Authority Star and Unleash its Hidden Power

Wealth: For career professionals, the authority star is particularly important for those seeking breakthroughs. The Fine Jadeite Tua Pek Gong – known as the Career Wealth God, enhances the quality of the authority star on the career aspect tremendously, empowering clients to achieve career breakthroughs, faster promotions and more salary increments.

Career God of Wealth - Tua Pek Gong

Marriage: The Fine Jadeite Yue Lao enhances the quality of authority star in the marriage aspect and brings good fortunes to your spouse. Yue Lao enhances the quality of the authority star in the marriage aspect, enabling you to meet a capable wife/husband. For those who are married, acquiring the Fine Jadeite Yue Lao helps to bring good fortunes to your spouse, enabling him/her to thrive and prosper financially.

Studies: For students, the authority star is important to make sure you do exceedingly well in exams. The Fine Jadeite Bamboo of Successive Blossoms has the powerful ability to especially help students achieve top examination results as well as promote continual growth in their academics.

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