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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 17 April 2020

The Complete Guide to Imperial Harvest Green Qinan Agarwood

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Green Qinan has a beautiful Chinese name, 绿莺歌 (Green Songbird). This is inspired by the beautiful yellow-green cross-section of the Green Qinan agarwood which resembles the Green Songbird’s stunning feathers

Historical references of the legendary green Qinan

A famed author from the Ming Dynasty wrote about the difference between Agarwood and Qinan and ranked the different categories of Qinan.

陈让 《海外逸说》

“迦南与沉香并生,沉香质坚,雕剔之如刀刮竹,迦南质软,指刻之如锥画沙,味辣有脂,嚼之粘牙。上者日莺歌绿,色如莺毛,最为难得;次日兰花结,色微绿而黑; 又次日金丝结,再次日糖结,黄色者是也;下日铁结,色黑而微坚,皆各有膏腻”

The excerpt from the book is translated as follows:

The main difference between agarwood and Qinan is hardness. Agarwood is hard and carving on Agarwood is akin to carving on a piece of bamboo. Qinan is soft and carving on Qinan is akin to painting on the sand with a cone. The scent of Qinan is refreshing and carries the permeating scent of precious Qinan resin. The texture of Qinan is chewy and sticky when ingested.

Green Qinan is the finest grade of agarwood with a colour resembling that of the beautiful feather of the Green Song Bird; it is the rarest tier of Qinan. The secondary tier would be Purple Qinan where its colour is light green and dark. The next two tiers would be the two different variants of Yellow Qinan. The entry-level tier would be Black Qinan, where its colour is black and slightly hard.

Glossary terms explained 

莺歌绿 refers to Green Qinan

兰花结 refers to Purple Qinan

金丝结 refers to Yellow Qinan

糖结 refers to another variant of Yellow Qinan

铁结 refers to Black Qinan

Queen of Qinan: Green Qinan

If White Qinan is the king of Qinan, Green Qinan would be the Queen of Qinan.

Fermentation period of no less than 2500 years

With a fermentation period of no less than 2500 years, the Green Qinan is incredibly rare and replete with dense agarwood resin content – second to the White Qinan agarwood.

As the White Qinan is reserved solely for the Emperor of China, the Green Qinan – being the second most powerful wealth expanding treasure is strictly reserved only for royal family members of the “Son of Heaven (天子)”.

Power of the Green Qinan 莺歌绿奇楠

Exceedingly powerful and potent; Green Qinan supercharges your earning potential and transforms your financial destiny forever.

Resin Characteristics

The surface of Green Qinan is dark blue-ish green – a result of the rich and dense resin infused with agarwood fibre. The interior (cross-section) of Green Qinan features a blend of yellow-green Qinan resin.

Scent Characteristics

Green Qinan emanates three heavenly tiers of distinct scent: cooling, honey-like and mastic. The three distinct scents intertwine and create a distinctive scent with every whiff – a beautiful olfactory symphony.

Fermentation: 2500 years and above

Green Qinan Guan Gong

Imperial Harvest Green Qinan Agarwood Guan Gong

Guan Gong is widely known and worshipped as the Business God of Wealth – ideal for those who are looking for massive sales breakthroughs in their business and career, attracting and closing multi-million dollar sales opportunities and gaining powerful referrals from benefactors.

His strategic acumen, excellent physique and strong moral values established a solid reputation for Guan Gong as one of the most formidable generals of all time.

The Green Qinan Guan Gong is the most powerful and potent amplifier of direct wealth, enabling one to build a large network of top directors (for financial advisors), attain 7-figure sales commissions (realtor) or achieve 7-8 figure revenue target aspirations.

Green Qinan Laughing Buddha

Imperial Harvest Green Qinan Agarwood Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha is the emblem of auspicious luck and abundance, where a plenitude of wealth, happiness and satisfaction befalls its destined owner.

Appearing throughout Chinese culture as a representation of both wealth and abundance, the Laughing Buddha brings wealth, benefactors and abundance to one’s life.

The Green Qinan Laughing Buddha empowers one with the most powerful benefactors, multi-million dollar opportunities and wealth to achieve breakthrough results in their career, business and investments.

Green Qinan Lord Buddha 

Imperial Harvest Green Qinan Agarwood Lord Buddha

In Imperial Feng Shui, Lord Buddha is the most powerful representation of leadership, power, wealth, benefactors and wisdom – bestowing its destined owner with foresight and business intuition to become movers and shakers in their respective industries.

Lord Buddha is the supreme ruler of three realms – commanding universal forces to help attain your wildest dreams and goals.

Green Qinan Lord Buddha is the most important catalyst for ambitious business owners, sales and career professionals to wish to rise to the top of their industries, commanding huge influence to achieve monumental levels of success.

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