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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 15 January 2021

Spring 2021 Imperial White Inkstone – Landscapes

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As we approach spring in the Chinese calendar, the wood element will once again come into focus. In the theory of the Five Elements, the wood (tree) element is associated with spring. It is commonly linked with growth, expansion and new beginnings.

Lichun (立春) is known as the beginning of spring and the start of a new Chinese solar year; the season of renewals. The start of spring lifts the curtain of winter, turning everything green, bringing them to life and imbuing them with vigour. The daytime becomes longer and the weather, warmer.

Under the auspices of the Imperial Feng Shui masters, artisans would design and craft Imperial Feng Shui treasures for the royal family during Lichun as they symbolised auspicious blessings for the new year.

This year, Lichun (立春) falls on the 3rd of February. To welcome a new year of success and breakthroughs, Master David has specially prepared the 2021 Spring Collection of Imperial White Ink Stones,  supporting you as you address the new decade with a powerful sense of purpose.

Landscapes – Inspired by Huang Binhong

The designs in this collection are influenced by the landscape paintings of the famous Chinese artist, Huang Binhong – considered as one of the last innovators in the literati style of painting and widely acclaimed for his freehand landscapes.

Huang Binhong had exceptional skill in the manipulation of brush and ink as well as an understanding of positive and negative spaces that amplified the abstract nature of his brushwork, resulting in a beauty unlike any other.

Landscapes- Imperial White Inkstone 2021 Spring Collection

In Chinese, landscape is known as “Shan Shui”, or 山水, which literally translates to “mountain and water”, two of the most important elements found in nature. Together, they are thought to be equilibrated and harmonious. The important Imperial Feng Shui principle also references this concept – “Mountain governs the benefactors, while water governs the wealth (山管人丁,水管财)”.

The collection aims to evoke surrealism by capturing the essence or spirit of the natural world as opposed to rendering its subjects in sterile realism

While many critics see landscapes to be the highest form of Chinese painting, many landscape paintings are not actually based on existing sceneries. Instead, they were composed from the unique imagination of the artist. The objective was not to reproduce the appearance of the scenery, but to grasp its atmosphere or the “rhythm” of nature.

Nature is masterfully depicted in a precise and decorative style, while softer edges are used to deliver nuances in this monochromatic painting

Utilising similar techniques from the legendary landscape painter, Master David’s rendition of landscape painting is the result of presenting a bird’s eye view over the landscape, giving depth from multiple planes.

The brushstrokes become an extension of the arms and hands of Master David; it is the painting transmitting and embodying his expressive nature. 

Drawing inspiration from the legendary landscape painter, Master David’s style of landscape painting is the achievement of dense and cohesive structures and a balance of tonal variations in the mountains and trees.

The main subject is depicted from a wide view—with elements arranged in a clear composition of brushstrokes.

Incorporating calligraphic strokes into the techniques, the amalgamation of Master David’s mastery over Eastern art and his artistic vision created a collection through a faithful mimetic representation of reality.

Landscape painting is traditionally at the top of the hierarchy of Chinese painting styles

The result of the perfect marriage between Chinese fine arts and Imperial Feng Shui heritage, the Royal Landscape 2021 Spring Collection creates opportunities for breakthroughs and success for the new decade.

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