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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 13 April 2020

The Complete Guide to Imperial Harvest White Qinan Agarwood

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Imperial Harvest Qinan agarwood is an out-of-catalogue collection. In fact, to date, only 3 clients have the distinct privilege to own an Imperial Harvest Qinan agarwood.

Several VIP clients have waited 3 years for this exclusive and extremely rare collection.

Only Chinese Emperors of the past have exclusive and privileged access to this elusive and exclusive tier of Agarwood: Qinan (奇楠)

What is Qinan (奇楠)?

Qinan is the most elusive and exclusive tier of Agarwood. Since the Han Dynasty, Chinese Emperors have been offering Qinan to send their prayers to the heavens for blessings and prosperity.

A famous Poet Du Fu 杜甫 aptly summarised the rarity and value of Qinan


This excerpt from Du Fu’s poem is loosely translated as “Sea shell is more valuable than the rental income earned from a mountain. A piece of Qinan is worth more than the value of a municipal ship.”

In the Han Dynasty, the price of a piece of Qinan was higher than a fully functioning municipal ship.

White Qinan – Emperor Qian Long’s personal collection 

Known as the emperor of the longest reign, Emperor Qian Long was an important advocate of Imperial Feng Shui. With the expert and faithful practice of Imperial Feng Shui, Emperor Qian Long ruled over an extremely successful dynasty.

His reign was characterised by peace, prosperity, and progress in arts and culture which laid the foundation of a unified China, an incredible feat that no other rulers had come close to achieving. He lived a long, healthy, and fulfilling life.

Aside from being a brilliant natural leader, Emperor Qian Long intelligently identified that the ability to change the future was superior to knowing the future – an important principle of Imperial Feng Shui.

Imperial Feng Shui utilises the finest earthly treasures such as jadeite, sandalwood, agarwood and crystals – empowering individuals to succeed naturally in all aspects of their lives – careers, businesses, investments, health and relationships.

Emperor Qian Long owned an extensive collection of Imperial Feng Shui treasures from  Imperial Jadeites to Qinan Agarwood beads to enhance his personal luck and to expand his wealth capacity. This is the reason why his reign and rule were characterised by an unprecedented level of peace and prosperity.

After 3 years of waiting, Master David finally decided to release five exclusive Qinan pendants and one string of extremely rare 108 White Qinan Agarwood Beads.

(1)    White Qinan 金丝白奇楠 – the highest tier

(2)    Green Qinan 莺歌绿奇楠 – second-highest

(3)    Purple Qinan 紫奇楠 – third highest tier

(4)    Yellow Qinan 黄奇楠 – fourth highest tier

(5)    Black Qinan 黑奇楠 – the entry-level tier

White Qinan is the most important tier of Agarwood in the Imperial Harvest Agarwood collection. In ancient times, only Chinese Emperors have access to White Qinan.

Power of White Qinan Agarwood 

White Qinan Agarwood is strictly for the king. It empowers the most ambitious to rise to the top of their game in their respective industry.

Resin Characteristics: The presence of active tissues in White Qinan creates a strong contrast between the active fibres (white-brownish patches) and dark & rich resins. A small incision of White Qinan will reveal a dark and rich Agarwood resin underneath its white exterior. Over time, the incised area will heal and return to the signature White Qinan exterior surface.

Scent characteristics: White Qinan has five heavenly tiers of scent namely cooling, honey-like, mastic, floral and fruit aroma. Each tier of scent is distinctive, permeating and diffusive.

Imperial Harvest White Qinan Agarwood

Fermentation: 3000 years and above

White Qinan Imperial Dragon Pendant

Imperial Harvest White Qinan Agarwood close-up


The dragon, a mythical animal arising from an ancestral imaginary world and indissociable from Oriental culture, has multiple meanings. Here, it is a symbol of perseverance and success as well as of the power and strength that makes it a master of the elements.

In ancient China, the Celestial dragon embodied a visual representation of the emperor and power, whereas today it is the ultimate symbol signifying success and happiness. A Sung Dynasty manuscript once described the dragon as having the head of an ox, muzzle of a donkey, eyes of a shrimp, horns of a deer, body of a serpent covered with fish scales and the feet of a phoenix. Invariably accompanied by thunder and rain, dragons move like lightning and whirlwinds – all powerful yet totally unpredictable.

Imperial Harvest White Qinan Agarwood close-up

Carved out of the exquisite White Qinan agarwood, the celestial Imperial Dragon is the most powerful and most design befitting of the rare and exquisite Imperial Harvest White Qinan agarwood.

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