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Career God of Wealth – Tua Pek Gong

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Tua Pek Gong is widely worshipped as the Career God of Wealth – ideal for those who are looking for massive breakthroughs in their careers and for attracting powerful benefactors, as well as to consistently receive salary raises with the ultimate goal of rising to the top echelons of the corporate ladder. 

Imperial Harvest Jadeite Tua Pek Gong

Master David Goh’s signature Five Wealth God designs are steeped in Chinese cultures and every feature is specially designed to usher in massive wealth and prosperity.

In this article, we will explain the significance behind Master David’s designs and why these powerful features are essential for Imperial Harvest clients to achieve breakthrough success.

Dragon Scepter

Legend has it that the Dragon Scepter 玉龙杖 welded by Career God of Wealth Tua Pek Gong is carved out of the hardest precious gemstone known to Chinese – Jadeite 翡翠.

The dragon head perched on top of the Dragon Scepter breathes out heavenly flames 三昧真火 to usher in massive career breakthroughs, eliminating corporate competitors standing in your path of prosperity and achieving massive successes and commanding the support of benefactors to help you achieve rapid breakthroughs and successes.

Gold Ingot

Master David’s specially designed Tua Pek Gong holds the magical Gold Ingot which is an important wealth enabler. The magical Gold Ingot helps blessed Imperial Harvest clients to attract high quality career opportunities, workplace benefactors and consistently increasing salary increments – fulfilling and exceeding your career ambitions.

Jade Belt

In ancient China, high-ranking government officials donned the jade belt, symbolising their authority and prestige. This is an important wealth enabler, symbolising how the jade belt embraces the waist of the wealthy.

Superlative Imperial Harvest Jadeite

Master David’s obsession with perfection led to the requests for the Jadeite jeweller to go through the painstaking and arduous journey of sourcing for raw jadeite boulders in Myanmar.

Master David’s Jadeite workshop is personally led by him with a team of experienced artisans to specially produce Imperial Harvest original designs.

“The journey Imperial Harvest has gone through from sourcing, hand-carving & hand-finishing every single Imperial Harvest jadeite to testing and certification by a stringent and independent jadeite laboratory in Singapore is similar to how Patek Philippe’s unwavering passion in creating only the most perfect Swiss timepieces, unrivalled by any other Swiss-watchmakers.” – Master David Goh


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