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The Imperial Harvest Qinan Agarwood collection features five tiers of premium Qinan Agarwood, each incorporating auspicious emblems, enhancing its elegance and potent Imperial Feng Shui abilities. Supercharging its destined owners' direct wealth capacity, this treasure empowers them to rise to the top of their industries.

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The Complete Guide to Imperial Harvest Qinan Agarwood

Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins Qinan Agarwood (楠奇楠) stands out as the most elusive tier of agarwood, embedded in a rich historical tapestry that only emphasises its cultural and economic importance. Its origins can be traced back to ancient China, and its allure has captivated the hearts of Agarwood connoisseurs for centuries. Historical Significance of […]

The Complete Guide to Imperial Harvest Black Qinan Agarwood

Estimated Reading Time: 3mins Black Qinan (铁结黑奇楠) is prized for its glistening obsidian-black colour. Famed for its solid structure, it is commonly known as the Iron Knot (铁结) due to the clean streaks of black resin when sliced open. When held under the light, the surface of the Black Qinan glimmers and resembles the glamour of […]

The Complete Guide to Imperial Harvest Green Qinan Agarwood

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes Green Qinan has a beautiful Chinese name, 绿莺歌 (Green Songbird). This is inspired by the beautiful yellow-green cross-section of the Green Qinan agarwood which resembles the Green Songbird’s stunning feathers Historical references of the legendary green Qinan A famed author from the Ming Dynasty wrote about the difference between Agarwood […]

The Complete Guide to Imperial Harvest Purple Qinan Agarwood

Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins  Purple Qinan 兰花结紫奇楠 Purple Qinan 兰花结 (“Orchid Knot”) is known for its rich reddish-brown agarwood colour. Its resin is said to resemble a vibrant orchid in a splendid full bloom. The Purple Qinan can be divided into two categories based on physical appearance and distinctive scent characteristics. The Exquisite Purple Qinan […]

The Complete Guide to Imperial Harvest White Qinan Agarwood

Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins  Imperial Harvest Qinan agarwood is an out-of-catalogue collection. In fact, to date, only 3 clients have the distinct privilege to own an Imperial Harvest Qinan agarwood. Several VIP clients have waited 3 years for this exclusive and extremely rare collection. Only Chinese Emperors of the past have exclusive and privileged […]

The Complete Guide to Imperial Harvest Yellow Qinan Agarwood

Yellow Qinan 黄奇楠  Yellow Qinan is recognised for its warm yellowish-brown agarwood colour. Well-known for its medicinal properties and satin-like lustre, the Yellow Qinan was a prized possession worn only by members of the Chinese royal family. Occasionally Chinese Emperors would bestow  the Yellow Qinan upon distinguished foreign leaders as a diplomatic gift. The Yellow […]

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Imperial Harvest Agarwood is as unique as a fingerprint — every slice of Agarwood has distinctive colour and resin properties.