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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 03 June 2022

Complete Guide to Imperial Harvest Jadeite Beads

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Since the founding of Imperial Harvest, jadeite has remained firmly at its heart and soul. Having featured prominently across the Imperial Harvest collection, this cherished earthly treasure today proudly adorns the living and working spaces of countless Imperial Harvest clients.

Its acclaim is derived from no mere happenstance. According to the time-honoured tenets of Imperial Feng Shui, jadeite occupies an enviable position among the foremost of earthly treasures. In each of its multiple manifestations, it propels the blessed owner towards abundant growth and success. Moreover, its versatility allows for the incorporation of a variety of ornate details, such as auspicious deities and symbols of the Imperial Feng Shui tradition.

Imperial Harvest-grade Jadeite

At Imperial Harvest, the jadeite cabochon holds immense cultural significance. According to the findings of Imperial Feng Shui masters of the Qing dynasty, jadeite cabochons possess the unique capability to balance the minor yang, the cosmic phenomenon that governs intuition. Intuition is critical for making decisions in uncertain and dynamic situations. In the face of ambiguity, it empowers one to make sense of limited information and act decisively to seize first-mover advantages.


Mirroring the position of the minor yang within the major yin, each Imperial Harvest fine jadeite cabochon is hewn from the centre of premium-grade jadeite boulders, where Imperial Feng Shui energies are the densest and most intense. Only the choicest of these jadeite hearts find their way into the Imperial Harvest workshop, preserving the prestige of every Imperial Harvest fine jadeite cabochon. The stringent selection of fine jadeite boulders, sourced exclusively from jadeite-rich Myanmar, also ensures the unrivalled vivid clarity and colour of each Imperial Harvest fine jadeite cabochon.

This is none more clearly exemplified than in the Imperial Harvest Jadeite Beads Bracelet collection. Every Imperial Harvest jadeite bead is carved from the same exceptional jadeite boulders as Imperial Harvest jadeite cabochons, imbuing it with the finest intuition-enhancing properties. Like all jadeite treasures in the Imperial Harvest stable, Imperial Harvest jadeite beads are brought to life with a fully organic approach, without any harsh chemicals or abrasive carving techniques.


Imperial Harvest Mark of Excellence

Notwithstanding the opportunities for personalisation, Imperial Harvest’s latest charm today takes centre stage in every Imperial Harvest Jadeite Beads Bracelet. This handcrafted charm proudly bears the Imperial Harvest emblem — the all-new mark of excellence that encapsulates the very ethos of Imperial Harvest.

The Imperial Harvest emblem is inspired by the Chinese character “鼎” (ding), which refers to the ceremonial cauldrons used by the imperial courts in Chinese dynastic history. These “鼎” (ding) cauldrons were historically deployed in ritualistic offerings to Heaven, as part of special ​​religious rites conducted at the Temple of Heaven.

Created from a proprietary blend of pure gold, copper and silver, both of Imperial Harvest’s 18K solid rose gold clasps and charms are veritable treasures in their own right. This is underscored by the unique serial number assigned to each clasp or charm, in an ode to its distinct identity gleaned from the hands of Imperial Harvest’s gemstone artisans.



Beyond the inherent aesthetic value conferred by the finest precious metals available, the Imperial Harvest charm bestows upon every Imperial Harvest Jadeite Beads Bracelet the auspicious connotations of the ancient “鼎” (ding) cauldron. Just as the cauldrons aided the intercessory divine worship of the emperors, they are destined, at Imperial Harvest, to empower blessed wearers with the omnipotence of Imperial Feng Shui.

Every jadeite bead that appears on the Imperial Harvest Jadeite Beads Bracelet is deemed worthy of its place through a rigorous fabrication and certification process. These jadeite beads are handcrafted from the topmost tier of Imperial Harvest jadeite, commonly referred to as exquisite jadeite.

As far back as the 18th century, exquisite jadeites have been known to occupy a special place in the Chinese imperial palace. While all jadeites were treasured for their auspicious Imperial Feng Shui properties, the luminous finish and lucid glass-like translucence of exquisite jadeites made them a cut above the rest. Indeed, their lofty status was reflected in the exclusive access of the royal family to this hallowed earthly treasure.

Read more about the Imperial Harvest Mark of Excellence here

As one of the foremost contemporary advocates for Imperial Feng Shui, Imperial Harvest is honoured to reinvigorate the much-loved Jadeite Beads Bracelet with the Imperial Harvest charm. The enshrining of the legend of the revered “鼎” (ding) cauldron in every Imperial Harvest Jadeite Beads Bracelet underscores the centrality of dynastic Chinese history to the advancement of Imperial Feng Shui.

In driving a resurgent focus on one of the foremost treasures of the Imperial Feng Shui tradition, Imperial Harvest is committed to the continued renewal and revitalisation of this ancient art.

Imperial Harvest’s expert consultants are on hand to guide you on your journey, and help you to forge your desired destinies to realise your fullest potential. Book a complimentary consultation today or contact us at +65 91221826

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