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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 22 April 2022

Introducing Imperial Harvest’s Mark of Excellence

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Since inception, Imperial Harvest has stayed true to the rich Imperial Feng Shui heritage upon which it was built. From the luxurious galleries that cocoon every blessed client in contemporary comfort to the exquisitely handcrafted treasures that embody the finest in Imperial Feng Shui, every minute detail bears testament to a relentless pursuit of perfection.

The signature seal of the Imperial Harvest brand has come to be recognised by discerning clients as a mark of distinguished merit. Bearing a stylised rendition of the Imperial Harvest name in Chinese characters, it hearkens back to the genesis of the Imperial Feng Shui tradition — as it was practised centuries ago in Chinese dynastic history.

The trifecta of auspicious Chinese characters encapsulates Imperial Harvest’s enduring adherence to the fundamental principles of Imperial Feng Shui. “御” (yu), meaning royalty, pays homage to the Imperial Feng Shui roots that stem from the inner sanctums of the Qing imperial court. “鼎” (ding) refers to the ancient Chinese cauldrons used for ritualistic offerings to Heaven, as part of ​​religious rites conducted at the Temple of Heaven. These auspicious rites were conducted by the Emperor, as he performed his role as the Son of Heaven. “豐” (feng), or bountiful harvest, captures the essence and spirit of the Temple of Heaven, where Emperors prayed for good harvests and continued prosperity for their people.

Reflecting the Imperial Harvest spirit of innovation and improvement, the earthly treasures that have empowered generations of blessed clients to soaring success are regularly reviewed and refreshed. Today, Imperial Harvest is honoured to introduce a newly-patented emblem slated to adorn all upcoming personal wearable treasures. Apart from conferring upon them a distinctive mark of excellence, this emblem also affirms the identity of the Imperial Harvest wearable collection as a distinctive line of indubitable Imperial Harvest creations.

The centrepiece of this newly-launched emblem derives its inspiration from “鼎” (ding), the Chinese character that references the imposing ceremonial cauldrons of the imperial court. This lends it an instantly-recognisable resemblance to the firmly-established Imperial Harvest seal, preserving its function as an unmistakable symbol of the brand’s prestige.


At various junctures in ancient Chinese history, such as during the Zhou dynasty, these cauldrons were used for a variety of purposes, including cooking, storage and other everyday domestic applications. Over time, they came to be more closely associated with ceremonial and ritualistic obligations, such as offerings to a wide-ranging pantheon of deities.

Apart from powerful gods overseeing wide-ranging aspects such as weather, crop growth and military prowess, these deities also consisted of eminent forefathers of the prevailing ruling elite. The use of these cauldrons thus also connoted the highest level of prestige. Over time, they came to be inextricably intertwined with the eminence and authority of the ruling nobility.


Apart from its reference to venerable royal cauldrons, this emblem also bears the form of an octagon. This distinctive shape is outlined along its inner circumference, just within the bezel that frames the stylised “鼎” (ding). The presence of this octagon is a tribute to the very foundation of Imperial Harvest — the timeless tenets of Imperial Feng Shui.

Its significance stems from the commonly-used octagonal depiction of the Ba Gua (Eight Trigrams), which represent the all-encompassing elements of reality. As a set of principles behind assessing and applying cosmic energies to a given environment, the Ba Gua undergirds the practice of contemporary spatial Imperial Feng Shui.

With its unmistakable allusion to the universal silhouette of the Ba Gua, this Imperial Harvest emblem is a fitting ode to its raison d’etre as a forward-looking Imperial Feng Shui maison.


The emblem is bounded by a circular perimeter, providing a refreshing contrast to its inner edge. Its perfectly round circumference is borne out of the ancient Chinese philosophy of a “round Heaven and square Earth” (天圆地方). Throughout Chinese dynastic history, this view of the universe held true, with a corresponding widespread association of all things heavenly with round shapes and outlines.

There is hardly a more striking example of this than Beijing’s world-renowned Temple of Heaven, whose main hall of prayer enjoys universal acclaim for its characteristic circular blueprint. Fittingly, the Temple of Heaven is where generations of emperors, in their supreme roles as the “sons of heaven”, offered prayers and sacrifices to the heavens on behalf of their subjects.

With its circular outline, this Imperial Harvest Emblem pays homage to this heavenly allusion. Its flawless contours also signify the completeness of Imperial Harvest’s holistic approach to Imperial Feng Shui, bringing together the inherently opposing forces of yin and yang in synergistic harmony.

Mark of Excellence

Behold the pioneer collection bearing Imperial Harvest’s emblem — a handcrafted series of charms that seamlessly enhances the personal wearable treasures in Imperial Harvest’s collections. With their minimalist contemporary outlook, the charms perfectly complement the Imperial Harvest bead bracelet collections. Their gleaming sheen balances the more muted appearance of agarwood or sandalwood beads, achieving a contrasting, yet visually harmonious yin-yang matte and mirror finish.

Design Patent Product Certificate

(Singapore Design Patent No.30202210629W)

The inherent aesthetic duality conferred by the charms upon the bead bracelets epitomises the very ethos of Imperial Harvest. Firmly rooted in the provenance of Imperial Feng Shui, yet renewed by cutting-edge innovations in gemstone development, Imperial Harvest deftly navigates the connection between the classic and the contemporary.

Clasp serial number

Created from a proprietary blend of pure gold, copper and silver, the 18K solid rose gold charm exudes an inimitable blush-pink hue. Indeed, each piece is assigned its own unique serial number, reflecting the distinctiveness of its inception in the hands of an artisanal craftsman.



Imperial Harvest Emblem

Drawing on the centrality of the royal cauldrons to the Chinese imperial courts, the new Imperial Harvest emblem seeks to imbue Imperial Harvest personal treasures with the legend of this striking artefact. Just as the cauldrons aided the intercessory divine worship of the emperors, they are destined, at Imperial Harvest, to empower blessed wearers with the omnipotence of Imperial Feng Shui.

In translating this traditional symbol of imperial authority to an elegant expression of contemporary design language, Imperial Harvest manifests its transcendence of both ancient cultural histories and prevailing trends. Straddling this intersection, the Imperial Harvest emblem simultaneously speaks to the old and the new, underscoring its unwavering commitment to furthering time-honoured artisanal handcrafting for generations to come.

Imperial Harvest’s expert consultants are always on hand to guide you on your journey and provide you with insights to help you realise your fullest potential. Book a complimentary consultation today or contact us at +65 92301640.

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