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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 16 February 2021

Imperial Harvest Prestige Gallery Is Now Open

We have opened the doors to Imperial Harvest Prestige.

The brand-new gallery sits on the third floor of Delfi Orchard, which also houses the flagship Imperial Harvest gallery on the second storey.

Envisioned by Master David as a luxurious sanctuary for esteemed clients of Imperial Harvest, the sprawling 1,000 sq ft space boasts a curated selection of the world’s finest Imperial Feng Shui treasures.

From the front door to the gallery’s signature coffered ceiling, the design of our new home draws inspiration from the renowned architecture of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing – the home of Imperial Feng Shui.

Master David’s design emphasizes the use of materials typical of royal Chinese buildings, including mother of pearl, rare stones, and luxurious silks and leather.

The design of the maison honours our deep-rooted appreciation of Imperial Feng Shui traditions while impressing with refined details to create a perfect harmony of old and new.

Entering from the main double doors, clients are greeted by the brilliant centre showcase encapsulating the most exquisite Imperial Feng Shui jewelleries designed by Master David. Each is masterfully crafted from 18k solid gold and crowned with a perfectly shaped, glistening jadeite cabochon.

Directly above the centre showcase, clients can observe a stunning oculus comprising three concentric circles. The circles are inscribed with the characters 福禄寿 (or the gods of the three most significant constellations in Chinese mythology), echoing the interior canopies of the Hall of Prayer of Good Harvests at the historic Temple of Heaven.

The showcase also provides a sweeping vista of the open space, which clients can pass through to discover collections for their homes, including for the very first time, Imperial Harvest’s Jadeite Paintings – the result of Master David’s groundbreaking reimaginations of the traditional jadeite table screens once used by Chinese emperors.

At the South of the gallery, clients can browse the Imperial Harvest Agarwood and Sandalwood collections. They are famed for their heavenly scent and their ability to expand the wealth capacities and income potential of our clients.

The rear of the gallery is home to both the Imperial White Inkstone collection and the Imperial Harvest crystals.

To the right, clients will find the Imperial White Inkstone collection, which is ideal for those who wish to activate the authority stars of their homes or offices. This category of inkstones makes up just 0.02% of all inkstones mined and was reserved for Chinese emperors, making them steep in both rarity and history.

On the left, the Imperial Harvest Crystals are a sight to behold. They are used to activate the water star (or wealth sector) of the homes and offices of our clients. Famed for their impeccable level of clarity, colour, design and craftsmanship, Imperial Harvest-grade crystals remain a firm favourite among many blessed clients.

Finally, showcased in the West of the gallery is the Qian Long Jadeite Mountain collection – used to activate the mountain star (or benefactor sector) of our clients’ homes and offices. Each jadeite mountain is a breathtaking treasure dedicated to bringing nature’s most majestic creations to life. Not a detail, regardless of how minute it is, is missed.

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