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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 30 May 2024

Imperial Harvest QING Collection

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The Imperial Harvest Qing collection exemplifies the brand’s dedication to artistry and cultural heritage, with each piece meticulously crafted by hand from raw jadeite boulders, demonstrating an unparalleled level of craftsmanship.

Master David, inspired by the profound principles of Imperial Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics, personally designs each ring, pendant and jadeite cut. This ensures that every item serves as both a beautiful piece of jewellery, and embodies the rich traditions and philosophies that guide Imperial Harvest.

Exclusive Collection: Imperial Harvest QING collection

The Qing Golden Age under Emperors Kang Xi and Qian Long was China’s most prosperous era, marked by flourishing arts, culture, architecture, and innovation. The emperors, skilled in painting and calligraphy, were influential patrons of traditional art and Confucian culture. Emperor Qian Long himself wrote thousands of poems and collected art from across the world.

This period also saw a fusion of Eastern and Western artistic styles, encouraged by the emperors. Italian missionary Giuseppe Castiglione, serving as a court painter, blended Western techniques with Chinese tastes, influencing court painting and royal architecture. Castiglione and other Jesuits, like Michel Benoist, contributed to innovative designs in the Old Summer Palace, integrating European elements into Chinese imperial aesthetics.

Before Emperors Kang Xi and Qian Long, Qing imperial jewellery served primarily to bless the wearer with safety, good fortune, and longevity, using auspicious motifs and natural materials. To reinforce the imperial family’s superiority, Qing jewellery incorporated elements from other ethnic groups into their Manchu traditions, using precious gold, gemstones, jewels, and wood. Dong pearls, favoured for their connection to the Manchus’ ancestral homeland, were particularly prized.

Design and Symbolism

Qing-era jewellery became increasingly lavish and fashion-focused during the reigns of Emperors Kang Xi and Qian Long, adopting an east-meets-west aesthetic. While pieces for Imperial Rites adhered to traditional standards, fashionable jewellery for Manchu women began to incorporate Western techniques such as lapidary, enamelling, and inlay. Gold became a favoured material, symbolizing prosperity, and pieces often featured graceful curves and fluid compositions. Long prayer beads, made from precious wood, represented the natural cycle of life.

Heritage meets modern luxury in Imperial Harvest’s signature QING collection, reflecting the artful fusion of Eastern and Western aesthetics, pioneered by artists like Giuseppe Castiglione during the Qing dynasty’s most illustrious periods. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, our QING Collection features five gemological cuts of jadeite, each symbolizing key aspects of Imperial wisdom and prosperity. From the powerful Eight Trigrams represented in the octagonal cut to the harmonious balance of the round cut, each piece is a testament to both history and luxury. Embrace the cultural depth and artistic innovation of the Qing emperors; each jewel is a powerful amulet designed to attract wealth, success, and spiritual harmony into your life.

Octagon-cut Jadeite

Imperial Harvest’s patented octagon-cut jadeite cabochon features eight iconic chamfered edges, symbolising the Eight Trigrams (Bagua). This stunning design by Master David empowers the wearer to be the architect of their future and the master of their destiny, much like the Eight Trigrams serve as the building blocks of Chinese civilisation. An important principle in Chinese beliefs, the Eight Trigrams have been applied in architecture, traditional Chinese medicine, Feng Shui, and philosophy, the Early Heaven Bagua was used to plan significant sites for Imperial worship, such as the Temples of Heaven, Earth, Sun, and Moon in Beijing.

Round-cut Jadeite

The Imperial Harvest round-cut jadeite cabochon showcases the highest level of natural beauty and brilliance, emphasising the jadeite’s translucency and interaction with light. Inspired by the Chinese philosophy of ‘Round Heaven and Square Earth’ (天圆地方), this design mirrors the shape of traditional Chinese currency and iconic structures like the Temple of Heaven and the Imperial Palace. The round-cut jadeite empowers the wearer to achieve all-rounded success in their career, business, investments, relationships, and health, making it a potent symbol of prosperity and balance.

Asscher-cut Jadeite

The Imperial Harvest asscher-cut jadeite cabochon is classically proportioned, giving it a dignified and stately presence. Representing the Earth in the Chinese philosophical tradition of ‘Round Heaven and Square Earth’ (天圆地方), this design reflects the architecture of the “siheyuan” (四合院), a pattern used for royal palaces, religious temples, and civilian residences. Just as the earth provides a nurturing environment for growth, the asscher-cut cabochon lays a solid foundation for the wearer to achieve future success, making it a powerful symbol of stability and progress.

Emerald-cut Jadeite

The Imperial Harvest emerald-cut jadeite cabochon features meticulously chamfered multi-tier facets within a graceful, streamlined form. In Chinese numerology, odd numbers are considered heavenly, and the three tiers of this cabochon symbolise the three flights of steps the Emperor ascends at the Temple of Heaven during the Summer solstice to pray for blessings of rain. This design inspires the wearer to step up to challenges, scale life’s heights, and reach the very top, making it a potent symbol of ambition and achievement.

Dew-cut Jadeite

The Imperial Harvest dew-cut jadeite cabochon, shaped like a raindrop, symbolises the dew of heaven and the source of all life on earth. For centuries, agriculture was the economic backbone of civilisations, and a bountiful harvest indicated the Emperor’s strong mandate from Heaven. During the Summer solstice, the Emperor would pray for rain at the Circular Mound Altar in the Temple of Heaven. The dew-cut jadeite cabochon blesses the wearer with abundance and prosperity, making it a potent symbol of daily blessings and wealth.

Empowering Growth and Success

The Imperial Harvest QING Collection pays tribute to the fashion and philosophy of the Qing Golden Age, showcasing the natural beauty of gold, jadeite, and diamonds. Each piece features a precious jadeite gemstone mounted on an 18k solid gold band, created from a blend of pure gold, copper, and silver, symbolising heaven, earth, and human elements. Jadeite, once favoured by Chinese royalty, comes in five elemental colours: Lavender (Fire), Yellow (Earth), White (Metal), Blue (Water), and Green (Wood). The collection serves as powerful amulets that enhance life’s success and prosperity.

Adorned with brilliantly cut diamonds, the QING Collection offers a modern interpretation of the beads that characterised Qing dynasty imperial fashion. The elegant fluidity of the design represents everlasting longevity and prosperity, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

Bespoke Blessing by Master David Goh

Master David performs bespoke blessings for every Imperial Harvest treasure in a meticulous process, including personally hand-drawing individual talismans integral to the consecration rites. The blessing ceremony is conducted on auspicious dates and times specifically chosen based on the client’s Bazi chart. Master David recites auspicious prayers before anointing each jadeite treasure with specially concocted red vermilion.

A Lifelong Journey with Imperial Harvest

The Imperial Harvest Journey represents a lifelong partnership with Master David Goh and his expert team. Through a comprehensive range of services tailored for Imperial Harvest’s clients, such as lifetime complimentary comprehensive Bazi reviews, home Feng Shui evaluations, Qi Men Dun Jia consultations, and Yi Jing divination, Imperial Harvest ensures our clients’ lifelong prosperity and success.

Experience the transformative power of the Imperial Harvest QING collection, which melds luxury, spirituality and personal empowerment. Schedule your complimentary Bazi consultation with Imperial Harvest today, and discover how this treasure can enhance your financial, business and relationship prospects.

Imperial Harvest’s expert consultants are always on hand to guide you on your journey and provide you with insights to help you realise your fullest potential. Book a complimentary consultation today or contact us at +65 92301640.

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