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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 26 May 2023

Introducing the Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain (九运九紫朱雀山)

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Occupying the ninth of the 24 solar terms in the Chinese calendar, Mangzhong (芒种) marks an opportune moment to unveil the splendour of the remarkable Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain collection, aligning perfectly with the upcoming Period 9.

For the uninitiated, Period 9 is the next major Feng Shui period that will commence in 2024 and prevail till 2044. Period 9 is ruled by the Right Assistance Star (右弼星) of the Big Dipper constellation (北斗七星). During Period 9 (2024 to 2044), the celestial animal that governs and reigns is the Red Phoenix (朱雀).

Learn more about Period 9 here

This year, Mangzhong begins on 6 June when the sun reaches the celestial longitude of 75° and culminates when the sun passes 90° longitude on 21 June.

Mangzhong in Imperial Feng Shui

Taking its place just before the summer solstice, Mangzhong has played a pivotal role in agricultural communities throughout Chinese dynastic history, marking the beginning of the all-important planting season. Given that the prosperity and productivity of their crops depended largely on the favourable weather conditions of the Mangzhong period — abundant rainfall and optimal warm temperatures — marks this solar term is a particularly cherished one in Chinese society. During Mangzhong, farmers invest significant efforts in planting a wide variety of crops, making headway in ensuring good harvests in the most bustling season of the year.

Mangzhong epitomises a period of intense effort where farmers plant seeds, aspiring for a rich harvest later in the year. This reflects the meticulous planning, strategic endeavours and hard work that individuals apply in their personal and professional journeys towards success and wealth. In Imperial Feng Shui, Mangzhong signifies a time of remarkable growth and anticipation of new beginnings. This auspicious solar term is an opportune moment to “sow the seeds of fortune”, in laying the groundwork for attaining future triumphs.

Therefore, the Mangzhong period of 2023 is an immensely significant one as we prepare for the transition to Period 9 of the Feng Shui cycle, and sow the seeds of prosperity for the next two decades.

Exclusive: Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain (九运九紫朱雀山)

Imperial Harvest is proud to present our latest collection: the Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain (九运九紫朱雀山). The collection is meticulously hand-carved from extremely rare Unheated Fancy Vivid Pink Rose Quartz sourced from Antsirabe in central Madagascar. The result of years of diligent research, design and craftsmanship, this exclusive collection pays homage to the celestial animal of Period 9, the Red Phoenix (朱雀).

In the realm of exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled symbolism, the Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain Collection stands as a remarkable testament to the fusion of artistry and prosperity. Each masterpiece within this collection represents a harmonious blend of creativity and manifestation, inviting individuals on an extraordinary journey towards unparalleled success and abundance.

Imperial Harvest is proud to delve into the magnificence of the all-new Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain Collection, exploring its wealth-garnering features and their profound impact on the path to prosperity. Through meticulous craftsmanship and refined symbolism, the collection resonates with discerning individuals who seek nothing short of the extraordinary.

Craftsmanship: The Art of Manifesting Dreams

At the heart of the Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain Collection lies a dedication to craftsmanship that echoes the spirit of timeless artistry. Every stroke and contour is meticulously crafted, reflecting the legacy of skilled artisans who pour their expertise and passion into creating these timeless treasures. The collection’s exquisite craftsmanship exemplifies the unwavering commitment to excellence, mirroring the precision and artistry that define these exceptional creations to help its blessed owner reign supreme and prosper in Period 9.

Symbolism: Embodying the Language of Prosperity

Within the resplendent depths of the Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain Collection lies a tapestry of symbolism that resonates with the desires and aspirations of individuals seeking abundance and success. Each wealth-garnering feature tells a unique story, conveying profound meaning and inviting the energies of prosperity and fortune to manifest. These symbolic elements serve as powerful emblems of abundance and fortune, empowering individuals to manifest their dreams and navigate the path to prosperity with clarity and purpose.

Savoir Faire

如日中天 Sun at its Zenith: Empowering Triumph and Influence

One of the wealth-garnering features within the Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain Collection embodies the essence of success and influence. It symbolises an individual at the peak of their accomplishments, radiating confidence and inspiring greatness. This feature serves as a constant reminder of one’s ability to excel and make a significant impact in their chosen path, commanding the respect and admiration of others.

高人指点 Guidance and Mentorship: Nurturing the Seeds of Prosperity

Inspired by the wisdom passed down through generations, this wealth-garnering feature represents the power of guidance and mentorship — embodying the transformative role of mentors and benefactors in the pursuit of success. It encourages individuals to seek guidance from those who have traversed the path before them, harnessing their collective wisdom and experience to navigate their journey towards prosperity.

金钱松树 Perennial Prosperity: Evergreen Wealth and Enduring Success

The Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain Collection also incorporates a wealth-garnering feature that embodies the essence of perennial prosperity. This element symbolises the everlasting nature of wealth, akin to the evergreen pine trees that thrive in any season. It inspires individuals to cultivate a mindset of sustained abundance, reminding them that prosperity can be nurtured and maintained throughout their lifetime.

根深蒂固 Deeply rooted and firmly established: Building a Legacy of Prosperity

Within the Red Phoenix Mountain Collection, a wealth-garnering feature known as “Deeply Rooted and Firmly Established” represents the importance of establishing a strong base for one’s endeavours. It mirrors the strength and resilience found in nature’s timeless structures, urging individuals to build a solid foundation for their aspirations. Just as a sturdy foundation supports a magnificent structure, this feature empowers individuals to weather challenges and seize opportunities, ensuring long-term prosperity and unwavering success.

水到渠成 Surrounded by Favourable Conditions: Creating an Optimal Environment for Success

Another wealth-garnering feature within the Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain Collection represents the concept of being surrounded by favourable conditions. It signifies the creation of an environment conducive to success and abundance. Like a bridge that crosses over a raging river, this element bestows individuals with the optimal circumstances to achieve their goals and attract prosperity.

川流不息 A River that Flows Unceasingly: Inviting Abundant Prosperity

Inspired by the flowing river, this emblem symbolises the unceasing inflow of wealth and prosperity, representing the continuous abundance that accompanies an individual’s journey towards success. Like the flowing river that carries precious resources, it invites individuals to embrace the steady influx of prosperity into their lives.

招财神兽 Wealth-Garnering Celestial Animal: Enhancing Prosperity and Fortune

Each masterpiece within the Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain Collection features a unique celestial animal as a wealth-garnering feature. These celestial creatures — such as the phoenix, celestial deer, pixiu, qilin, or imperial dragon — enhance the wealth-attracting qualities of the collection. They symbolise auspicious energies, bringing forth prosperity, and guiding individuals towards abundance and good fortune.

金玉满堂 House Filled with Abundant Treasures: Symbolising Prosperity and Virtue

Painting a picture of immense wealth and prosperity, or a family rich in virtue and talent. This can be seen as a wish for wealth and prosperity, or as a compliment to a family on their virtues and accomplishments.

金山 Metal Elemental Mountain: The Power of Metal Mountain in Wealth Creation

Within the Imperial Feng Shui discipline, the examination of landforms reveals five mountain formations that align with the five elements: Wood (木), Fire (火), Earth (土), Metal (金), and Water (水). Each elemental formation is characterised by a distinctive shape and structure, with the Metal Mountain distinguished by its smooth, rounded peak. These formations are celebrated as potent catalysts of wealth creation in Imperial Feng Shui, channelling numerous streams of wealth to those who expertly harness their favourable properties.

The Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain Collection stands as a remarkable testament to the pursuit of prosperity and abundance. With its meticulous craftsmanship and nine wealth-garnering features, this collection resonates with individuals who aspire to reign supreme in Period 9.

Each masterpiece within the collection embodies the unwavering commitment to excellence and the desire to manifest dreams. By embracing the collection’s wealth-garnering features, individuals can embark on a transformative journey towards unprecedented levels of success and prosperity. It is a timeless reminder that the pursuit of prosperity is an art in itself, and the Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain Collection serves as a gateway to unlocking the extraordinary.

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