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The Complete Guide to Imperial Harvest Purple Qinan Agarwood

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Purple Qinan 兰花结紫奇楠

Purple Qinan 兰花结 (“Orchid Knot”) is known for its rich reddish-brown agarwood colour. Its resin is said to resemble a vibrant orchid in a splendid full bloom.

The Purple Qinan can be divided into two categories based on physical appearance and distinctive scent characteristics.

The Exquisite Purple Qinan (极品紫奇楠) has a signature ash-grey and purple resin flowing through fine linear patterns in the agarwood. The initial top note of the emanated scent has a smooth floral characteristic which makes a delightful impression. This evolves gradually into an intensely energetic and sweet-cooling scent that refreshes the mind. Finally, this develops, matures and delivers a graceful hint of an almond-like mastic aroma.

Fine Grade Purple Qinan (精品紫奇楠) has a reddish-purple resin that elegantly meanders through the agarwood. The first impression of the Fine Grade Purple Qinan is of a subtler floral scent. Whilst it lacks the signature intense sweet-cooling scent of the Exquisite Grade, it still develops the almond-like mastic aroma which is characteristic of the Purple Qinan.

Aging and Maturation: More than 2000 years

Power of the Purple Qinan 

Purple Qinan unleashes and maximises your wealth potential, empowering you to achieve the biggest breakthroughs in your business and career endeavours.

Purple Qinan Imperial Dragon Pendant

The Purple Qinan Imperial Dragon Pendant features the image of the Imperial Dragon, which was the exclusive right of the Emperor. It was an image adorned on his Imperial Gown, and throughout his palaces. The Imperial Dragon symbolises eternal and ultimate power against all, and brings supreme luck to those worthy to wear it. It is particularly auspicious and has the unique ability to command all five elements.

The Purple Qinan Imperial Dragon is painstakingly crafted specially for the most ambitious and tenacious individuals fighting to rise to the very top of their field. It empowers them with an abundance of auspicious wealth and business luck, and bestows them with the power to overcome all adversaries and adversities.

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