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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 19 January 2024

The Legacy of Imperial Harvest Sandalwood

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Favoured by Chinese emperors for its heavenly scent and inherent Feng Shui properties, treasured by Imperial Feng Shui masters across the ages, and coveted by distinguished artisans, the legacy of Imperial Harvest Sandalwood is intricately interwoven into the fabric of our brand’s traditions.

Cultural Importance of Sandalwood

Imperial Harvest draws its roots from the insights of distinguished Imperial Feng Shui masters during the Qing dynasty. Under the leadership of Emperor Kang Xi, these masters conducted extensive research, revealing that sandalwood plays a pivotal role in balancing an individual’s Minor Yin (少阴) — the cosmic force that governs an individual’s indirect wealth capacity.

Central to Kangxi’s strategic brilliance was his revered sandalwood imperial seal — an unusual selection that was a departure from the conventionally used jade. His strategic use of high-grade sandalwood reflected his refined tastes and demonstrated a profound understanding of Chinese metaphysics, balance and harmony.

Learn about Sandalwood during the Qing dynasty

According to Imperial Feng Shui, indirect wealth capacity encompasses the earnings derived from secondary or supplementary sources, including stock investments, trading activities, or even lottery winnings. These supplemental sources, often termed windfall wealth, offer individuals with heightened indirect wealth capacity the ability to maintain consistent growth and financial stability amidst the unpredictable and ever-changing financial markets.

As the foremost amplifier of indirect wealth, sandalwood emerges as a critical element in the pursuit of affluence and prosperity. Limited indirect wealth capacity can lead to adverse consequences for individuals, such as facing turbulent fluctuations in investments or missing opportunities that could propel them towards further financial growth.

The Legacy of Imperial Harvest-grade Sandalwood

Imperial Harvest-grade sandalwood transcends mere fragrant wood; it stands as a vessel for auspicious Imperial Feng Shui blessings, carefully woven into its very essence by Master David. Combining Imperial Feng Shui symbolism, language and emblems that were once the exclusive means of communication between emperors and leaders of Chinese dynasties and the heavens, Master David can evoke these integral parts of Chinese dynastic history in Imperial Harvest’s sandalwood.

Master David’s process is more than a ritual; it’s a convergence of Imperial Feng Shui and historic rites. Through a series of sacred practices closely guarded within the annals of Imperial Feng Shui, he evokes the very symbols that once communicated with the heavens during the reigns of emperors. These rites are performed to harness the full metaphysical prowess of the sandalwood, creating a harmonious synergy between the material and heavenly realms.

Complete Guide to Imperial Harvest Sandalwood

Auspicious Imperial Feng Shui Blessings

As part of the consecration of Imperial Harvest-grade sandalwood, Master David draws from a multi-generational lineage of knowledge and expertise. Master David employs sacred seals in the sandalwood consecration rites, which he first draws before being conveyed to Imperial Harvest’s artisans to be carved into each sandalwood log.

These rites, essential in enhancing indirect wealth capacity for each destined owner, result in impressively powerful treasures for everyday success.

Universal Wealth Enhancement (Wan Fa Cui Cai Fu 万法催财符)

A powerful talisman designed to enhance wealth universally, this element promotes financial growth and attracts abundance for its destined owners. Bringing forth a wave of positivity that transcends conventional boundaries, the Enhancing Universal Wealth Talisman invites the forces of abundance into every facet of your life.

Bestowing Luck from God of Wealth of Five Directions (Wu Lu Cai Shen Zhao Cai Fu 五路财神招财符)

Symbolising the God of Wealth in Five Directions, this talisman holds paramount significance, aligning with the profound essence of Imperial Harvest sandalwood. Over the years, it has been instrumental in ushering unparalleled success for countless blessed clients.

Five Wealth Goblins Transporting Wealth (Wu Gui Yun Cai Fu 五鬼运财符)

Encompassing the auspicious influence of the Five Ghosts in Imperial Feng Shui, this talisman is crafted to usher in a wealth of opportunities and financial abundance.

Amplifying Indirect Wealth (Pian Cai Fu 偏财符)

The Pian Cai Fu enhances your capacity for indirect wealth — encompassing supplemental and windfall wealth. Acting as a conduit for the auspicious flow of financial abundance from unexpected sources, this talisman is an essential addition for those seeking to amplify their financial well-being and indirect wealth.

Attracting Wealth to Treasury (Cui Cai Jin Ku Fu 催财进库符)

The “Cui Cai Jin Ku Fu” (催财进库符) is a talisman that attracts wealth and channels it into your treasury, serving as a powerful catalyst for wealth accumulation. Crafted to invoke the energy of financial abundance, this talisman signifies the active pursuit of prosperity and the strategic channelling of wealth into your financial reserves.

Eight Wealth Gods Talisman (Ba Lu Cai Shen Fu 八路财神符)

Embodying the collective blessings of the Eight Wealth Gods, this talisman symbolises a harmonious combination of wealth and prosperity from various directions. Each deity contributes its unique energy, enhancing financial well-being, abundance, and success.

Four Directions Nobleman Talisman (Si Fang Gui Ren Fu 四方贵人符)

Resonating with the essence of nobility and prosperity, this element symbolises the blessings of auspicious figures from all four directions. It embodies the spirit of prosperity, standing as a symbol of success and positive energy in various aspects of life.

Fulfilment of Wishes and Aspirations (Ru Yi Fu 如意符)

A symbol referencing the esteemed imperial artefacts that encapsulated power, authority, and fortuitous blessings, the term “Ruyi” derives its significance from the Chinese words 如 (ru), meaning “like” or “such as,” and 意 (yi), representing one’s wishes or intentions. This talisman is crafted to embody the essence of realising desires and aspirations.

Enhancing Career Luck (Guan Yun Shi Ye Fu 官运事业符)

This talisman fosters positive energy and success in one’s professional endeavours. Inspired by Imperial Feng Shui principles, this element encourages individuals to channel positive energy into their work lives, promoting success, and enhancing overall career prospects.

Opening Paths to Good Fortune (Kai Yun Fu 开运符)

Governing the domain of luck, this talisman brings exceptional fortune to the Imperial Harvest treasures it graces, opening a path to unprecedented economic success for its destined owners.

Promoting Business Prosperity (Sheng Yi Xing Long Fu 生意兴隆符)

A purposeful and symbolic feature designed to attract good fortune and success to a business, this talisman is associated with wealth and prosperity. Intended to infuse positive energy into the business environment, it fosters growth, attracts customers and enhances overall financial success.

Unparalleled Wealth Accumulation (Ju Cai Fu 聚财符)

This element of the Imperial Harvest sandalwood log is aimed at attracting unprecedented financial abundance. Channelling positive energy towards financial prosperity, this talisman encourages the gathering of wealth and resources.

The Imperial Harvest Guarantee

Once carved, the Imperial Harvest-grade sandalwood logs are placed in specifically designated indirect wealth sectors within the Imperial Harvest workshop. Here, they undergo a natural ageing process, absorbing prosperous and beneficial indirect wealth energy. This meticulous storage process enhances the sandalwood’s inherent properties, infusing it with auspicious energies.

Once infused with these auspicious energies, the Imperial Harvest-Grade Sandalwood log is entrusted to the skilled hands of Imperial Harvest’s master artisans. Following the same revered traditions as Imperial Feng Shui masters who served Emperor Kangxi, they meticulously shape the sandalwood into intricate forms, ensuring that the final creation carries not only the scent of history but also the divine blessings bestowed by the artistry of Master David and the legacy of Imperial Feng Shui.

Imperial Harvest is committed to presenting only the most exquisite sandalwood to our esteemed clients, ensuring they receive a product steeped in history, craftsmanship, and the positive energies cultivated during its creation.

The Legacy of Imperial Harvest Sandalwood

As the foremost leader in Imperial Feng Shui, Imperial Harvest proudly embraces the preservation of this ancient art, as it was practised for millennia.

Today, the consecration rites and rituals conducted for the Imperial Harvest-Grade Sandalwood stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to the revered rituals of the eminent Chinese emperors. Guided by Master David’s unwavering dedication, these cherished traditions are not only preserved but poised for a resurgence, ensuring their continuity for generations to come.

Imperial Harvest’s expert consultants are always on hand to guide you on your journey and provide you with insights to help you realise your fullest potential. Book a complimentary consultation today or contact us at +65 92301640.

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