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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 22 December 2023

Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Zodiac Guardians: A Legacy of Wisdom and Prosperity

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The creation of the all-new Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Zodiac Guardians is a celebration and tribute to resilience, prosperity and strategic wisdom. The collection, a reimagination of a stalwart Imperial Harvest classic, is harmoniously aligned with the transformative energies of Period 9 while withholding our strong Imperial Feng Shui heritage.

In the realm of Imperial Feng Shui, Period 9 of the Feng Shui cycle will occur from 2024 to 2043. This new era in Feng Shui is ruled by the Right Assistant Star (右弼星) within the Big Dipper constellation (北斗七星). Symbolised by the Li Trigram (离卦) and aligning with the element of Fire, Period 9 ushers in an era of transformation, innovation and progress.

Sandalwood: A Source of Wisdom and Insight

Within the Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Zodiac Guardians collection, sandalwood emerges as a wellspring of wisdom and insight. This exceptional collection serves not only as a testament to the timeless allure of Imperial Feng Shui but also as a bridge connecting the depth of Chinese history and heritage with boundless possibilities for the future.

In a harmonious tribute to the visionary spirit of Emperor Kangxi, Imperial Harvest masterfully weaves together his illustrious accomplishments with the enduring wisdom of Imperial Feng Shui, resulting in a seamless tapestry that resonates with the unmatched cultural legacy of the Qing dynasty.

Today, the Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Zodiac Guardians transcend mere craftsmanship, becoming living embodiments of our unwavering commitment to quality and design excellence.

Superlative Quality of Imperial Harvest Sandalwood

Each masterpiece within the Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Zodiac Guardians collection is crafted from sandalwood-producing trees no less than 80 years old — a testament to the intrinsic quality of Imperial Harvest-grade sandalwood. After meticulous harvesting, the raw sandalwood is transported to Imperial Harvest’s dedicated workshop facilities. Then, it is consecrated with time-honoured Imperial Feng Shui rites to evoke its potent indirect wealth-enhancing capabilities. Nestled within the Imperial Harvest workshop in designated indirect wealth sectors, the harvested sandalwood undergoes a natural and organic ageing process, absorbing prosperous indirect wealth energies from its unique surroundings.

Harvested from sandalwood-producing trees, Imperial Harvest-grade sandalwood is a testament to luxury and nature’s artistry. With a gentle and soothing fragrance, it undergoes an ageing process of no less than 30 years. The sandalwood develops distinctive reddish-brown hues from this process, with subtle black flecks enhancing the wood grains — a sublime fusion of luxury and natural beauty.

Imperial Harvest’s team of master artisans breathe life into each Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Zodiac Guardian. With unparalleled multi-generational expertise, these individuals shape, etch, and carve intricate details by hand. This artisanal craftsmanship ensures the full release of the exceptional fragrance and resin inherent in each Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Zodiac Guardian treasure — a manifestation of indirect wealth, wisdom, and strategic insight that truly befits the Imperial Harvest legacy.

Rat — Thousand Hands Guan Yin

Design Notes:

  1. Never Receding Dharma Wheel — Promote unceasing wealth
  2. Agarwood Beads — Amplifies direct wealth capacity
  3. Lotus Blossom — Symbolising victory and wisdom
  4. Trident of Light — Triumph over obstacles and challenges
  5. Obstacle Sundering Axe — Removes obstacles on your path
  6. Sun Disc and Moon Disc — Prosper day and night
  7. Lotus Bud — Embarking on new, successful ventures
  8. Vase of Wisdom — Forge powerful networking connections
  9. Bodhi Sutra Box — Amplify wisdom and intelligence
  10. Gold Ingot — Attract opportunities and wealth

The Thousand Hands Guan Yin (千手观音) serves as the zodiac guardian of individuals born in the year of the rat (1960, 1972, 1984, 1996). Among the diverse manifestations of Guan Yin, the Thousand Hands Guan Yin is the most powerful and widely recognised.

With an array of auspicious symbols held in her capable hands, the Thousand Hands Guan Yin continues to inspire those born under her zodiac sign. Inspiring innovation, intuition, wisdom and forward-thinking, the Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Thousand Hands Guan Yin stands as a testament to inner strength, self-development, and self-reflection.

Ox and Tiger — Akasagarbha Bodhisattva

Design Notes:

  1. Five Buddha Crowns — Empower clarity, wisdom and insight
  2. Flaming Sword — Removes obstacles and challenges
  3. Mythical Phoenix — Brings recognition and good fortune
  4. Lotus with Glistening Jewels — Amplifies prosperity and success

Akasagarbha Bodhisattva (虛空藏菩薩) is the designated zodiac guardian for those born in the years of the Ox (1961, 1973, 1985, 1997) and the Tiger (1962, 1974, 1986, 1998). As one of the eight great bodhisattvas, Akasagarbha imparts values crucial for success: generosity, morality, patience, diligence, concentration, and wisdom.

The Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Akasagarbha Bodhisattva is adorned with four auspicious emblems and serves as a symbol of prosperity, luck, and abundance for its destined owners. This exquisite treasure empowers them to overcome various challenges in their personal and professional lives, allowing them the avenues to reach new heights.

Rabbit — Manjusri Bodhisattva

Design Notes:

  1. The Prajnaparamita Sutra — Empowers individuals with thoughtful insight
  2. Flaming Sword — Removes obstacles and challenges
  3. Blue Lion — Overcoming formidable obstacles and opponents

Manjusri Bodhisattva (文殊菩薩) serves as the zodiac guardian for those born in the year of the rabbit (1963, 1975, 1987, 1999), embodying wisdom, insight, and enlightenment.

The emblems adorning the Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Manjusri Bodhisattva inspire foresight, courage, and wisdom, urging individuals to take swift and decisive actions in their pursuit of success. Manjusri’s wisdom continues to guide countless individuals born under his designated zodiac sign, offering foresight and intuitive decision-making qualities.

Dragon and Snake — Samantabhadra Bodhisattva


Design Notes:

  1. Six-tusked White Elephant — Endows individuals with insight, focus and determination
  2. Ruyi Scepter with Wish-Fulfilling Jewel — Supercharges financial potential

Samantabhadra Bodhisattva (普贤菩萨) is the designated zodiac guardian for those born in the year of the Dragon (1964, 1976, 1988, 2000) and the Snake (1965, 1977, 1989, 2001). Samantabhadra Bodhisattva’s all-encompassing virtue and goodness are reflected in these individuals, a testament to the wisdom, intelligence, insightfulness, determination and ambition so resonant with Imperial Harvest’s ethos to take charge and forge our destinies.

Inspired by Samantabhadra’s enduring beneficence and dedicated commitment to fostering unlimited human potential, Imperial Harvest’s Sandalwood Samantabhadra Bodhisattva melds distinct, auspicious symbols of success and prosperity to aid and empower his destined devotees.

Horse — Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva

Design Notes:

  1. Mythical Phoenix — Brings recognition and good fortune
  2. Blossoming Lotus — Symbolising victory and wisdom

Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva (得大勢菩薩) is the designated zodiac guardian for those born in the year of the Horse (1966, 1978, 1990, 2002), with a name translating to “he who has obtained the highest strength.” Often depicted alongside Amitabha Buddha (zodiac guardian of the Dog and Boar) and Guan Yin (zodiac guardian of the Rat), Mahasthamaprapta embodies the power of wisdom, playing a crucial role in guiding individuals on their paths to success.

Bestowing devotees with immeasurable insight and invaluable intelligence, Mahasthamaprapta empowers them to overcome challenges, unlocking their fullest human potential. The wisdom imparted accelerates professional breakthroughs for individuals born in the year of the Horse, serving as a testament to their determination, intelligence, and intuition.

Goat and Monkey — Vairochana Buddha

Design Notes:

  1. Guardian Serpent — For protection and safeguarding against malefactors
  2. Five Wisdom Buddha Crown — Endows blessings of wisdom and foresight
  3. Emblem of Wisdom — Imparts blessings of wisdom and prosperity

Vairochana Buddha (大日如来佛) is the designated zodiac guardian for those born in the years of the Sheep (1967, 1979, 1991, 2003) and the Monkey (1968, 1980, 1992, 2004). With his wisdom, Vairochana Buddha governs wealth, success, health and relationships. He empowers devotees to rise to the top of their fields, cementing their positions as movers and shakers of their respective disciplines.

Imperial Harvest’s Sandalwood Zodiac Guardians collection immortalises Vairochana Buddha in superlative Imperial Harvest-grade sandalwood and draws inspiration from the all-encompassing wisdom that is only emphasised by the persistence, determination, independence and wit characterised by the individuals born in the years of the Sheep and the Monkey.

Rooster — Acalanatha

Design Notes:

  1. Sword of Wisdom — Combats malefactors
  2. Imperial Dragon — Embodies power, wealth, strength, leadership, good luck and prosperity
  3. Bodhi Infinite Wealth Rope — Securing lucrative business and investment opportunities

Acalanatha (不动明王) serves as the designated zodiac guardian for those born in the year of the Rooster (1957, 1969, 1981, 1993). Across classical depictions, Acalanatha symbolises the transformation of obstacles into opportunities and adversities into achievements.

Acalanatha blesses those born in the year of the Rooster with unshakeable faith and wisdom, providing them with foresight, tenacity, and benefactor support to navigate challenges effortlessly. The emblems in their design, representing wisdom, abundance, strength, leadership, and good luck, hold symbolic significance, each contributing to individuals born in the year of the Rooster on their path to constant victory, success, and determination in their respective industries.

Dog and Boar — Amitabha Buddha

Design Notes:

  1. Imperial Dragon — Embodies power, wealth, strength, leadership, good luck and prosperity
  2. Mudra of the Dharma Realm — Brings powerful intuition and foresight
  3. Buddha Swastika — Brings wealth, success and benefactor support
  4. Jadeite Vessel of Prosperity — Amplifies auspicious luck and prosperity

Amitabha Buddha (阿弥陀佛) is the designated zodiac guardian for those born in the years of the Dog (1958, 1970, 1982, 1994) and the Boar (1959, 1971, 1983, 1995), embodying compassion, wisdom, and kindness. Devoting himself to the enlightenment of all sentient beings, Amitabha empowers his devotees with blessings to visualise and manifest their goals, transforming destinies into reality.

Imperial Harvest’s Sandalwood Amitabha Buddha, masterfully designed with auspicious emblems representing wealth, authority, abundance, and wisdom, imparts wisdom and foresight to individuals born in the years of the Dog and the Boar.

Imperial Harvest Emblem

A metaphor for rising above murky waters in a journey towards personal growth and transformation, each Imperial Harvest Zodiac Guardian is seated atop a blossoming lotus flower — representing purity and harmony. The lotus flower is adorned with the Imperial Harvest Emblem, indicating distinguished merit that reinforces its authenticity and authority.

The Imperial Harvest Emblem features a stylised “鼎” (ding), a Chinese character integral to the Imperial Harvest name, representing ceremonial cauldrons used in imperial court rites. Combining rich cultural history with contemporary trends, Imperial Harvest creates a meticulously crafted treasure that embodies a key artefact of the Imperial Feng Shui tradition, enriched by Chinese cultural heritage.

Today, the Imperial Harvest Emblem is a guarantee of the exquisite quality of sandalwood used, reflecting the standards established by Emperor Kangxi himself. It embodies Kangxi’s wisdom, strategic insight, and economic prowess, empowering its owner to confidently navigate contemporary challenges.

Each Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Zodiac Guardian features a unique serial number, engraved alongside the Imperial Harvest seal — affirming all that the brand embodies in technical excellence, Imperial Feng Shui prowess and design originality. The collection is limited to 9 pieces per zodiac guardian.

Imperial Harvest’s expert consultants are always on hand to guide you on your journey and provide you with insights to help you realise your fullest potential. Book a complimentary consultation today or contact us at +65 92301640.

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