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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 15 July 2022

2022 Exclusive Launch: Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Tua Di Ya Pek

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Tua Di Ya Pek is revered as a powerful wealth god capable of bestowing powerful blessings of indirect luck. Bearing great influence on the success of devotees, Tua Di Ya Pek empowers them to determine lucrative opportunities and winning investments, allowing them to generate explosive returns and windfalls to further acquire their assets.

Tua Di Ya Pek

What is indirect wealth (偏财库)?

As one of the foremost indirect wealth gods, Tua Di Ya Pek governs indirect wealth luck, which encompasses the income that an individual derives from their stock or cryptocurrency investments, trading profiles, and other infrequent sources of income. This sizable, yet unexpected nature of such sources of wealth often brings an individual immense returns and is also referred to as Windfall wealth.

Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Tua Di Ya Pek

As a leading premier in Imperial Feng Shui, Imperial Harvest holds the principles of this noble art form at its core, greatly ascribing to the groundbreaking discoveries by the masters of the Chinese dynastic court. Through rigorous research, their findings revealed sandalwood’s unrivalled ability to balance the Minor Yin (少阴), thereby creating and amplifying its destined owners’ indirect wealth capacity.

Guided by the findings of these eminent scholars, and drawing from his own Imperial Feng Shui expertise, Master David conceptualised the Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Tua Di Ya Pek — making for an exceptionally powerful treasure.

Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Red Meat Tua Di Ya Pek

Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Yellow Meat Tua Di Ya Pek

Melding together powerful emblems that promote the indirect wealth luck of their destined owners, the Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Tua Di Ya Pek ushers in auspicious indirect wealth luck. It empowers its destined owners to leverage opportunities that arise to generate large returns from their investment and trading endeavours.

Savoir Faire

This exquisite collection features both Yellow Meat and Red Meat sandalwood varieties derived from rare India Old Mountain sandalwood trees at least 80 years of age. Found in the deep forests of Southern Asia, these sandalwood varieties are potent wealth remedies in their own right. They powerfully expand their destined owners’ indirect wealth capacity, bringing about breakthroughs and consistent accumulation of wealth in their financial portfolios.

Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Red and Yellow Meat Tua Di Ya Pek

Once harvested, the logged sandalwood is transported to Imperial Harvest’s storage facilities and deposited at designated indirect wealth sectors to age, imbuing the raw sandalwood with auspicious indirect wealth properties. Imperial Harvest’s master artisans bring this one-of-a-kind Imperial Feng Shui treasure to life, meticulously etching and carving each intricate detail by hand — fully unleashing its powerful indirect wealth properties.

Each Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Tua Di Ya Pek in this limited collection features a unique serial number, engraved alongside the Imperial Harvest seal. This distinctive hallmark encompasses Imperial Harvest’s relentless pursuit of perfection, design excellence and technical prowess. Its application serves as a mark of authenticity, providing assurance of Imperial Harvest’s commitment to delivering the finest Imperial Feng Shui treasures.

Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Tua Di Ya Pek Back

Potent wealth features

Treasure Trove 

Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Tua Di Ya Pek Treasure Trove

Brimming with gold ingots and coins, the Treasure Trove featured on the Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Tua Di Ya Pek is overflowing with wealth — symbolic of great abundance and prosperity. The gold ingots are a testament to intuitive sense, fostering its destined owners’ ability to discern the key trends and act on strategic opportunities that present themselves. As a potent amplifier of wealth, the Treasure Trove retains its destined owner’s wealth, as well as grows and accumulates it to allow them to accomplish their greatest goals.

Tua Di Ya Pek

Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Tua Di Ya Pek Hat closeup

Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Tua Di Ya Pek Fans

Standing on the left, this depiction of Tua Ya Pek dons a hat with the phrase, “一见发财”, and while wielding a tablet with the inscription, “财源广进”. To the destined owner, these auspicious emblems are a testament to their prosperity at first sight, with abundant wealth being ushered in from all directions.

On the right, Di Ya Pek similarly dons a hat with the Chinese idiom, “招财进宝” and holds a fan bearing the phrase, “富甲一方”. These symbols of prosperity command the arrival of massive fortunes, allowing greater riches to accumulate. These emblems oversee intuitive sense in its destined owner, allowing them to leverage an abundance of investment opportunities amidst treacherous financial markets.

Imperial Harvest Emblem

Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Tua Di Ya Pek Emblem

The Treasure Trove is framed by a string of gold coins, of which the patented Imperial Harvest Emblem takes centre stage. This exquisite mark of excellence is the latest addition to Imperial Harvest, featuring a stylised rendition of the Chinese character, “鼎”. This character draws on the prestige of the ceremonial Ding cauldrons it references, endowing its destined owner with great prosperity and the omnipotence of Imperial Feng Shui.

The Imperial Harvest Emblem, much like the Imperial Harvest Seal featured in this treasured collection, epitomises the brand’s ethos — bridging the connection between the classic principles and contemporary aesthetics. This centrepiece reflects the Imperial Harvest spirit of innovation and improvement, providing affirmation of this treasure as part of a distinctive lineup of Imperial Harvest collections.

Limited Edition Collection

Designed and patented in Singapore, this limited collection at Imperial Harvest comprises 38 unique Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Tua Di Ya Pek treasures. Commissioned by Master David, each treasure is meticulously crafted following his inspired vision.

Imperial Harvest’s expert consultants are always on hand to guide you on your journey and provide you with insights to help you realise your fullest potential. Book a complimentary consultation today or contact us at +65 92301640.

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