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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 17 November 2023

The Complete Guide to Imperial Harvest Qinan Agarwood

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Qinan Agarwood (楠奇楠) stands out as the most elusive tier of agarwood, embedded in a rich historical tapestry that only emphasises its cultural and economic importance. Its origins can be traced back to ancient China, and its allure has captivated the hearts of Agarwood connoisseurs for centuries.

Historical Significance of Qinan Agarwood

The use of Qinan Agarwood has roots dating back to the Han Dynasty (202 BC to 9 AD, 25 to 220 AD). During this period, Du Fu, a renowned poet, penned the words “山租输海贝,市舶贱迦楠,” expressing that a single piece of Qinan Agarwood surpasses the value of even a municipal ship. This early recognition contributed to the mystique surrounding Qinan, elevating its status as the most elusive tier of Agarwood.

During the Ming dynasty (1368 to 1644 AD), the Chinese author Chen Rang (陈让) explored the distinctions between agarwood and Qinan agarwood, categorising the latter into various grades. In a text authored by Chen Rang, he stated that the primary disparity between agarwood and Qinan lies in the firmness of the wood. Agarwood, characterised by its firmness, allows for intricate carving reminiscent of bamboo. On the other hand, Qinan, with its soft texture, permits carving akin to drawing on sand. In addition, Qinan’s aroma is invigorating in comparison, carrying the lingering fragrance of the wood’s resin.

Beyond its economic value, Qinan Agarwood holds spiritual significance. A prevailing belief among Agarwood enthusiasts is that one can only experience the heavenly scent of Qinan after three lifetimes of virtuous deeds. This spiritual connection has led to a profound appreciation for Qinan, establishing its reputation as a symbol of spiritual attainment.

The scarcity and high demand for Qinan Agarwood contribute to its significant economic impact. Highly sought after for centuries, agarwood collectors and enthusiasts are willing to pay substantial sums for the finest grades. This economic dimension has shaped the Agarwood market, with Qinan occupying a prestigious position among collectors, traders, and artisans.

Imperial Harvest Qinan Agarwood Collection

Emperor Qian Long, renowned as the emperor with the longest reign in Chinese history, left an indelible mark on history through his advocacy of Imperial Feng Shui. This ancient art form, expertly and faithfully applied by the emperor, played a pivotal role in shaping a remarkably successful dynasty during his reign.

Embracing the philosophy that the application of Imperial Feng Shui treasures could enhance personal luck and wealth capacity, Emperor Qian Long curated an extensive collection, including jadeite treasures and Qinan agarwood beads. Beyond symbols of opulence, these treasures were believed to have amplified his fortune and prosperity. This meticulous attention to these Feng Shui details contributed to an unprecedented era of peace and affluence witnessed during his reign.

Emperor Qian Long’s advocacy of Imperial Feng Shui was a cornerstone of his successful rule, contributing to an era of peace, prosperity, and cultural advancement. His astute understanding of the principles of Feng Shui, coupled with the strategic use of Feng Shui treasures, played a vital role in shaping the trajectory of his enduring and influential reign.

Today, Imperial Harvest espouses the beliefs held by Emperor Qian Long, and features several distinct tiers of Qinan agarwood:

  • Purple Qinan Agarwood (紫奇楠奇楠)
  • Green Qinan Agarwood (莺歌绿奇楠)
  • White Qinan Agarwood (金丝白奇楠)

Imperial Harvest Purple Qinan Agarwood (紫奇楠奇楠)

The Imperial Harvest Purple Qinan Agarwood features a renowned reddish-brown colour. The rich resins of this exquisite specimen of agarwood are described as resembling the beauty of an orchid. Purple Qinan Agarwood maintains a remarkable ageing and maturation process spanning no less than 2000 years.

It stands out with a signature ash-grey and purple resin, flowing through fine linear patterns in the agarwood grains, making it a coveted and unique selection within the realm of Qinan agarwood.

Imperial Harvest Purple Qinan Agarwood

Imperial Harvest Purple Qinan Agarwood

Beyond its aesthetic allure, Purple Qinan Agarwood maximises wealth potential, serving as a source of empowerment for ambitious individuals striving to ascend to the pinnacle of their respective fields. It bestows an abundance of auspicious wealth and business luck, allowing individuals to overcome the adversities encountered on their path towards success.

Imperial Harvest Green Qinan Agarwood (莺歌绿奇楠)

Green Qinan Agarwood is among the highest echelons of Qinan Agarwood available, second to the esteemed White Qinan Agarwood. Deriving its name from the yellow-green hue that colours its cross-section, Green Qinan Agarwood mirrors the appearance of a green songbird. With a fermentation period exceeding 2500 years, Green Qinan stands as an exceptionally rare specimen, characterised by its rich agarwood resin content.

Imperial Harvest Green Qinan Agarwood

Historically, Green Qinan Agarwood was reserved exclusively for members of the royal family, holding the esteemed position as one of the most powerful wealth-enhancing treasures. Exhibiting a potent and transformative nature, Imperial Harvest Green Qinan Agarwood is a catalyst for supercharging one’s wealth.

Imperial Harvest White Qinan Agarwood (金丝白奇楠)

Green Qinan Agarwood is surpassed only by White Qinan Agarwood, which boasts the richest resin density among the variants of Qinan Agarwood. A testament to its age and rarity, White Qinan Agarwood undergoes a fermentation process that spans an impressive 3000 years and beyond. This extended period contributed to the agarwood’s unique qualities and exceptional value, historically leading them to be reserved exclusively for use by the Emperor.

Imperial Harvest White Qinan Agarwood

Imperial Harvest White Qinan Agarwood

This rare agarwood variant is characterized by the presence of active tissues, creating a striking contrast between the active fibres and the dark, rich resins. Adding to its allure, White Qinan boasts five heavenly tiers of scent: cooling, honey-like, mastic, floral, and fruit aroma.

Today, the rare and exclusive Imperial Harvest White Qinan Agarwood retains its Imperial Feng Shui qualities, serving as a powerful catalyst for the most ambitious aspirations. Enhancing wealth and fortune, the White Qinan Agarwood propels individuals to the zenith of their respective industries.

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