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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 04 August 2023

Imperial Harvest Sandalwood in the Season of Indirect Wealth

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A significant period in Imperial Feng Shui, the seventh lunar month (16 August to 14 September 2023) aligns with the auspicious season of indirect wealth. This season brings golden opportunities to supercharge indirect wealth, propelling individuals to new heights and breakthroughs in their wealth prospects and careers.

What is Indirect Wealth?

Within the principles of Chinese metaphysics and the art of Imperial Feng Shui, the concept of the Four Phenomena symbolises the essential aspects of life and the natural world. Minor Yin, one of the four aspects of this concept, governs individuals’ indirect wealth capacity.

Indirect wealth capacity refers to the income an individual derives from supplementary sources of income, which includes stock trading, investments, trading profiles and even lottery winnings. Enhanced Indirect wealth — also referred to as windfall wealth — may manifest in consistent growth and financial stability throughout turbulent, constantly fluctuating financial situations.

Importance of Indirect Wealth

Amid a turbulent and ever-shifting economy, the significance of constructing a robust and diversified financial portfolio cannot be overstated. Within this context, a prevalent source of indirect wealth emerges through strategic financial investments. This facet of indirect wealth not only allows individuals to navigate the unpredictable financial landscape but also paves the way for consistent portfolio growth and the accumulation of wealth.

Another avenue from which indirect wealth emanates is windfalls – referring to the unanticipated or infrequent surges of wealth acquired from inheritances or well-timed trading decisions. Serving as catalysts for individuals to harness emerging opportunities to their advantage, windfalls play a pivotal role in the consistent growth and accumulation of wealth across various financial ventures.

In unlocking the full potential of indirect wealth, the activation of indirect wealth sectors within both residential and office spaces assumes paramount importance. In doing so, occupants of these spaces are empowered with amplified indirect wealth capacities, emboldening their financial pursuits and nurturing an environment of abundance and prosperity.

Conversely, individuals with limited indirect wealth capacity may find themselves grappling with undesirable consequences, which may manifest as investment instability or missed opportunities that could otherwise propel their financial aspirations. Amplifying indirect wealth capacity thus stands as a cornerstone in the pursuit of enduring prosperity and abundance.

Imperial Harvest Treasures to Supercharge Your Indirect Wealth

As the leading authority in the art of Imperial Feng Shui, Imperial Harvest champions the principles of this esteemed art form. At the heart of the brand’s philosophy lies an unwavering commitment to the foundational principles that have been handed down through generations, a tradition that is deeply rooted in the annals of Chinese dynastic court history. Imperial Harvest is resolute in its dedication to these groundbreaking discoveries, acknowledging its pivotal role in the evolution of Imperial Feng Shui as we know it today.

Through relentless and meticulous research, Imperial Harvest has delved into the mystique of the ancient wisdom unveiled by the eminent Feng Shui masters of the Qing dynasty.
It is within these studies that we unearth the remarkable potential of Imperial Harvest-grade sandalwood in its capability to balance an individual’s Minor Yin (少阴), thereby amplifying and catalysing their indirect wealth capacity.

Drawing from their groundbreaking discoveries alongside a wealth of multi-generational expertise in this noble art form, Imperial Harvest merges traditional and contemporary craft, spearheading personal treasures and wearable masterpieces that exemplify the Imperial Harvest ethos.

What is Imperial Harvest-grade Sandalwood?

Each Imperial Harvest sandalwood treasure is derived from Old Mountain sandalwood trees no less than 80 years of age, an important factor attesting to the raw quality of the sandalwood tree.

Once harvested, the raw sandalwood is then transported to Imperial Harvest’s dedicated workshop facilities, and stored only at designated indirect wealth sectors within the workshop. There, it absorbs prosperous indirect wealth energies in an entirely natural and organic ageing process.

Imperial Harvest’s team of master artisans bring each sandalwood treasure to life, meticulously shaping, etching and carving each intricate detail by hand. With unrivalled multi-generational expertise in their craft, our master artisans are well-equipped to fully unleash the exceptional fragrance and resin of each Imperial Harvest sandalwood treasure — making for a powerful indirect wealth treasure worthy of the Imperial Harvest name.

A perfect complement to this season of indirect wealth, Imperial Harvest’s varied collections of sandalwood treasures amplify the indirect wealth capacity of its destined owner.

Learn more about Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Collections

Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Beads Collection

Each sandalwood masterpiece is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship, as it undergoes a transformative journey of shaping, etching, and carving – processes deeply rooted in time-honored techniques. Guided by the wisdom of tradition, every artisan imparts intricate detailing by hand, infusing every creation with a sense of uniqueness and authenticity.

Hand-shaped and meticulously polished, each sandalwood bead is sourced exclusively from the most exquisite raw materials available, ensuring that only the finest components are used in the creation of these remarkable pieces.

Central to the identity of every Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Beads Bracelet is the resplendent Imperial Harvest Emblem. This emblem seamlessly integrates with the aesthetics of the bracelet, serving as a symbol of Imperial Harvest’s commitment to design excellence. Between the organic sandalwood beads and the radiant gleam of the 18K gold, the emblem stands in beautiful contrast — symbolic of the melding of tradition and contemporary artistry.

Read about the Imperial Harvest Emblem here

In essence, Imperial Harvest’s skilful blend of tradition and modernity pays homage to the past while illuminating the present — allowing individuals to connect with the profound wisdom of Imperial Feng Shui in ways that harmonise with their contemporary lives, goals, and surroundings.

Imperial Harvest’s expert consultants are always on hand to guide you on your journey and provide you with insights to help you realise your fullest potential. Book a complimentary consultation today or contact us at +65 92301640.

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