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The Complete Guide to Imperial Harvest Black Qinan Agarwood

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Black Qinan (铁结黑奇楠) is prized for its glistening obsidian-black colour. Famed for its solid structure, it is commonly known as the Iron Knot (铁结) due to the clean streaks of black resin when sliced open.

When held under the light, the surface of the Black Qinan glimmers and resembles the glamour of the night sky.

Imperial Harvest Black Qinan Agarwood

Revered for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties, it has been used by Chinese imperial physicians in their practices; a tradition that continues today.

The Black Qinan’s (铁结黑奇楠) trademark black resin emanates both comforting notes of herbal and botanical aroma which invigorates the soul.

Ageing and Maturation: More than 1250 years

Power of the Black Qinan

Black Qinan tremendously expands your wealth capacity, allowing you to build your network effortlessly by providing you with timely benefactor support. It bestows you with a life of prosperity and abundance. For ambitious career professionals and business owners; you come out on top of any business and career ventures.

Black Qinan Mystical Knot

Imperial Harvest Black Qinan Agarwood

The mystical knot is one of the eight lucky signs of Buddhism, it can be found engraved on the sole of the Gautama Buddha’s feet, and also on the chest of the supreme Hindu deity, Vishnu.

It symbolises the powerful ability to overcome adversities while creating fame and fortune. In essence, the mystical knot creates a sense of stability and safety as it represents a harmonious flow of auspicious energies.

Imperial Harvest Black Qinan Agarwood

The Black Qinan Mystical Knot creates opportunities and channels for the most determined individuals who are looking at nothing but the top of the mountain.

Empowering blessed clients with abundant auspicious luck and mental clarity to ultimately create the most resourceful and unwavering industry leader. The Black Qinan Mystical Knot also shields one from any setbacks and adversities.

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