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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 01 May 2020

The Complete Guide to Imperial Harvest Yellow Qinan Agarwood

Yellow Qinan 黄奇楠 

Yellow Qinan is recognised for its warm yellowish-brown agarwood colour. Well-known for its medicinal properties and satin-like lustre, the Yellow Qinan was a prized possession worn only by members of the Chinese royal family. Occasionally Chinese Emperors would bestow  the Yellow Qinan upon distinguished foreign leaders as a diplomatic gift.

The Yellow Qinan can be divided into two categories based on their physical traits and unique scent attributes.

The Exquisite Yellow Qinan (金丝结黄奇楠) (Golden Knot) has a full-bodied honey-coloured resin lining which resembles luscious golden silk. The fragrance opens with notes of amber and hints of cinnamon. The heart is enveloped with a tender floral scent. Finally, it concludes with the alluring aroma of spice and smokiness which is reminiscent of well-aged cognac.

Fine Grade Yellow Qinan (糖结黄奇楠) (Sugar Knot) has a mahogany resin that intertwines throughout the Yellow Qinan agarwood. The Fine Grade Yellow Qinan has a delightful lingering sweetness. It has a tender texture and gives off a minty cool sensation when ingested.

Aging and Maturation: More than 1500 years

Power of the Yellow Qinan 

Yellow Qinan supercharges your wealth capacity and empowers you with powerful benefactor support. It helps you achieve monumental success in your business and career ventures.

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