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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 28 June 2024

Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Dragon King

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The Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Dragon King honours the esteemed Dragon King, a revered deity in Chinese mythology known for controlling weather and water. Regarded as the embodiment of Yang energy and held in high esteem by the Jade Emperor, the Dragon King was worshipped as the symbolic ancestor of Chinese emperors and revered as the Dragon God. His ability to influence the weather was crucial to agricultural communities throughout Chinese dynastic history, making him a symbol of prosperity and protection.

Each exquisite piece is meticulously conceptualised and handcrafted to enhance the influence of Minor Yin (少阴), specifically expanding an individual’s indirect wealth capacity (偏财库). This opens pathways to enhanced wealth expansion, attracting indirect wealth—income potential derived from investments, trading, and other infrequent sources—and fostering personal growth.

Exclusive Collection: Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Dragon King

During the celebrated reigns of emperors like Kang Xi and Qian Long, Imperial Harvest-grade sandalwood was discovered to play a pivotal role in harmonising the Minor Yin (少阴)—an essential aspect of the Four Phenomena influencing the ability to amass indirect wealth. This insight transformed sandalwood into a potent symbol of spiritual connection and metaphysical power, firmly establishing it in cultural rituals. Emperor Kang Xi’s choice of a sandalwood imperial seal over conventional jade underscores its revered status, highlighting its unique qualities and effectiveness in enhancing indirect wealth.

Imperial Harvest Sandalwood is celebrated for its exquisite fragrance and as a conduit for auspicious Imperial Feng Shui blessings, intricately infused by Master David. Incorporating symbols and emblems historically exclusive to dynastic rulers, each piece of sandalwood carries profound historical and cultural significance. This dedication to the legacy of sandalwood emphasises the brand’s commitment to maintaining spiritual and material richness, empowering financial growth and success while upholding historical traditions and ensuring unparalleled quality and spiritual significance in its beads and pendants.

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Design and Symbolism

Conceptualised and designed by Master David, this collection features unique serial numbers and the Imperial Harvest seal, embodying a relentless pursuit of design excellence and technical perfection. The collection is created in three different types of Imperial Harvest Sandalwood—Yellow Meat, Red Meat, and Black Meat—catering to our clients’ diverse needs.

The collection reflects a timeless commitment to delivering the finest Imperial Feng Shui solutions and treasures, making it a perfect complement for those seeking to unlock their full potential and achieve lasting prosperity.

Crown of the Four Seas

The Crown of Four Seas, worn by the Dragon King, symbolises his omnipotence and authority over all directions. This emblem of prosperity bestows upon its wearer the power to attract wealth and success from all corners. As a beacon of boundless potential and fortune, the Crown of Four Seas encapsulates the Dragon King’s blessings, enabling individuals to forge forward and achieve their greatest goals and aspirations.


The Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Dragon King combines the Dragon King’s two legendary forms: the majestic dragon and the warrior lord. This depiction captures the Dragon King in his zoomorphic form, adorned in elaborate regalia, embodying one of the most powerful and divine creatures in Chinese mythology.

Dragons, synonymous with imperial authority and power, have long graced the hallowed halls of the imperial palace, symbolising success, abundance, and good fortune. The dragon’s majestic presence, often embroidered, painted, and featured on the personal belongings of Chinese emperors, emphasises the emperor’s status as the Son of Heaven. As a beacon of fortune and protection, the Dragon King represents boundless potential, guiding its wearer to unparalleled heights in their pursuits.


As a powerful weather and water deity, the Dragon King is depicted wearing an elaborate set of armour adorned with waves and water-elemental motifs. The well-cited Imperial Feng Shui principle, “山管人丁,水管财” (mountains govern benefactors, while water governs wealth), highlights the auspicious presence of water as a harbinger of prosperity and wealth. This symbolism suggests that the Dragon King’s blessings will bring smooth success in both personal and career pursuits for its fortunate owner.

Empowering Growth

The Imperial Harvest Sandalwood collection empowers growth by harnessing the potent properties of Imperial Feng Shui, meticulously crafted and infused with ancient blessings.

Each piece serves as a powerful ally in attracting indirect wealth and fostering personal development. By wearing these exquisitely crafted beads and pendants, owners can experience enhanced well-being and prosperity. The 12 auspicious talismans inscribed in Imperial Harvest sandalwood further amplify its metaphysical power, providing continuous support in overcoming challenges and achieving personal and professional success. This unique combination of historic luxury and modern mastery offers a transformative journey towards a more prosperous and fulfilled life.

Bespoke Blessing by Master David Goh

Each Imperial Harvest Sandalwood treasure is personally blessed by Master David, leveraging his deep knowledge and expertise in Imperial Feng Shui to maximise the potential of each item. This personalised blessing infuses additional power, aligning your spiritual and material goals to foster prosperity and success. This meticulous process includes hand-drawing unique talismans for use in the consecration rites. Furthermore, Master David recites auspicious prayers before anointing each agarwood treasure with specially prepared red vermilion.

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A Lifelong Journey with Imperial Harvest

Embarking on a journey with Imperial Harvest entails forging a lifelong partnership with Master David Goh and his seasoned team. This journey includes a range of services such as lifetime complimentary comprehensive Bazi reviews, house Feng Shui assessments, Qi Men Dun Jia consultations, and Yi Jing divination, all provided at no cost, ensuring enduring prosperity and success.

Discover the transformative potential of the Imperial Harvest Sandalwood and immerse yourself in a harmonious fusion of luxury, spirituality, and personal empowerment. Schedule your complimentary Bazi consultation with Imperial Harvest today and explore how this exquisite treasure can propel your career and business to unprecedented heights.

Imperial Harvest’s expert consultants are always on hand to guide you on your journey and provide you with insights to help you realise your fullest potential. Book a complimentary consultation today or contact us at +65 92301640.

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