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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 27 October 2023

The Imperial Harvest Guide to Fine Jadeite Cabochons

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In the annals of China’s storied history, the Qing Dynasty emerged as an opulent era of splendour and artistry. Imperial Harvest’s Fine Jadeite Cabochons find their historic roots in an innovative cultural exchange between the traditions of the East and the influences of the West.

The Imperial Harvest Jadeite Cabochon embodies the profound legacy of the cultural heritage and spiritual traditions that have shaped one of the world’s most ancient civilisations.

History of Jadeite Cabochons

The captivating history of the jadeite cabochon is intertwined with the opulent reign of Emperor Quan Long, a regnant of the Qing dynasty’s golden age spanning from 1736 to 1796. During his reign, Emperor Qian Long favoured the rich hues of Burmese jadeite, going to extraordinary lengths in pursuit of it. In a display of solidarity, the kingdom of Burma — now modern-day Myanmar — annually graced Emperor Qian Long with rare and exquisite raw jadeite, as part of a yearly tribute to his eminent reign.

The 18th century saw an unprecedented explosion of interest in Burmese jadeite. In 1770, Emperor Qian Long sealed a momentous treaty with the Kingdom of Burma, facilitating the export of quality jadeite to China.

In 1784, a significant development unfolded as Emperor Qian Long expanded China’s jurisdiction into northern Burma, leading Chinese explorers to a pivotal discovery — an invaluable source of this precious gem. From the late 18th century, jadeite found its passage into China through a well-established trade route, making its way into the workshops of China’s foremost jadeite artisans.

Jadeite Cabochons in Imperial Feng Shui

In this era, the profound significance of jadeite as an instrument of Imperial Feng Shui became evident. During Emperor Qian Long’s reign in the Qing Dynasty, Imperial Feng Shui masters conducted in-depth explorations of jadeite’s inherent properties. They discerned its unparalleled ability to shape and influence various facets of life, thereby firmly establishing its pivotal role as an indispensable tool for unlocking and channelling one’s latent potential.

In the rich tapestry of Imperial Feng Shui principles, Imperial Harvest’s Jadeite Cabochons balance an individual’s Minor Yang (少阳), thereby enhancing their intuition. In the realm of critical decision-making, this heightened intuition plays a crucial role in the face of ambiguity, granting individuals valuable first-mover advantage.

Drawing from the profound wisdom of the “Yang within Yin” concept in Chinese metaphysics, the Imperial Harvest Jadeite Cabochons are meticulously extracted from the heart of jadeite boulders, where Imperial Feng Shui energies are the densest and most intense.

Octagon-cut Jadeite Cabochon

Imperial Harvest’s patented Octagon-cut jadeite cabochon pays homage to the Eight Trigrams or Bagua (八卦), a fundamental concept in Chinese metaphysics. Revered as a fundamental pillar of Chinese civilisation and are deeply interwoven into various domains, including architecture, medicine, philosophy, and the arts.

The design’s eight chamfered edges employ a step-cutting technique, crafting the jadeite to emulate the majestic steps leading to the Temple of Heaven. This innovative approach showcases the cabochon’s luminance from all vantage points, transforming it into a symbol of empowerment for its chosen wearer. The Octagon-cut jadeite serves as inspiration for individuals to become architects of their destinies, shaping their desired future.

Round-cut Jadeite Cabochon

With an impeccably balanced design, the Imperial Harvest Round-cut jadeite cabochon draws its inspiration from the Chinese concept of ‘Round Heaven and Square Earth’ (天圆地方). This traditional philosophy has influenced many architectural structures in China, including the iconic Temple of Heaven and the Forbidden City.

Imperial Harvest’s Round-cut jadeite cabochon stands as the epitome of beauty and brilliance. Its round shape showcases the natural translucency of the gem and its mesmerising play with light. Deliberately crafted to bolster the success of Imperial Harvest’s clients, Master David conceptualised the Imperial Harvest round-cut jadeite cabochon to empower its wearers with holistic triumphs across their careers, businesses, investments, relationships, and well-being.

Asscher-cut Jadeite Cabochon

Similarly to the round-cut jadeite cabochon, Imperial Harvest’s exquisite Asscher-cut jadeite cabochon embodies the profound Chinese philosophical tradition of ‘Round Heaven and Square Earth’ (天圆地方). The concept of Square Earth finds expression in the architectural composition of “siheyuan” (四合院), a style adorning royal palaces, religious sanctuaries, and civilian residences throughout China.

Observing classical proportions, the asscher-cut jadeite cabochon reveals multi-tiered facets that reflect intricate symmetry. Master David’s vision, drawing inspiration from Earth’s nurturing environment fostering growth and progress, imbues the Asscher-cut cabochon with a solid foundation, paving the way for future triumphs and significant breakthroughs.

Emerald-cut Jadeite Cabochon

Inspired by the grandeur of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, Master David’s visionary spirit gave rise to the Imperial Harvest Emerald-cut jadeite cabochon. Featuring meticulously chamfered multi-tiered facets, the Emerald-cut highlights a gracefully streamlined appearance. In alignment with the tenets of Chinese numerology, where odd numbers are deemed auspicious, the Emerald-cut jadeite cabochon proudly features three distinct tiers of cuts.

The three-tiered Emerald-cut pays homage to flights of steps that lead to the Circular Mound Altar at the Temple of Heaven. During sacred and elaborate imperial rites, the Emperor himself would ascend these steps to offer prayers and tribute for ongoing prosperity and blessings for the future. Likewise, the Emerald-cut jadeite serves as inspiration for individuals to rise to life’s challenges and rise to their greatest potential.

Oval-cut Jadeite Cabochon

Embodying a fiery intensity and brilliance, the Imperial Harvesr oval-cut jadeite cabochon showcases a modified brilliant cut. Its symmetrical, elongated rounded shape enhances the jadeite’s inherent clarity and the depth of its natural hues.

Drawing inspiration from the promise of new beginnings and a realm of limitless prospects, the oval-cut jadeite cabochon imparts a wealth of grace and sophistication. The Imperial Harvest oval-cut jadeite cabochon is designed to usher in auspicious luck, benefactor support and flourishing prosperity for its destined owners.

Dew-cut Jadeite Cabochon

In a tribute to China’s vibrant agricultural heritage, the Imperial Harvest Dew-cut jadeite cabochon evokes the life-giving qualities of rain. Rainfall played a pivotal role, facilitating abundant harvests that, in turn, represented the emperor’s divine mandate to rule.

Much like the life-giving rains that bless and nurture the earth, the Dew-cut jadeite cabochon was designed to bestow its destined owner with enduring prosperity and abundance. This unique gemstone cut combines the elegance of an oval and marquise cut, tapering gracefully to a single point. The result is a jadeite cabochon that not only captures and reflects light but also accentuates the depth of its natural, lustrous hues.

Hulu-cut Jadeite Cabochon

The hulu (葫芦), also recognised as the calabash gourd, stands as an iconic symbol in Chinese culture, representing auspiciousness, prosperity, and unceasing growth. Its distinctive rounded form symbolises the harmony between Heaven and Earth, embodying completeness and equilibrium.

Imperial Harvest’s innovative Hulu-cut jadeite pays homage to this traditional Chinese symbol. A modern tribute to the hulu, this unique cabochon cut encourages its destined owner to surmount challenges, conquer fears, and unlock their boundless potential, fostering exponential growth and achieving remarkable breakthroughs.

Creating your bespoke Imperial Harvest Jadeite Cabochon Jewellery

The process behind creating an Imperial Harvest Jadeite Cabochon Ring is a personalised and luxurious experience:

  • Consultation: Your journey begins with a complimentary Bazi consultation or review session. During this time, your dedicated Imperial Harvest consultants will acquaint themselves with your precise requirements, situations and Imperial Feng Shui needs.
  • Personalised Analysis: Drawing from the knowledge of Imperial Feng Shui, your consultant will consult your Bazi chart, identifying the elements and colours that resonate most closely with you, empowering your journey towards realising your unlimited human potential.
  • Selection of Jadeite: Imperial Harvest carries a diverse array of exquisite Imperial Harvest jadeite cabochons. These precious gemstones come in varying elements and gemological cuts, each possessing its distinct allure and energy.
  • Ring Setting and Finish: Your Imperial Harvest consultant will present you with a selection of patented ring settings and 18k gold finishes, each epitomising the pinnacle of craftsmanship at Imperial Harvest.

Imperial Harvest’s expert consultants are always on hand to guide you on your journey and provide you with insights to help you realise your fullest potential. Book a complimentary consultation today or contact us at +65 92301640.

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