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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 06 May 2022

The Complete Guide to Imperial Harvest Agarwood

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Agarwood is known as the “Wood of the Gods” — with an allure that has captivated a multitude of cultures and religions throughout history. Reverence for this precious commodity is evident in ancient texts dating back as early as 1400 B.C. Today, Agarwood stands as one of the most expensive raw materials in the world, with certain variations of Agarwood fetching as much as USD$10 million per kilogram.

Native to the dense forests of Southeast Asia, Agarwood is formed in the heartwood of Aquilaria trees as a defensive reaction to its exposure to Agarwood-forming fungi. Damage to the tree’s bark by external forces, such as from grazing animals or insects, is the catalyst with which the tree produces its signature dark and aromatic resin. This exquisite resin is slowly embedded in the tree’s heartwood to form its treasured Agarwood deposits.

The scarcity of natural Agarwood trees has made Imperial Harvest-grade Agarwood one of the most sought-after treasures in the world, prized for its exquisite fragrance, elegant appearance and Imperial Feng Shui qualities.

Agarwood in Imperial Feng Shui

Imperial Feng Shui principles dictate that the universal focus of Yin and Yang are further divided into the Four Phenomena. The Four Phenomena are tied to different spheres of life, with the Major Yang governing an individual’s direct wealth capacity (正财库).

Direct wealth capacity refers to the income potential that is derived from an individual’s regular sources of income such as their career progressions, business dealings and sales profits. For full-time traders, their source of direct wealth stems from their investment and stock dealings.

Wealth capacity is a fascinating subject in Imperial Feng Shui studies, referring to the amount of wealth that an individual is able to amass in their lifetime. Analysis of a person’s wealth capacity can help to determine their financial limitations, as well as income potential derived from the financial opportunities that present themselves. Individuals that are in good luck cycles, but have limited wealth capacities may find themselves in a situation where they excel in their careers but do poorly in their financial situations.

The implications of a limited wealth capacity are far-reaching. It brings implications such as fluctuations in work and business performances, missing out on major opportunities and having limited benefactors. Therefore, maximising your direct wealth capacity is paramount in achieving goals and aspirations.

Imperial Harvest Agarwood

Seminal discoveries made by Emperor Qian Long’s team of esteemed Imperial Feng Shui masters had undergone years of meticulous research and development, uncovering the role of Agarwood in maintaining an optimal balance of the Major Yang.

A major proponent of Emperor Qian Long’s extensive collection of Imperial Feng Shui treasures was Agarwood. A capable and cultured monarch, Emperor Qian Long led China into its most splendid and prosperous golden age, enjoying an age of tremendous wealth, harmony and prosperity under his reign. Emperor Qian Long held the Imperial Feng Shui prowess of Agarwood in high regard, attributing this formidable treasure to his success.

Supercharging the direct wealth capacities of our esteemed clients, the Imperial Harvest Agarwood treasures accelerate growth in the careers and businesses of its blessed owners, multiplying career and business income several-fold. With tremendous support from leading benefactors and mentors in our clients’ respective industries, the Agarwood collection empowers individuals to secure strategic opportunities, and triumph at the pinnacle of their industries.

Fallen Log Agarwood (Purple Meat)


Fallen Log Agarwood (Purple Meat) derives its name from the way it is formed – the fallen Aquilaria long undergoes its ageing process above ground over a period of at least 200 to 250 years. The rich Agarwood resins formed during this process accumulates in the wood of the Aquilaria long, forming its signature purplish hues.

Tiger-striped Agarwood


Over the course of no less than 300 years, the Tiger-striped Agarwood undergoes its ageing process as it is half-buried in the ground. This unique position of the felled log leads to thick stripes of variegated Agarwood resin being formed across the wood. These Agarwood deposits resemble a tiger’s stripes, giving the Tiger-striped Agarwood its moniker.

Red Earth Agarwood

Spending no less than 500 years buried in moist, iron deposit-rich soil, Red Earth Agarwood is exceptionally rare. The soil provides an optimal environment for Agarwood fungi to flourish, endowing this variation with its signature reddish hue. Natural Red Earth Agarwood is a rarity — a remarkably rare discovery due to the fallen Agarwood log being buried underground for several centuries.

Dark Earth Agarwood

Deriving its name from its dark and intense colour, Dark Earth Agarwood is formed when the fallen Aquilaria log is buried in soil that contains a myriad of complex minerals. Dark Earth Agarood ages for a duration of no less than 800 years, the rich soil minerals contribute to the dark and intense colouring that characterises this premium grade of Agarwood.

Near Sinking Agarwood

One of the finest tiers of Agarwood worldwide, Near Sinking Agarwood was reserved for circles of high nobility, particularly for members of China’s ruling elite. Undergoing an ageing process that spans at least a millennia-long, the density of Agarwood resins formed in this exquisite variation causes it to partially sink when submerged in water. The resin is evenly distributed across each bead, giving the Near Sinking Agarwood an elegant appearance.

Full Sinking Agarwood

The most premium grade of Agarwood offered at Imperial Harvest is the Full Sinking Agarwood. As its name suggests, this variation sinks completely when submerged in water. Its ageing process spans several millennia, allowing the Full Sinking Agarwood to develop an intense, rich and dark resin.

Across the annals of Chinese history, the Full Sinking Agarwood has been coveted for its Imperial Feng Shui properties, elegant appearance and unique fragrance. Owing to its rarity, this exclusive tier of Agarwood was strictly reserved for the Chinese royalty and members of the ruling elite.

The Imperial Harvest Promise

Imperial Harvest’s Agarwood treasures are like fingerprints — each boasting distinguishing characteristics, unique with distinct colouration and resin patterns.

Densely accumulated within each Agarwood treasure, the rich resin increases the inherent density of this eminent Imperial Feng Shui treasure, contributing to a unique ability to sink when submerged in water. 98% of Agarwood floats in water — much like other woods, leaving a small proportion with dense enough resin to sink in water.

Imperial Harvest boasts only the finest quality Agarwood, where its intrinsic resin is rich and dense. As the density of Agarwood resin affects the degree to which it sinks, we can determine this unique quality through a simple sinking test. Imperial Harvest offers the top 0.1% quality of Agarwood, where each specimen is at least partially submerged or fully submerged when introduced to water.

Bearing the Imperial Harvest emblem, this handcrafted series of Agarwood charms seamlessly enhances, and complements the personal wearable Agarwood treasures in Imperial Harvest’s collections. Patented in Singapore and designed with a contemporary outlook, the gleaming sheen of the Agarwood charms balances the more muted appearance of Imperial Harvest’s Agarwood beads — achieving a contrasting, yet visually harmonious matte and mirror finish.

Created from a proprietary blend of gold, copper and silver, the 18K Agarwood charms exude a signature, inimitable blush-pink hue. Each piece features a unique serial number, serving as an affirmation of all that the brand embodies in terms of technical excellence and craftsmanship.


The superlative elegance of each Imperial Harvest Agarwood is the result of strict adherence to the highest quality control standards established by Master David, combined with a series of precise design specifications.

Imperial Harvest remains committed to featuring only the most exquisite Agarwood in our collections and works closely with our team of master artisans. Our artisans boast a wealth of expertise in their craft, working with precision to unleash the rich resin of each Agarwood treasure. Every bead is handcrafted and manually polished, taking up to a year to create an Imperial Harvest Agarwood treasure worthy of the Imperial Harvest name.

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