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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 29 December 2023

Introduction to Period 9 Feng Shui

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Period 9 of the Feng Shui cycle will occur from 2024 to 2043, ushering in an era of transformation, innovation and progress.

What is Period 9?

Based on the Two Cycles Eight Periods (二元八运) concept in Chinese metaphysics, the Early Heaven Luck of Period 9 spans from 2017 to 2043 while the Later Heaven Luck of Period 9 covers the period between 2024 and 2043. Beginning in 2024, the principles of both Early and Later Heaven Luck converge, creating a powerful force to catalyse positive changes and open doors to new possibilities.

Within the study of Chinese metaphysics, the element of Fire resonates strongly with Period 9 of the Feng Shui cycle. Period 9 is further represented by the Li Trigram (离卦), which similarly aligns with the Fire element.

Traits of Period 9

Period 9 is ruled by the Right Assistance Star (右弼星) of the Big Dipper constellation (北斗七星). During Period 9 (2024 to 2044), the celestial animal that governs and reigns is the Red Phoenix (朱雀).

Similar to fire, the Li Trigram’s effects can be felt despite its intangible flame, signifying fire as both the source and destructor of life. Following the principles of both the Early and Later Heaven Bagua, the Li Trigram corresponds to the summer season and is associated with the middle daughter.

With the arrival of Period 9, our contemporary society has been met with a meteoric rise in industries related to the Li Trigram, such as tech-enabled economies and IT-related trends:

  • Online Trends: With the rapid acceleration of remote-based work, working from home has become the norm as many parts of the world have transitioned to working virtually. Online content creators have also risen in popularity, with more people willing to express themselves online – be it by posting photos and videos of themselves or capturing moments and milestones on various social media platforms.
  • Digital Entrepreneurship: Many luxury brands are venturing into social media advertising, and are less reliant on traditional media. The accessibility and popularity of digital entrepreneurship have seen more people increasingly shopping online and via livestreams, spurred by the proliferation of e-commerce platforms, like Shopify.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Tesla, a leading global producer of electric vehicles and clean energy, has seen its share price rise 20-fold since the beginning of 2017. The unprecedented advancements it has made in autonomous driving technologies will eventually transform mobility industries, technology, cities and environments on a global scale.
  • Art and Culture: Luxury assets such as real estate in prime districts, fine Feng Shui jewellery, watches and cars have grown in popularity. In the local real estate market, newly launched private properties have increased in popularity over the past years, as more seek to upgrade their HDB public housing apartments to private properties.

Understanding Period 9 Feng Shui

Over the past few years, Master David and the Imperial Harvest team have worked tirelessly to educate clients on the underlying principles behind home Feng Shui. Before delving into the significance of Period 9 Feng Shui, it is imperative to understand the fundamentals.

There are three important auspicious stars in San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui which thrive regardless of the period. These Three Perpetual Auspicious Stars are:

  • Star #1, the Greedy Wolf Star (贪狼星)
  • Star #6, the Military Arts Star (武曲星)
  • Star #8, the Left Assistant Star (左辅星)

Star #1 — Greedy Wolf Star (贪狼星)

Positioned as the first star, the Greedy Wolf Star (贪狼星) is a water-elemental star that symbolises the start of new beginnings, especially for those going through a rough patch and seeking breakthroughs. It also brings opportunities and success at a young age. When activated, Star #1 catalyses investment opportunities, improving cash flow and bolstering rapid wealth accumulation. It also attracts benefactors and mentors to widen and strengthen your strategic business network and influence.

The activation of Star #1 is strongly recommended for a diverse range of individuals, including start-up founders and established entrepreneurs seeking fresh revenue streams. It is equally beneficial for clients navigating a mid-career transition, aiming to embark on a new and fulfilling career path. Additionally, budding professionals are encouraged to explore the advantages of activating Star #1, as it holds potential benefits for those in the early stages of their careers.

Star #6 — Military Arts Star (武曲星)

Star #6 is a metal-elemental star known as the Military Arts Star (武曲星) symbolising career progressions, promotions and breakthroughs. If one is experiencing career stagnation or a lack of corporate visibility, this star helps one gain company-wide recognition, along with accelerated career progression. Alternatively, attractive job offers with bright career prospects will present themselves.

Activating Star #6 is especially important for established career professionals competing for coveted promotions or positions within the industry. Those looking to make career switches and secure attractive job offers with bright career prospects should also activate this star.

Upon activation, this star catalyses career opportunities and improves wealth retention and rapid salary increments. In addition, it attracts career benefactors and mentors who will help flourish and prosper your career.

Star #8 — Left Assistant Star (左辅星)

Star #8 is an earth-elemental star also known as the Left Assistant Star (左辅星). It governs the wealth derived from careers and businesses. It is widely known as the most powerful wealth star among the three perpetually auspicious stars.

Star #8 is often activated by career professionals and businessmen looking to achieve massive growth and lasting consistency in their income and profits. When activated, this star catalyses career and business opportunities and fosters rapid and massive wealth accumulation, incremental cash flow and strong asset growth. In attracting benefactors and mentors, the activation of Star #8 also helps you close important business deals and transactions, secure powerful and coveted job positions, and gain company-wide recognition and corporate visibility while maintaining harmony at home and good health.

Importance of Direct Spirit (正神) and Indirect Spirit (零神)

In Period 9, it becomes paramount to understand the concepts of Direct Spirit and Indirect Spirit in tapping into the auspicious energies this new chapter brings. The Direct Spirit is defined as the directional area of the timely period star. Activating the Direct Spirit in Period 9 would require mountains or hills to appear in the following respective directions, relative to your property: South, West, Northeast, and Northwest.

Conversely, the Indirect Spirit is the directional area opposite the timely star. Its activation in Period 9 calls for water bodies to be located in the North, East, Southeast, and Southwest, relative to your property for activation. It is, therefore, crucial for us to remain attuned to these changes and adapt our practices accordingly.

2024 is the golden opportunity to activate Star #9

Master David revealed that Star #9, the Right Assistant Star (右弼星) and Star #1, the Greedy Wolf Star (贪狼星) have shifted to the South and North Sectors respectively.

This holds significant importance in Xuan Kong Liu Fa (玄空六法) as, during Period 9, the South sector corresponds to the Direct Spirit/Mountain Star (正神位), while the North sector aligns with the Indirect Spirit/Water Star (零神位).

The arrival of these auspicious natal elemental stars in these crucial Period 9 sectors presents a golden opportunity for strategic planning and execution of Feng Shui, facilitating the realisation of goals and aspirations.

Period 9 Collections

Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain Collection

The result of years of diligent research, design and craftsmanship, the Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain is the result of years of diligent research, design and craftsmanship, this exclusive collection pays homage to the celestial animal of Period 9, the Red Phoenix (朱雀).

At the heart of the Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain Collection lies a dedication to craftsmanship that echoes the spirit of timeless artistry. Every stroke and contour is meticulously crafted, reflecting the legacy of skilled artisans who pour their expertise and passion into creating these timeless treasures. The collection’s exquisite craftsmanship exemplifies the unwavering commitment to excellence, mirroring the precision and artistry that define these exceptional creations to help its blessed owner reign supreme and prosper in Period 9.

Learn about the Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain here

Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Zodiac Guardians Collection

The creation of the all-new Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Zodiac Guardians is a celebration and tribute to resilience, prosperity and strategic wisdom. The collection, a reimagination of a stalwart Imperial Harvest classic, is harmoniously aligned with the transformative energies of Period 9 while withholding our strong Imperial Feng Shui heritage.

In a harmonious tribute to the visionary spirit of Emperor Kangxi, Imperial Harvest masterfully weaves together his illustrious accomplishments with the enduring wisdom of Imperial Feng Shui, resulting in a seamless tapestry that resonates with the unmatched cultural legacy of the Qing dynasty.

Today, the Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Zodiac Guardians transcend mere craftsmanship, becoming living embodiments of our unwavering commitment to quality and design excellence.

Learn more about the Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Zodiac Guardians Collection here

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