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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 13 December 2019

The Secret of Success

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In the studies of Bazi, there are two important principles underpinning every individual’s financial success: luck and wealth capacity.

To achieve breakthroughs in our career, business, sales and investment endeavours, good luck is crucial.

While many successful individuals are no doubt smart, talented and diligent, not all hardworking and intelligent individuals are successful.

Often neglected, good luck is a crucial success factor.

So what exactly is good luck?

Good luck is about being at the right place, at the right time, meeting the right people and doing the right things.

Many billionaires have openly admitted that the secret to being extremely successful is good luck.

“I feel very strongly that I’ve won a lot of lotteries,” Bezos said at the Bush Center’s Forum on Leadership in 2018. “Amazon is one of the lotteries I won.”

“You don’t get to be successful like this by being hard-working or having a good idea. You have to be lucky in today’s society in order for that to happen. – Mark Zuckerberg

Being in a state of consistent good luck regardless of the economic cycle empowers every individual to forge their own destiny and live life on their own terms.

Understanding the concept of Luck Cycles

In Classical Feng Shui tradition, individuals are often encouraged to avoid risky endeavours such as investing, making career switches and starting businesses during their bad luck cycles. Instead of attempting to reverse one’s bad fortune, Classical Feng Shui suggests that an individual should accept their predestined fate.

Contrastingly, Imperial Feng Shui utilises the concept of luck cycles to create favourable conditions for thriving. Believing in the unlimited potential of humans, it preaches the notion of choice.

Every individual has the choice to improve their luck, to achieve consistent progress and astounding breakthroughs in their business, sales, career and investment endeavours.

Five Types of Wealth Luck

In Imperial Feng Shui Tradition, there are five types of wealth luck: career wealth luck, business wealth luck, windfall wealth luck, investment wealth luck and grand wealth luck.

Enhancing their career wealth luck enables ambitious career persons to meet the right benefactors, acquire the right opportunities to achieve accelerated progression in their industries, secure salary increments and be headhunted with competitive job offers from prestigious firms.

For driven and motivated entrepreneurs on the constant lookout for better opportunities, enhancing their business wealth luck provides them with the opportunity to realise business expansion plans, build a talented team and meet influential mentors to support their endeavours.

Windfall wealth refers to unexpected wealth acquired from activities such as buying the lottery. For individuals seeking massive windfall gains, enhancing their windfall wealth luck attracts and manifests prosperity for them wherever they might go.

For investors seeking massive growth in their portfolios, investment wealth luck improves trading intuition – a critical success factor when in a turbulent financial market. With better investment wealth luck, individuals experience consistent and healthy portfolio growth, regardless of the state of the financial markets.

Grand wealth luck is the most potent type of wealth luck. For individuals from all industries seeking breakthrough success, grand wealth luck protects them from malefactors while attracting supportive benefactors and powerful mentors. It empowers motivated, ambitious and talented individuals to experience exponential growth in their career, business, sales and investment ventures.

Imperial Harvest-grade Jadeite

During the Qing Dynasty, Imperial Feng Shui masters went through years of meticulous research and development to unlock the powerful dominant forces of Yin & Yang in creating unparalleled prosperity, wealth and success. It was eventually revealed that fine jadeite pendants of outstanding quality balances the Major Yin – the governor of personal luck.

Emperor Qian Long, whose favourable elements were Metal (white) and Earth (yellow and brown), was known to wear a Mutton Fat White Jadeite Pendant (羊脂白玉) to enhance his personal luck.

Complementary to the Imperial Harvest Fine Jadeite pendants, the Imperial Harvest Fine Jadeite cabochons balance the Minor Yang – it supercharges its predestined owner’s wealth capacity and luck.

Understanding Wealth Capacity

Wealth Capacity refers to the amount of wealth an individual is able to amass in their lifetime. Every individual’s wealth capacity reveals their financial limitations in life, as well as the income potential derived from the financial opportunities they encounter in their life.

Implications of Wealth Capacity

Individuals with large wealth capacities but no luck to support their wealth creation tend to experience opportunities slipping through their hands.

Contrastingly, individuals who are in good luck cycles but who have limited wealth capacities tend to lead peaceful yet financially limited lives. While there tend not to be major ups and downs in their lives, most struggle to retire comfortably in their golden years.

Undoubtedly, there are some exceptional individuals who have the privilege of having both good luck and massive wealth capacities – often, they become millionaires or billionaires.

For everyone else, countering the implications of small wealth capacities is crucial to amassing wealth.

Two types of Wealth Capacity: Direct Wealth Capacity

Direct wealth capacity (正财库) is defined as the income potential we derive from our career, business, sales and other regular sources of income. If you are a full-time trader, trading is deemed as your source of direct wealth.

Agarwood is critical to expanding wealth capacity – Emperor Qian Long’s dedication to the art of Imperial Feng Shui enabled the Qing Dynasty’s enjoyment of tremendous wealth, harmony and prosperity.

For this very reason, the Imperial Harvest Agarwood Collection is an essential collection for those seeking to amplify their direct wealth capacity. Hand-polished to perfection, every Imperial Harvest Agarwood Bead goes through the hands of master artisans – with precision and dedication, they unleash the exceptional fragrance and resin of Agarwood from within.

Two types of Wealth Capacity: Indirect Wealth Capacity

Indirect Wealth Capacity (偏财库) refers to the income potential we derive from our investment, trading and other infrequent sources of income. If you have a full-time job and engage in investment activities on the side, investment is deemed as your source of indirect wealth.

Every piece in the Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Collection is carved and polished meticulously from Old Mountain Sandalwood trees. At least 80 years of age before they are logged, Imperial Harvest utilises only the finest sandalwood for our esteemed clients.

For utmost prosperity, the freshly logged sandalwood is stored only at the indirect wealth sector of Imperial Harvest’s dedicated workshop. There, it absorbs prosperous indirect wealth energies during the entirely natural and organic fermentation process. Meticulous attention is dedicated to every detail in the coming to life of an Imperial Harvest Treasure.

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