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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 17 May 2024

Investment God of Wealth – Tua Di Ya Pek

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The Imperial Harvest Jadeite pendant collection, meticulously crafted by hand, is designed to enhance the Major Yin (太阴) within an individual’s destiny chart, influencing five wealth aspects: career, business, windfall, trading, and investment.

Master David has intricately designed each pendant in this collection, drawing on the profound principles of Imperial Feng Shui. These exquisite pieces are hand-carved from raw jadeite boulders, showcasing unmatched precision and craftsmanship. Additionally, Imperial Harvest’s jadeite pendants are certified by international gemologists, ensuring their quality.

Imperial Harvest Signature Collection: Five Wealth Gods Reimagined

Master David has reimagined and patented the Imperial Harvest Five Wealth Gods collection, enhancing it with potent wealth-attracting elements such as the wealth-garnering treasure trove. In Chinese mythology, the collection represents the Five Wealth Gods, each responsible for different aspects of wealth: career, sales, trading, investment, and windfall.

He introduced the latest iteration of Imperial Harvest’s Five Wealth Gods collection on 6 January 2023. It pays tribute to the Sangang Wuchang (三纲五常) — the “Three Guiding Principles and Five Constant Regulations.” These enduring values, deeply embedded in Chinese culture, act as a catalyst for personal enhancement, fostering transformative fortunes and establishing a dependable foundation for lasting prosperity and success.

Design and Symbolism

A stalwart of the Imperial Harvest Five Wealth Gods collection, the Fine Jadeite Tua Di Ya Pek draws inspiration from the rich history and cultural significance of Tua Di Ya Pek (大偏财神 or 大二爷伯), the Investment Wealth God. This exquisite treasure’s design is steeped in symbolism, making it ideal for those seeking to enhance their indirect wealth-creation tools, such as stocks and trading.

Token of Authority

The Imperial Harvest Fine Jadeite Tua Di Ya Pek features Tua Ya Pek and Di Ya Pek each welding a Ling Pai (令牌), a Chinese token of authority, in their hands.

Tua Ya Pek Command Token (大爷伯令牌)

Tua Ya Pek, also known as the Fan Wujiu (范无咎) holds a pointed token that symbolises strategic foresight and decisive action. Characterised by his distinctive appearance, with his tongue sticking out, this token embodies the fierce determination required to seize lucrative opportunities and protect your investments. It represents not only the ability to act decisively but also the strategic insight necessary for successful financial ventures.

Divine Power of Tua Ya Pek Command Token:

  • Strategic Advantage: Gain unparalleled clarity and foresight in your investment decisions, allowing you to capitalise on the most profitable opportunities.
  • Protection: Shield your assets from unforeseen market threats, ensuring your investments remain secure and prosperous.
  • Empowerment: Enhance your confidence and decisiveness, empowering you to make bold and strategic financial moves.

Di Ya Pek Command Token (二爷伯令牌)

Di Ya Pek, also known as Xie Bi’an (谢必安), wields a square command token that symbolises stability and balance. Imbued with ancient wisdom and authority, this token serves as your talisman for achieving sustainable growth and harmonious investment strategies.

Divine Power of Di Ya Pek Command Token:

  • Stable Growth: Develop a balanced and prosperous financial portfolio, ensuring steady and long-term growth.
  • Risk Mitigation: Harmonize your investment approach, reducing volatility and minimising risks associated with market fluctuations.
  • Divine Guidance: Receive benevolent support and insights, empowering you to make informed and wise investment decisions.

Today, this emblem enhances Tua Di Ya Pek’s role as the Investment Wealth God, empowering modern ambitious devotees with exceptional foresight and indirect wealth luck, enabling them to achieve lucrative returns in their investment activities.

Wealth Garnering Treasure Trove

The Imperial Harvest Fine Jadeite Tua Di Ya Pek features a treasure trove overflowing with gold ingots at its core, symbolising rapid wealth accumulation through strategic actions and timely opportunities. These gold ingots, representing the phrase “招财进宝”, draw wealth and treasures into their owners’ life. Beyond material riches, this emblem attracts success and prosperity, making the pendant a potent symbol of financial growth and opportunity.

Empowering Growth and Success

Tailored for ambitious professionals and those seeking breakthroughs in their supplementary income sources, this treasure, blessed by Master David Goh, bestows strategic acumen upon its destined owners, enabling them to seize every opportunity. It invites prosperity and empowers devotees with inspired investment decisions, helping them achieve their dreams
Additionally, as an all-encompassing Imperial Harvest treasure, it bestows good health and blissful family relationships, allowing owners to lead lives of both financial and spiritual abundance.

Bespoke Blessing by Master David Goh

Master David conducts bespoke blessings for every Imperial Harvest treasure, with this meticulous process including hand-drawing individual talismans integral to the consecration rites. During the blessing ceremony, Master David recites auspicious prayers before anointing each jadeite treasure with specially concocted red vermilion.

Master David completes the auspicious talismans to be used in the consecration.

He then burns the talismans in the Imperial Harvest Crystal Cauldron.

Master David lights incense, recites consecration prayers and anoints the Imperial Harvest treasure in red vermilion.

A Lifelong Journey with Imperial Harvest

Journeying with Imperial Harvest is defined by a lifelong relationship with Master David Goh and his expert team. They provide a comprehensive range of services — including annual Bazi reviews, home Feng Shui evaluations, Qi Men Dun Jia consultations, and Yi Jing divination — complimentary for Imperial Harvest’s clients, ensuring their lifelong prosperity and success.

Experience the transformative power of the Imperial Harvest Fine Jadeite Tua Di Ya Pek, which melds luxury, spirituality and personal empowerment. Schedule your complimentary Bazi consultation with Imperial Harvest today, and discover how this treasure can enhance your financial and business prospects.

Imperial Harvest’s expert consultants are always on hand to guide you on your journey and provide you with insights to help you realise your fullest potential. Book a complimentary consultation today or contact us at +65 92301640.

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