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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 23 February 2024

Imperial Harvest 2024 Lunar New Year Celebration

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2024 ushers in the year of the Wood Dragon, simultaneously marking the beginning of Period 9 of the Feng Shui cycle. This past weekend, we were delighted to celebrate this most auspicious Lunar New Year with our extended family of clients and guests.

This year’s celebrations, themed a “Spring of Appreciation”, are a reflection of our gratitude and reaffirmation of our brand’s promise — Supporting You Through Every Change In Life — particularly as we embark on this unprecedented era of Imperial Feng Shui.

Event Registration and Reception

This year, our event was proudly hosted at the St. Regis, one of Singapore’s leading and award-winning hotels. Registration began early in the afternoon, with Master David, along with Imperial Harvest’s dedicated team of consultants, greeting our esteemed clients and guests.

Our reception included a lively photo booth, with our guests commemorating this lively and joyous occasion with group photos, capturing memories with loved ones and friends. Adding to the cultural richness of the event, we had the pleasure of welcoming Singapore’s esteemed Dragon’s Beard Candy artisans, who are renowned for their mastery of crafting this traditional delicacy. Guests savoured the opportunity to taste these time-honoured sweets, further enhancing the authenticity and charm of our celebration.

In addition, our reception showcased a curated display of Imperial Harvest’s newest Period 9 collections, enticing guests with exquisite personal and home-oriented treasures. Among these highlights were the Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Zodiac Guardians, the Red Phoenix Mountain and the Double Dragon Treasure Trove. Standing prominently at this curated display was a historic first: the Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Log, which offered our guests a unique point-of-view into the making of Imperial Harvest’s signature sandalwood collections.

Event Lineup

The afternoon’s festivities commenced with our lively emcee setting the stage, warmly welcoming our esteemed guests Following a short introduction, she invited Master David to take centre stage for his opening address, sharing his insights into the Lunar New Year and setting the tone for a day filled with blessings, prosperity, and joy.

Master David graciously extended his appreciation to our esteemed clients, reaffirming Imperial Harvest’s unwavering dedication to supporting them throughout their journeys. During this introductory segment, Master David drew attention to Period 9, drawing parallels between the transformative power of fire in this new period and its historical significance, underscoring its role as a catalyst for innovation and progress.

Additionally, he briefly introduced our exquisite Period 9 collections, which stand as hopeful anticipation of the promising future in Period 9. Master David concluded with heartfelt gratitude, acknowledging that the celebration not only honoured our collective journeys thus far but also served as a beacon of optimism.

Following Master David’s introductory speech was the Yusheng with our guests.

Between courses, the banquet hall buzzed with lively conversations as guests mingled with their loved ones and tablemates, adding a vibrant energy to the atmosphere. Amidst this joyful commotion, a Chinese ensemble graced the stage, filling the air with the enchanting sounds of classical Chinese music.

Soon, Master David returned to the stage to deliver the main address of this year’s Lunar New Year celebrations.

In this main address, Master David provided valuable insights into the 2024 annual Feng Shui afflictions, giving practical advice on navigating these challenges brought on by Tai Sui, Three Killings, and Five Yellow. Master David also introduced Imperial Harvest’s Period 9 collections, highlighting their symbolic significance in fostering prosperity and strength for the new era. Additionally, he unveiled the historic crafting process of the Imperial Harvest Sandalwood, drawing parallels to Emperor Kangxi’s strategic use of Feng Shui-grade sandalwood during his reign.

In this video, we highlighted the significance of Imperial Harvest sandalwood, tracing its roots back to Chinese history and Emperor Kangxi’s reign during the preceding Period 9. Detailing the craftsmanship involved in creating Imperial Harvest Sandalwood treasures, the video also explores sourcing the finest Sandalwood to the intricate carving process and consecration rituals. It introduces the auspicious talismans engraved onto the Sandalwood, each symbolising different aspects of prosperity and success.

The speech concluded with gratitude to the audience for their support and a hopeful outlook for prosperity in Period 9.

Watch the Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Consecration on Youtube

Following after Master David’s main address was a lively lion and dragon dance performance to celebrate the new year.

Lastly, Master David took to the stage alongside our emcee to announce the winners of our lucky draw.

It has been a privilege to host our clients and guests this year, and Master David and the entire Imperial Harvest team extend heartfelt gratitude for their ongoing support, referrals, recommendations and trust in our expertise as their dedicated Imperial Feng Shui partner.

As we bid farewell to this festive occasion, we eagerly anticipate the continued prosperity and blessings that lie ahead for each of our esteemed clients and guests.

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Watch our event highlights on Youtube 

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